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Software of Excel Software

MarketBuddy Windows 3.2 Excel Software    

Business / Databases & Tools

Market any Product on the Internet.. Free download of MarketBuddy Windows 3.2

QuickBugs Windows 2.2.1 Excel Software    

Development / Other

Bug tracking with configurable fields, workflow, views, queries and access.. Free download of QuickBugs Windows 2.2.1

QuickCRC Windows 3.2.1 Excel Software    

Development / Other

QuickCRC is a tool for responsibility driven design with CRC cards.. Free download of QuickCRC Windows 3.2.1

QuickHelp Windows 4.0.3 Excel Software    

Development / Help Tools

QuickHelp has help authoring and deployment for Win XP, Vista and Mac OS X. Free download of QuickHelp Windows 4.0.3

QuickUML Windows 3.1.1 Excel Software    

Development / Other

QuickUML is a software design tool that supports core UML models.. Free download of QuickUML Windows 3.1.1