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Android Studio is an Integrated Development Editor developed by Google for the Android platform, comprising everything that a programmer needs in order to design and test Android applications. Android Studio benefits from static code analysis, which allows you to identify bugs more quickly by performing an in-depth examination of your project. Android Studio comes across as a steady and reliable IDE that embeds Android-specific features, providing developers with a complete and efficient set of tools that can enhance workflows and productivity while minimizing efforts.

Android Studio for Mac and Linux is a new Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA. Similar to Eclipse with the ADT Plugin, Android Studio provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging. On top of the capabilities you expect from IntelliJ, Android Studio offers:

Gradle-based build support.
Android-specific refactoring and quick fixes.
Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility and other problems.
ProGuard and app-signing capabilities.
Template-based wizards to create common Android designs and components.
A rich layout editor that allows you to drag-and-drop UI components, preview layouts on multiple screen configurations, and much more.

Caution: Android Studio is currently available as an early access preview. Several features are either incomplete or not yet implemented and you may encounter bugs.

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Platform: Linux, Mac OS X
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