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LocalAPK 2.1.1 Breez    

LocalAPK is the best way to organize your APK file collection. It contains several features to facilitate the organizing of Android APK files. LocalAPK is a handy utility that comes ... that is best suited for keeping track of APK files that are stored onto your computer. ... Rename' and 'Mass Remove' functions. Check if APK is up-to-date Rename APK to package name or .... Free download of LocalAPK 2.1.1

APK File Manager Beta George Nasios    

APK File Manager aims to assist you in organizing your APK collection and keeping track of the latest versions ... getting Play Store information and screenshots from each apk file, and storing them offline for later viewing. ... your computer and extract data concerning each contained APK file. It retrieves the app name, its icon, .... Free download of APK File Manager Beta

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