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Remaining: Days counter 2.0 iSlaam Khaleed    

... Calculate the time passing between two dates. 3- Age Calculator. 4- Calculate the time passed since a certain event started. 5- No Ads You need to uninstall the app for any reason or you .... Free download of Remaining: Days counter 2.0

PTBSync 6.5b ElmueSoft    

... birthdays, anniversaries etc. (it can automatically calculate the age for birthdays or anniversaries). It lets you ... of week possible. · Automatic calculation of the age at birthdays / anniversaries. · A sound may ... of a HTML calendar for printing. · Calendar calculator for Islamic, jewish, Iran and coptic Calendars, Moon .... Free download of PTBSync 6.5b

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Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0 SpanSoft    

Excellent genealogy software package for storing, querying and documenting family trees. It features a unique, easy to use graphical interface and powerful data management tools which makes it ideal for large or small trees. Uniquely, the main screen displays the data as linked rectangles representing each family. Using the mouse, you .... Free download of Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0

EasyAs Accounting Software 8.1091 www.EasyAsAccountingSoftware.com    

... they so hard to use?, and in an age when computers should be about saving you time... ... also include the Trade Mark, Where Am I Calculator. This will enable you to see at the ... they do not include the Where Am I Calculator. We are the first to bring this to .... Free download of EasyAs Accounting Software 8.1091

Food Exchange Diet Planner 1.3 100dof    

... suggested by the program based on the person's age, height, weight and activity level. (b) Define the ... to use and, additionally, it contains a calorie calculator which can be used to compute your daily energy needs based on sex, weight, height and physical activity level. .... Free download of Food Exchange Diet Planner 1.3

Age Calculator .Net 1.0 Ricardo Villalba    

Age Calculator allows you to know your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and ... are supported so you can also calculate the age of your children, relatives, friends... Everything is saved, ... again. It allows funny things like knowing the age of your favorite celebrities, how much time passed since your wedding or any other special event. Age calculator also reports the remaining time until the .... Free download of Age Calculator .Net 1.0

Calculator Timbru Auto 2014 1.0.3 Inmatriculari Auto Bucuresti    

... car for the first time in Romania. The calculator is 100% accurate and it's designed based on ... in Romania, based on its CO2 emissions, car age and EURO category. The 2014 car tax calculator gives you the precise tax value, in both ... exactly the same algorithm as the official fiscal calculator. .... Free download of Calculator Timbru Auto 2014 1.0.3

Manymol Medical Calculator Manymol    

We have created the Manymol Medical Calculator to assist doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals ... have worked hard to make the Manymol Medical Calculator reliable and easy to use. Judging by the ... paid off. Included calculations and scores: ABCD2, Age calculator, Alveolar-arterial (A-a) Gradient, Anion Gap, APACHE II, APGAR, ... and warns the user Regularly updated with new calculators and scores Does not require an internet connection .... Free download of Manymol Medical Calculator

See-and-Calc 1.0 AureoSoft    

... is a freeware software that emulates an on-screen calculator with big display numbers and keypad with large ... order to enhance visibility and friendly typing. See-and-Calc calculator has the following main features: 4 arithmetic functions; ... number. See-and-Calc is very useful as a personal calculator at any age and can be also a .... Free download of See-and-Calc 1.0

EasyAs Income Tax 3.4 EasyAsIncomeTax.com    

Our Calculator and Assessment Estimator saves you walking around asking ... You even have access to the What IF Calculator that enables you to see what happens if ... There should be no need this day and age to have to walk around wondering if you have payed enough in tax, there .... Free download of EasyAs Income Tax 3.4

Excel Retirement Savings Estimate Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... to calculate net worth. By forecasting your retirement age and total life span, you can predict monthly income. A detailed, itemized template saves you time by determining cost and income categories so you can spend time gathering relevant data. Time-dependant factors such as interest rates and inflation are included. Once .... Free download of Excel Retirement Savings Estimate Template Software 7.0

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