WiFi Guardian 7.0 download

Surf securely through WiFi Hotspots or regular connections and protect your privacy by encrypting your Internet traffic. Your personal information, bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords are now protected.

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ZenMate for Android 1.2.3 ZenMate    

ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN is trusted by over 6 mio. users ... advanced encryption and data compression! Total Security & Privacy: Secure all your internet traffic and your IP with encryption. ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN gives protection from malware for you and your device whether ... at home, on the go or using public WiFi. It will always keep you safe! Total Freedom: .... Free download of ZenMate for Android 1.2.3

InTouch Lock 3.7 Lovelysoft    

... folders, disks, applications, Web resources, Control Panel modules, Internet Explorer parameters, Desktop, Start menu and much more. Multi-user and multi-profile support. Built-in scheduler. Event logging. Stealth-mode support. Multilingual convenient and friendly interface. .... Free download of InTouch Lock 3.7

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File Encryption XP 1.7.258 CP Lab     update

... data stored with removable drives? File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP) does all that and more! File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP) is password protection software for Windows. Files are encrypted with hack-proof ... XP is perfect for secure file transfer over Internet, e-mail or corporate network. It does not matter .... Free download of File Encryption XP 1.7.258

Folder Crypt 3.6.7020 LittleLite Software    

With Folder Crypt you can password protect any Windows folder using low level encoding and standard algorithms, such as such as DES, Rijndael, Blowfish and ARC4 with keys up to 2048 bits. The program performs a true bit per bit encryption of your data. All you have to do is to .... Free download of Folder Crypt 3.6.7020

Easy File Protector 5.133 IM-Soft    

... files automatically depending on current time and user. Protection is achieved by making files and folders undeletable, ... DOC, etc.) Easy File Protector also provides password protection, user-dependent configurations, and user validation at login. .... Free download of Easy File Protector 5.133

SecureClean 5 WhiteCanyon Inc.    

... and other applications often leave snippets of your Internet activities out in the open, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. SecureClean keeps your computer clean and helps protect you from identity theft by permanently removing unwanted disk clutter, web surfing history, and individuals files, while leaving your programs, files, and .... Free download of SecureClean 5

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CryptoExpert 8 8.35 InterCrypto Ltd    

CryptoExpert 8 uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to provide secure offline storages for Windows 7 users. Physically your documents are stored in the single encrypted vault file, but in the unlocked state the vault is visible to all windows applications like any usual local drive. New 8-th edition of the .... Free download of CryptoExpert 8 8.35

Puffer 4.05 Briggs Softworks    

Puffer is a general purpose 256-bit AES encryption utility for protecting your most sensitive data. Use Puffer to securely exchange email with other Puffer users via the 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange function. Compress and encrypt your data files into zip-style PUF archives. Use steganography to hide data among the pixels of .... Free download of Puffer 4.05

Silver Key 4.3 Inv Softworks LLC    

Securing Internet communications is a challenging task, and encryption is ... parcel that can be safely sent over the Internet or another insecure channel. Strong military-grade encryption ensures that intercepting the parcel will do hacker no good; without the right key the parcel is nothing more than digital garbage. Silver Key .... Free download of Silver Key 4.3

MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook Encryptomatic LLC    

... it is traveling across your intranet and the internet. MessageLock gives you a choice of encryption methods, from super-strong AES-256 bit, to AES-128 bit. It also integrates with the Lockbin.com web service, allow you to send files and messages to anyone in a HIPAA complaint manner. To use MessageLock, just .... Free download of MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook