Software of WindowsUtilities

ColorPix 2.1.20 WindowsUtilities    

Graphic Apps / Other

Display and print web color of the pixel at the cursor; HEX, RGB, and complement. Free download of ColorPix 2.1.20

DIRlist 3.1.63 WindowsUtilities    

System Utilities / File & Disk Management

Print, display, and browse directory listings with file descriptions. Free download of DIRlist 3.1.63

UnWrap 2.1.53 WindowsUtilities    

Communications / Other E-Mail Tools

Removes unwanted line returns and other clutter from email and documents. Free download of UnWrap 2.1.53

WebTable 2.1.49 WindowsUtilities    

Desktop / Other

Extract tables from a web page file for import into a spreadsheet or database. Free download of WebTable 2.1.49