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Cerb6 is designed to improve your team's collaborative efficiency and execution by providing a platform for the creation of new tools and opportunities clustered around one of your most valuable (and possibly most neglected) assets -- your customer address book.

It's quite likely that you're already using at least one piece of software in your day-to-day workflow that requires you to enter customer information; but does it encourage you to reuse the data you're collecting to target the most appropriate audience for future conversations? Cerb5 does.

We believe that the daily conversations with your audience -- whether they occur during the course of support, marketing, or sales -- are richly informative. It's a waste of valuable potential for your team to rush through your customer conversations, narrowly focused on the matter at hand while dismissing the rest. Could you have captured more information about the customer's business environment for future use? (customer support can teach you far more about your audience than marketing can.) Did you create a task for a followup? (or do you expect your customers to keep themselves on your radar?) Did you create a record for an opportunity contingent on some future improvement of benefit to this particular contact? (if 200 other people asked for the same thing, will you remember who they all are when you're ready to deliver it?)


· Overview gives an instant report of the status of the helpdesk, including a breakdown by Service Level, destination and assignment. Clicking any breakdown category will display the appropriate worklist next to the totals, allowing you to quickly deal with work by pile.
· Anti-Spam reads incoming e-mail and constantly adapts to the tricks spammers use to clog your inbox. Probable spam can automatically be moved out of the way for later review and mass deletion. From any worklist you can "peek" at message contents without leaving the list, or click the spam button to instantly remove the message from the list.
· Fetch & Retrieve allows your team, and community, to search for content in every corner of your online presence: blogs, forums, FAQs, wikis, bug tracking and more! Several popular applications are supported already, but nearly anything can be connected.
· Community Tools give you the ability to download or create mini-applications which have full access to helpdesk data. You can deploy these tools by placing a single file into a directory on any PHP-enabled web server. By default, Cerberus Helpdesk 4.0 has the ability to deploy knowledgebases (or FAQs), Support Centers and contact form builders.
· Service Levels define groups of contacts and your preferred order for replying to them. In a business setting, this allows you to favor paying customers or VIPs with your fastest replies. In a personal webmail setting, this allows you to respond to colleagues, friends and family before you read less important mail.
· E-mail Notifications are the best way for mobile workers to track events in the helpdesk. A helpdesk worker can choose to have copies of incoming or outgoing mail sent to any software or device capable of receiving e-mail. Replies to these messages will be routed back to the sender as the proper company contact and logged by helpdesk automatically. Notifications can also be used by managers for oversight, or by new team members for training.
· Pile Sorter allows you to quickly group mail by sender, or any e-mail header, and act on it all at once. For example, running a pile sort on sender domain helps you isolate newsletters that use an auto-generated sender address each mailing, while a pile sort on the headers lets you make piles based on properties like language, Spam Assassin score and import source.

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