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Excel File Repair 10.10.01 Excel File Repair    

... MS Excel to resolve error messages like "Cannot access read-only document ???.xls," "???.xls; File format is not valid," "access denied,” "Excel cannot open file," etc. User gets these types of error messages when MS Excel cannot identify the xls or xlsx file because of .... Free download of Excel File Repair 10.10.01

Routix NetCom 2.2 Routix software    

... with specified interval; - Packets can be allowed, denied or sended to the next rule in list; - Possible to change any packet field (MAC/IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports); - Port-mapping/redirection; - Integrated NAT; - Packets can be redirected to any other NIC; - Bridging between any ethernet interfaces; - Bandwidth .... Free download of Routix NetCom 2.2

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