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Java Runtime Environment 64bit 10.0.2 Sun Microsystems    

... Java Virtual Machine, and other components to run applets and applications written in the Java programming language. ... part of the JRE: Java Plug-in, which enables applets to run in popular browsers; and Java Web Start, which deploys standalone applications over a network. Java is everywhere! Almost every piece of .... Free download of Java Runtime Environment 64bit 10.0.2

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MyImgur 64-bit 3.94 MyImgur    

... Paste images from clipboard G15/510 Logitech keyboard LCD applet Hot-keys support for all features Supports all multiple monitor span configurations Keep a log of all your uploads, including online delete URL Select between only capture (and store in disk), only upload, capture&upload, only capture to clipboard Copy last image to .... Free download of MyImgur 64-bit 3.94

ImageJ x64 1.52v Wayne Rasband    

ImageJ x64 is an intersting Java based image processing application ... the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer ... gray scale calibration is also available. ImageJ x64 was designed with an open architecture that provides ... and processing plugins can be developed using ImageJ's x64 built in editor and Java compiler. User-written plugins .... Free download of ImageJ x64 1.52v

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UltraMon 64-bit 3.4.1 Christian Studer    

... mirror monitor. UltraMon provides a custom Display Settings applet with support for configuring more than 10 monitors. You can quickly configure even large numbers of monitors using the included monitor arrangement tools. .... Free download of UltraMon 64-bit 3.4.1

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Jana Server 64-bit Thomas Hauck    

The JanaServer 2 x64 is amongst other things a proxy server, that makes it possible for LAN members, everyone or a group as a part of the LAN, to access the internet via a Modem, ISDN or DSL connection. For this the program must be installed on the computer, that .... Free download of Jana Server 64-bit

Emerge Desktop 64bit 6.1.3 Sourceforge    

... Desktop has an open API, which allows for applets to be coded with compilers other than MinGW ... From a design point of view, Emerge Desktop applets are capable of being run as both standalone ... as being integrated. In order for Emerge Desktop applets to communicate with each other, emergeCore must be .... Free download of Emerge Desktop 64bit 6.1.3

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