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Netcam Studio x64 Moonware Studios    

... the popular software for webcams and network cameras monitoring by Moonware Studios. The application comes with two ... up to 4 video sources, so you can monitor your home, your office or your children using ... use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, a phone or a tablet. .... Free download of Netcam Studio x64

IIS Transform Manager x64 1.1 RTW Microsoft    

... one video format to another, IIS Transform Manager x64 can help. Transform Manager x64 is an extensible media transform engine that easily ... on-demand audio and video files. Transform Manager x64 integrates directly with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service ... complete with Microsoft Silverlight media players. Transform Manager x64 can also quickly convert (or "transmux") your H.264-based .... Free download of IIS Transform Manager x64 1.1 RTW

WinI2C-DDC 4.05 Nicomsoft Ltd.    

... display devices that support the DDC/CI protocol: CRT/LCD monitors, projectors, plasma panels, etc. x64 Windows versions are supported as well. The WinI2C/DDC API allows you to perform all necessary operations with display devices: - Enumerate all installed monitors. - Get DDC/CI monitor capabilities. - Read EDID (extended display identification data) directly from the monitor. EDID contains basic information about the monitor and .... Free download of WinI2C-DDC 4.05

Microsoft® SQL Server® StreamInsight x64 2.1 Microsoft    

Microsoft® SQL Server® StreamInsight x64 is a platform for the continuous and incremental ... care, web analytics, and IT and data center monitoring, make traditional store and query techniques impractical for ... Processing that satisfy these needs. It allows to monitor, mine, and develop insights from continuous unbounded data ... framework to build domain-specific adapters utilizes a .NET API to make adoption of the platform easy. Independence .... Free download of Microsoft® SQL Server® StreamInsight x64 2.1

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