Web Proxy EH-1.3.6 CacheGuard Technologies Ltd    

... CG Web Proxy can be powered by an antivirus, a Web cache, a Web traffic compression facility, a Web traffic logger, a URL filtering facility and a WAF (Web Application Firewall). All features can be enabled or disables according to your effective needs. Redundant CG Web Proxies can be implemented .... Free download of Web Proxy EH-1.3.6

WAF Gateway EH-1.3.6 CacheGuard Technologies Ltd    

... CG WAF Gateway can be powered by an antivirus, a Web cache, a Web traffic compression facility, a Web traffic logger, an SSL Offloader, a traditional firewall, a Web server load balancer and a Web traffic shaper. Redundant CG WAF Gateways can be implemented in a HA (High Availability) mode .... Free download of WAF Gateway EH-1.3.6

Windows 7 Firewall Control 8.3 Sphinx Software    

... the program may be not detected by an antivirus. The antivirus database updates are fast and regular typically, but the update can not be immediate. Windows 10 Firewall Control is nearly the only way to .... Free download of Windows 7 Firewall Control 8.3

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ICS CUBE A-Real Consulting    

... and provides for corporate communications: mail server with antivirus and antispam, corporate web server, VoIP PBX, a ... firewall, intrusion protection system, web content filter, flow antivirus, mail antivirus and antispam, web application firewall and data loss .... Free download of ICS CUBE

CacheGuard EH-1.3.6 CacheGuard Technologies Ltd    

CacheGuard provides a firewall, an antivirus, a forwarding and reverse proxy cache, a web traffic compressor, a URL guarding facility, a Web application load balancer, a WAF (Web Application Firewall), a traffic shaper, a traffic logger and much more. Integrating CacheGuard into your networks is completely transparent for end users .... Free download of CacheGuard EH-1.3.6

CacheGuard OS NG-1.2.6 CacheGuard Technologies Ltd    

... an All-in-One Web Security Gateway providing firewall, web antivirus, caching, web compression, URL filtering, forward/reverse proxy, web load balancing, WAF, antivirus, bandwidth shaping and more. The High Availability function is the the heart of CacheGuard using RAID, link bounding, VRRP, cache sharing. An SNMP agent .... Free download of CacheGuard OS NG-1.2.6

UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.5 Entensys    

... provides complex LAN security due to three integrated antivirus modules - Kaspersky Lab, Avira and Panda Security. ... mail, HTTP and FTP traffic. In addition to antivirus modules UserGate is fitted out with a built-in firewall, which provides reliable LAN protection against hacker attacks by Intrusion Prevention System (IDPS). The solution .... Free download of UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.5

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