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Thermal design and sizing calculations of Air cooled heat exchangers design. Some main features: 1. Support SI Units and English (U.S) Units of measurement, Unit converter also included 2. Induced draft/forced draft operation modes. 3. Calculate the Nr. of Bays/Fans/Tubes/Tube rows/Tube bundles, Bundle Face Area, Total Bundle Face Width, Bundle Width, Surface Area for Bare Tubes and Fin Tubes, Air Mass Flow Rate, Log Mean Temperature Difference, Fin Efficiency, Fan Diameter and Total Fans Projected Area Per Bay, Fan Driver Power requirements 4. Calculate Outlet Air Temperature using iteration or incrementing techniques. 5. Calculate the Tube Side Flow Area, Tube Side Velocity, Tube Side Reynolds' Nr, Tube Side Flow Regime and Tube Side Nusselt Number, tube Side Heat Transfer Coefficient, Maximum Air Side Velocity, Air Side Reynolds' Nr, Air Heat Transfer Coefficient 6. Air side heat transfer coefficient, you can select between three correlations. Briggs and Young, ESDU, Kern or Ganguli alternatively the software can also accept Nusselt nr input or heat transfer coefficient input on both hot/cold sides. 7. Run unlimited nr of trials all can be displayed in results data grid 8. Calculate the Heat Duty or specify the Heat duty to calculate the hot side mass flow rate. 9. The ability to keep the Tube Length constant for all trials or calculate it for each trial 10. Calculate the Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (Clean/Design/Required). 11. The software will also estimate the Over Design and Over Surface percentage 12. Calculate the Tube side/Air Side Pressure Drops. with different equations to select from for the process side pressure drop. Other Tools included: +Import physical properties from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, WeBBusterZ Physical properties database. +Dry Air properties at atmospheric pressure +Heat transfer coefficients +Convert Pressure to altitude and vice versa. and many more features included but not in this list.

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