Smart List Pro 2.0.5 Infowise Ltd.     update

... create special tabs for your mobile devices -Create alerts for specific tabs using Smart Alert Pro -Support for site and list templates - your settings are packaged and can be recreated in a new list/site -Multilingual - all languages .... Free download of Smart List Pro 2.0.5

McAfee Stinger Mcafee     update

McAfee Labs Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT .... Free download of McAfee Stinger

Home Security Camera 1.0 Free video surveillance software     new

... with simple step by step instructions. Identify and alert when somebody come to your home. Monitor your children's attendance and friends without pressure Home Security Camera turns your PC into a video surveillance system. Aimed at the home and small business user, the system allows the capture, storage and playback .... Free download of Home Security Camera 1.0

Fund Manager Advisor 2018.15.5.100 Beiley Software, Inc.     update

... gains to popular tax preparation software. Price Alerts: · Choose from a variety of price alert types, such as fixed price, trailing stop loss, or moving average alerts. When an alert is triggered you can be notified with a .... Free download of Fund Manager Advisor 2018.15.5.100

Fund Manager Professional 2018.15.5.100 Beiley Software, Inc.     update

... gains to popular tax preparation software. Price Alerts: · Choose from a variety of price alert types, such as fixed price, trailing stop loss, or moving average alerts. When an alert is triggered you can be notified with a .... Free download of Fund Manager Professional 2018.15.5.100

ApHeMo KC Softwares     update

... log analysis * Error validation (after investiguation, spurious alert, known bug...) * Autofilter to remove spurious alerts * Attackers IP address detection for backtrace or correlation * One-click WhoIs? for intruder identification * International support * And much more ! .... Free download of ApHeMo

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April Fools Day Checklist 1.09 VIP Quality Software     update

... Get started with your party planning * Be alert and know how long it's okay to joke around for April Fools' Day comes but once a year so don't miss the opportunity to play a few pranks on family, friends and coworkers. Share laughs and practical jokes with your people .... Free download of April Fools Day Checklist 1.09

Smart Alert Pro 1.26.4 Infowise Ltd.     update

Take the good old alerts to a new level, with conditions, timed notifications, ... your inbox with useless messages. FEATURES: Alerts when item is added/modified/deleted or according to date Specify multiple condition for alerts Integrate with Smart List Pro to add notifications ... forms Create your own email notification templates Create alerts for any users/group, internal or external Send alerts .... Free download of Smart Alert Pro 1.26.4

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Easyaccounts Easyaccounts     update

... last month stock position also o Low Stock Alert window at application start up o Change all product/service price in one place Supplier: o Supplier Purchase Order - Print in your letter head o Purchase Delivery Challan o Purchase Bill - Direct, DC, Purchase Order based Purchase Bill .... Free download of Easyaccounts

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Eudora for Mac 8.0.0 Beta 9 QUALCOMM     update

... from your downloaded music to use as the alert for new mail and filters. Get there via Tools > Options > Getting Attention! To add your music to Filters, go to Tools > Filters > Action > Playsound. Recent Mail A "Recent" folder was added to the Mailboxes window .... Free download of Eudora for Mac 8.0.0 Beta 9

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BriskBard 1.7.1 BriskBard     update

... several formats. On-screen notifications can be activated to alert the user about new email messages, new newsgroups articles or new feed items periodically. BriskBard can manage unlimited email accounts. It has an advanced attached images viewer, automatic filters and labels. The message editor allows you to change the text characteristics, .... Free download of BriskBard 1.7.1

TunnelBear for iOS 2.14.4 TunnelBear Inc.     update

... - Yahoo News Privacy Policy: Spoiler alert - no logging! Check out our straightforward, plain-english privacy policy here: homepage Upgrade your bear: TunnelBear subscriptions provide unlimited data, access to all of our server locations, and can be used on up to five devices. We offer .... Free download of TunnelBear for iOS 2.14.4

The Dude 6.44.3 MikroTik     update

... your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems. The Dude demo system: Our RouterOS demo routers are viewable from within the Dude, install The Dude and connect to our Demo dude system with the Dude Secure connection to Some .... Free download of The Dude 6.44.3

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Weather Watcher Live 7.2.174 Mike Singer     update

... main Weather Watcher Live window. Severe Weather Alerts Stay safe with weather alerts from the National Weather Service. A red banner will appear whenever a severe weather alert has been issued for your area. The Weather ... ensure you do not miss important severe weather alerts. Detailed Severe Weather Info Click the red .... Free download of Weather Watcher Live 7.2.174

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NxFilter Jinhee Lee     update

... Block reason view in block page * Email alert * Syslog exportation * Quota time .... Free download of NxFilter

FoxTrick FoxTrick Team     update

... to utilities on external sites, and provide browser-side alerts and notifications. Features: · Enhanced visualization ... slider window on hattrick news events. · Sound alert · Play a sound on hattrick news events. · Forum templates · Easily accessible text snippets for the hattrick conferences. · Transfer search filters .... Free download of FoxTrick

Prey Anti Theft & Find Devices for Android 2.0.0 Fork Ltd.     update

... Mark an area on a map, and get alerts when a device enters or leaves it. ?Geolocation: ... hide the app on your phone. ?Message Alert: Display a message on the screen to contact the current user. .... Free download of Prey Anti Theft & Find Devices for Android 2.0.0

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Prey for iOS 1.9.3 Fork Ltd.     update

... is put on silent - Display a tailored alert message on the screen - Gather the network information that your device is connected to (for accurate pinpointing) If you need even more control and phone security you can upgrade to a Prey Pro account. Key elements of the pro .... Free download of Prey for iOS 1.9.3

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Homewatch DSLCam 3.0.0 Zincware     update

... program can respond by phone to send an alert. The button-driven interface and tabbed camera-configuration screens are user-intuitive so that most tasks -- such as selecting which WAV file to play when an alarm is sounded or setting up a log to be written to -- can be .... Free download of Homewatch DSLCam 3.0.0

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Security Monitor Pro 6.0 DeskShare     update

... viewed from any location using the Internet. Email alerts can include a snapshot showing the cause of the alert. One minute of video from each camera is always recorded and kept as a buffer, so that recordings started by motion detection can begin .... Free download of Security Monitor Pro 6.0

Earth Alerts 2019.1.62 South Wind Technologies     update

Earth Alerts is a Windows-based application that allows you to ... events that are occurring anywhere around the world. Alert notifications, reports, and imagery provide the user with ... some far-flung corner of the globe! Earth Alerts uses a variety of online resources provided by ... out on the planet. To use Earth Alerts, you simply select the specific natural hazards -- .... Free download of Earth Alerts 2019.1.62

Mail Alert 2.6 Bettasoft     new

Mail Alert was designed with your productivity in mind. That's ... every time you receive new mail. Desktop Alert Window When new e-mail arrives, Mail Alert will display a non-intrusive desktop alert containing essential information from the e-mail received. Now ... thus boosting your productivity. New in 2.0: Mail Alert can also alert you to an incoming e-mail .... Free download of Mail Alert 2.6

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McAfee Stinger Portable Mcafee     update

McAfee Stinger is a portable and free application designed to remove malware-infected files from the computer. It scans the hard disk on demand and detects viruses, rootkits, Trojans, worms, and other e-threats. McAfee Labs Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute .... Free download of McAfee Stinger Portable

Security Task Manager 2.3.2 A. & M. Neuber Software     update

Security Task Manager is a PC program that offers an advanced alternative to the Windows Task Manager, as well as an added suite of security functions. For basic, day-to-day process management, Windows Task Manager does a passable job. However, it only gives you surface-level access to process information. Windows Task Manager .... Free download of Security Task Manager 2.3.2

BVS Video Poker BVS Development Corporation     update

... automatically holds them for you. It can also alert you when you make a mistake in playing strategy. Or you can analyze any hand to find the best choice. During the play, your statistics is recorded and you can review the cost of errors and accuracy statistics whenever you wish. .... Free download of BVS Video Poker

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