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Cyclonis Password Manager 2.4.1-132 Cyclonis Limited     update

... in a personal vault, that is encrypted with AES-256 bit, an encryption algorithm used by governments, financial institutions, and in military applications. Cyclonis Password Manager encrypts your vault using your master password. Your master .... Free download of Cyclonis Password Manager 2.4.1-132

Nero BackItUp 2021 23.0.1000 Nero AG    

... your files are safely stored thanks to hardware-accelerated AES 256-bit encryption. And with our clever compression algorithm, you can even save a bit of disk space when storing your files to .... Free download of Nero BackItUp 2021 23.0.1000

PureVPN Windows VPN Software 8.0 GZ Systems Ltd.    

... you have the best streaming experience. Strongest Encryption AES 256-bit, military-grade encryption comes as a default with PureVPN to ensure optimal data protection. Multiple VPN Protocols Multiple VPN protocols are offered on PureVPNs VPN .... Free download of PureVPN Windows VPN Software 8.0

PowerArchiver 2021 for macOS 1.00.32 Conexware, Inc    

... Join Archive Tool, Write/Merge Multi Volume archive. PowerArchiver 256-bit AES encryption is the most secure encryption that is available. Password Policies allow setup of a minimum password policy/rule. Password Manager will remember the passwords .... Free download of PowerArchiver 2021 for macOS 1.00.32

PowerArchiver 2021 20.00.73 Conexware, Inc    

... ACE, MSI, NSIS, CHM, over 60 total. PowerArchiver 256-bit AES encryption is FIPS 140-2 validated for government use. Password Policies allow setup of a minimum password policy/rule. File Wiping wipes your temporary files by .... Free download of PowerArchiver 2021 20.00.73

PDF-XChange PRO SDK 9.0.351.0 Tracker Software Products Ltd    

... Includes PDF Drivers and Libraries - both 32/64 bit for Windows 95 thru Vista 64. Creates impressively ... support. Comprehensive Digital Signature and Security including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption options. Print to PDF from a virtual .... Free download of PDF-XChange PRO SDK 9.0.351.0

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Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK EaseFilter Inc.    

EaseFilter Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK is a set of file system filter driver software development kits which include file monitor filter driver, file access control filter driver, transparent file encryption filter driver, process filter driver and registry filter driver. In a single solution, EaseFilter Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK encompasses .... Free download of Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK

Free PDF Password Protector 6.0 SecurityXploded    

... Supports all the PDF Encryption methods - RC4, AES (128-bit, 256-bit) * Protect PDF file with restrictions to prevent copying, editing, printing etc * Advanced Settings to customize various PDF protection options * Right click .... Free download of Free PDF Password Protector 6.0

Safeguard PDF Security 4.0.23 Locklizard Limited    

... Locklizard PDF security uses public key technology with AES 256 bit encryption and a real-time web based licensing system. .... Free download of Safeguard PDF Security 4.0.23

Python Encryption Library x64 Chilkat Software, Inc.    

... with the following features: * Symmetric Encryption: AES, Blowfish, Twofish, RC2, ARC4, DES, 3DES, PBES1, PBES2. ... compression algorithm. * Implements FIPS81 padding scheme for AES. * Up to 256-bit encryption is supported. * Set binary secret-key directly .... Free download of Python Encryption Library x64

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ProxyCrypt 2.5.1 v77    

... compatible with Arsenal Image Mounter. Features: - Supports AES-256, Serpent and SHACAL-2 ciphers. - Cascade encryption with ... (more than 260 characters). - Performances improved with AES instructions, SSE2 optimizations and asynchronous read/write. - Available in 32 and 64-bit with distinct AVX versions. .... Free download of ProxyCrypt 2.5.1

S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC 14R4C Paranoia Works    

... window. Files are encrypted using strong encryption algorithms: AES (Rijndael) 256bit, RC6 256bit, Serpent 256bit, Blowfish 448bit, Twofish 256bit, GOST 256bit + (Threefish 1024bit and SHACAL-2 512bit for Pro Version) ciphers are available. Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) GUI Version and Command Line Version are available on: homepage .... Free download of S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC 14R4C

Syncovery 9.00 B30 Super Flexible Software Ltd.    

... zip your files and encrypt them with strong 256-bit AES encryption. To unzip and decrypt, simply use the Restore Wizard or make a copy of your profile and copy in the opposite direction. Detects .... Free download of Syncovery 9.00 B30

PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK 2.5.322.10 Tracker Software Products Ltd    

... Window tools. - PDF Security Support including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption Password and Permissions Add/Edit. - Data Execution .... Free download of PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK 2.5.322.10

ChilkatZip 14.5.0 Chilkat Software, Inc.    

... found in other self-extractors: 1. Up to 256-bit Strong AES Encryption. Safely encrypts the contents of your ZIP file with 128, 192, or 256-bit AES Encryption. To unzip, a user must provide the ... that was used when creating the self-extracting EXE. AES encryption is much stronger than standard ZIP encryption, .... Free download of ChilkatZip 14.5.0

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Binfer 5.0 Binfer    

... attachment issues - Transfer at super-fast speeds - AES 256 bit encryption - Auto resume of interrupted transfer - .... Free download of Binfer 5.0

TorGuard 3.98.8 TorGuard.net    

... software is pre-configured to protect your data with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPV6/WebRTC leak blocking, kill switch, and more… Always fast, never oversold TorGuard offers a massive network of 3000+ global VPN servers in .... Free download of TorGuard 3.98.8

TeamViewer 15.5.3 TeamViewer GmbH    

... application uses the highest security standards, such as 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange. Note: Teamviewer is free ... on your computer remotely - Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange - Plus so much .... Free download of TeamViewer 15.5.3

MarshallSoft Delphi AES Library 4.2 MarshallSoft Computing    

The MarshallSoft AES Library for Delphi (AES4D) is a toolkit that allows software developers to easily implement 256-bit encryption and decryption in Windows Delphi applications. AES4D ... interface to encrypt/decrypt files and data using the 256-bit Rijndael "Advanced Encryption Standard" (AES) as specified by ... U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).The AES algorithm is commonly used by many financial entities .... Free download of MarshallSoft Delphi AES Library 4.2

TurboFTP Server 1.53.1196 TurboSoft, Inc    

... SSH. It supports FIPS 140-2 approved Triple DES, 256-bit AES, SHA-1, SHA-256 for encryption and crypto key exchange, and HMAC SHA-1 for message authentication. If you go for FTP, it supports secure FTP over .... Free download of TurboFTP Server 1.53.1196

eWallet Ilium Software    

... Store Your Information Securely - Using government-level (FIPS) 256-bit AES encryption, eWallet protects your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. · Never Forget Another Password - eWallet remembers your passwords so you .... Free download of eWallet

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Crypt-o 3.2.330 Soft-o    

... Firebird SQL Server database and is encrypted using AES encryption algorithm with 256-bit key. Crypt-o client applications access the Crypt-o Server using secure SSL connection. If needed, Crypt-o Server can be connected from any location over the .... Free download of Crypt-o 3.2.330

Efficient Password Manager Pro Efficient Software    

... while the password information itself is encrypted by 256-bit AES algorithm, the encryption strength of which is among the highest in the world. The software also offers many special features such as password management .... Free download of Efficient Password Manager Pro

USB Encryption 10.0.22 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... device will be password protected and encrypted by 256-bit AES. To access your data again, You can plug-in your USB drive into the computer and run the program "agent.exe" on your USB drive. To .... Free download of USB Encryption 10.0.22

LastPass Password Manager for Android Joe Siegrist    

... remains safe. Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption. For $12 per year, LastPass Premium offers: - Password Manager Plus - Unlimited sync on unlimited devices - Device Switch - Access .... Free download of LastPass Password Manager for Android

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