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RISAFloor 14.0.1 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... for building design. RISAFloor will manage loads, design beams and columns, create quality CAD drawings, and constantly serve RISA-3D the information that it needs for the design of lateral systems. Working on one model, RISAFloor does all of the bookkeeping, letting you move seamlessly between RISAFloor and RISA-3D. RISA-3D .... Free download of RISAFloor 14.0.1

RISA-2D 16.0.0 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... your next problem in minutes, not hours. Quickly analyze everything from simple beams and trusses to shear walls with openings. Break ... analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. RISA-2D’s powerful graphical modeling capabilities, ... spreadsheets help you rapidly model, solve and optimize structures with any combination of materials. A State-of-the-Art .... Free download of RISA-2D 16.0.0

StruCalc StruCalc    

... design multiple span members using steel, wood, flitch beams or manufactured lumber propels StruCalc ahead of the ... pages by following the below links: Hip/Valley Beams Cantilever Columns Column Design Features for StruCalc 7.0 ... the desired value multiple steel plates for Flitch beam design Button to clear all inputs in the .... Free download of StruCalc

Oasys ADC 8.4 B 10 Oasys Limited    

ADC makes analysing and designing columns, beams, solid slabs and ribbed slabs straightforward, working to ... and buildable. ADC analyses and designs multi-span beams and slabs, including connecting columns. The program automatically ... the section. The result is a fully reinforced beam or slab design that takes detailing, as well as .... Free download of Oasys ADC 8.4 B 10

Oasys Alp 19.1 SP1 Build Oasys Limited    

... is a complex tool designed to help you analyze the influence of a laterally-loaded pile on the ... of independent springs and the pile as elastic beam elements in order to make the analysis easier. You can use the program to analyze the soil behavior under various circumstances. It can. Free download of Oasys Alp 19.1 SP1 Build

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