WiFi Guardian 7.0 download

Surf securely through WiFi Hotspots or regular connections and protect your privacy by encrypting your Internet traffic. Your personal information, bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords are now protected.

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FileStream Secure Disk FileStream, Inc.    

... to encrypt the entire drive to have security protection. * Can still share computer but only you can see your Secure Disk. The Secure Disk vaults on your computer and on removable storage devices can only be accessed with the right login ID and password. This solution is easier to .... Free download of FileStream Secure Disk

GiliSoft Private Disk 6.4 GiliSoft International LLC.    

GiliSoft Private Disk is a software which will make transparent encryption using virtual hard drives.GiliSoft Private Disk uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data. Your files are stored in the encrypted form on virtual hard drive with password authentication, but when it is requested by any application, .... Free download of GiliSoft Private Disk 6.4

Lotus Notes Local Security Removal 9.10.01 Nucleus Data Recovery    

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal software removes local security from Lotus Notes NSF database file with much ease and maintains the NSF file integrity. Being an unprivileged NSF file user, you get error messages like, “You are not authorized to access that database”, or “You are not authorized to perform .... Free download of Lotus Notes Local Security Removal 9.10.01

Password Protect 3.7 Password Protect Software    

... computer with others and are concerned about your privacy. You should download Password Protect and give it a try now. .... Free download of Password Protect 3.7

Secured eMail x64 The Cryptzone Group    

Employees email all sorts of sensitive and sometimes confidential information, to partners, customers and colleagues without considering the need for protecting that information. Laws and regulations now mandate companies to protect sensitive information through encryption. Secured eMail is Cryptzone’s email security software that provides end-to-end security of outbound content, either through .... Free download of Secured eMail x64

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Encrypt4all Professional Edition 2.3 Encrypt4all    

... cannot be open in other PCs · Folder protection just takes one second · Ability to use multi-level protection for locked folders · Ability to hide files and folders · Ability to create global protected folder in every drive that you can copy/move .... Free download of Encrypt4all Professional Edition 2.3

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Pdf 128 bit Encryption Password Lock 1.3 Pdf Merger    

... files by adding 128 bits/40 bits encryption level security, disable pdf printing, block pdf content copying, prevent ... are: (1) Pdf encryption program supports bulk pdf protections. (2) It can encrypt pdf with 40 bit and 128 bit encryption level security. (3) Application is compatible with all Windows operating system. (4) .... Free download of Pdf 128 bit Encryption Password Lock 1.3

Pdf Password Security Locker 1.3 Pdf Merger    

... application is 128 bit. Tool provides bulk document protection; add open password, prompt to type when user try to open it. Free download pdf locker tool to disable pdf editing, block pdf printing, disallow pdf form filling, deny pdf content copying, commenting and signing etc. Program is self-descriptive and GUI .... Free download of Pdf Password Security Locker 1.3

Blowfish Advanced CS 2.57 Lasse Kolb    

One powerful file encryption and security tool for the Windows platform. As the successor of highly successful BFA97, Blowfish Advanced CS offers a bunch of new and improved features which are: * Algorithms: Blowfish, Twofish, AES, RC4, Triple-DES, Serpent, CAST * Strong key support, handling and cryptographic implementations * Fast: .... Free download of Blowfish Advanced CS 2.57

Eastsea System Cleaner 6.50 Cdmp3soft.com    

... from your computer and protect your computer and Internet privacy. Eastsea System Cleaner is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your computer. With simply one click, Eastsea .... Free download of Eastsea System Cleaner 6.50