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Software of ShaPlus Software

QuranReciter 4.1 ShaPlus Software    

Education / Other

Complete Quran Audio and Quran translations in 24 different languages. Free download of QuranReciter 4.1

ShaPlus QuranViewer 1.1 ShaPlus Software    

Home & Hobby / Religion

Quran software with Uthmani script, option to resize text, page by page display. Free download of ShaPlus QuranViewer 1.1

ShaPlus STD Info 1.1 ShaPlus Software    

Education / Other

Freeware to search Indian STD codes. Free download of ShaPlus STD Info 1.1

UK STD Info 1.0 ShaPlus Software    

Communications / Telephony

Freeware to search United Kindom telephone area codes. Free download of UK STD Info 1.0