Obsidium Software Protection System 1.6.1-9 Obsidium Software     update

Obsidium is a feature-rich software protection and licensing system that was designed as a cost effective and easy to implement, yet reliable way to protect your software applications and games from unauthorized modifications (i.e. "cracking") and redistribution and provide a secure and flexible licensing/registration system. It is primarily aimed at software .... Free download of Obsidium Software Protection System 1.6.1-9

PELock 2.01 PELock LLC    

... protection of any 32 bit Windows applications against cracking, tampering and reverse engineering analysis. PELock comes with a built-in licensing system, you can use it to easily add license key system for your application. You can also set various time-trial limitations for the protected application, e.g. 30 days trial. You .... Free download of PELock 2.01

Themida Oreans Technologies    

... control of the CPU and check for possible cracking tools (dissemblers or de-compilers) that may be running ... that helps you protect your applications against software cracking. Themida is a handy and useful utility intended ... their applications against advanced reverse engineering and software cracking. FEATURES: · Anti-debugger techniques that .... Free download of Themida

eXPressor CGSoftLabs    

... -counteraction to classical memory dumping tools; -detection of cracking tools like file or registry monitors, debuggers; -application integrity check (agains viruses, resource modifications); -anti-debugging and anti-disassembling; -anti memory patching techniques; -protection of application's imported functions using different methods (emulation etc.); -eXPressor offers a set of APIs for interaction betweend decompressing .... Free download of eXPressor

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