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GiTools 2.2.2 Biomedical Genomic Laboratory    

... is a framework for analysis and visualization of genomic data. Data and results are represented as browsable heatmaps. Gitools allows to import data directly from IntOGen and Biomart. .... Free download of GiTools 2.2.2

Seq Monk 0.24.1 Babraham Bioinformatics    

... application designed to enable you to visualize and analyze mapped sequence data. It was written for use with mapped next generation sequence data but can in theory be used for any dataset which can be expressed as a series of genomic positions. Features: · Import of mapped data from text files · Creation of data groups .... Free download of Seq Monk 0.24.1

PyCogent 1.5.3 PyCogent Team    

... open source library that can be used in genomic biology. PyCogent is a tool that ... with controllers for third-party apps, connectors to remote databases and generalized probabilistic techniques for working with biological ... to perform codon alignments. New methods of analyzing genomic data are frequently added. .... Free download of PyCogent 1.5.3

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