Disk Thinner Disk Thinner Inc.    

Disk Thinner is a professional disk thinner utility designed to keep your disk clean and nice by deleting unnecessary files. Usually, these unnecessary or junk files appear as the results of program incomplete uninstallations or temporary internet Files. Disk Thinner, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, helps you quickly wipe .... Free download of Disk Thinner

Colorful Disk Clean Desktop 1.0 U2Aany    

Have you found that the hard space of your computer was gradually eaten up by all the files you unlikely know? If you’re haunted a lot by such a problem and want to stop it, you just need to download Colorful Disk Clean Desktop and totally relax yourself. Colorful Disk Clean Desktop will .... Free download of Colorful Disk Clean Desktop 1.0

Disk Cleaner 1.8.1795 Sourceforge    

Disk Cleaner is a free open source (GPL v2) tool to quickly and easily clean your hard disk from temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, and the Recycle Bin. Disk Cleaner is absolutely free from adware and spyware. It is .... Free download of Disk Cleaner 1.8.1795

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a tool to quickly and easily free disk space that is used by temporary files like the system temporary folder web results