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Pristy Tools 2.5.7 Blaz Pristav Soft    

... variety of system optimizations. Thus, you can disable hibernation to save some space on your HDD, turn of the taskbar clock, activate boot defragmentation or restart Explorer shell. Pristy Tools offers pretty good features and since it is so easy to use, the software is well .... Free download of Pristy Tools 2.5.7

Toshiba Sleep Utility Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.    

... specification. To charge your device in Standby/Sleep Mode, Hibernation Mode, or shutdown state, the suitable mode for your device has to be selected. Auto Mode (Default) is suitable for a wide range of digital audio players. .... Free download of Toshiba Sleep Utility

HibernateOnPowerFail Dr. Axel Walthelm    

HibernateOnPowerFail is an application that installs as a Windows service and hibernates your laptop when there is a power outage. Once it detects a possible power outage, HibernateOnPowerFail will display a notification message and put your PC to sleep. In order for the program to work, do not move or .... Free download of HibernateOnPowerFail

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