Turbo Internet 1.1.34 download

Turbo Internet Accelerator can speed up your internet connection. Helps you to watch online videos, download files, listen to the music. Speed-up your internet connection up to 60 times. Helps you to use your internet connection in full potential.

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Anti Netcut 3 Tools4free    

... is a free and useful program that prevents Internet disconnection Features: 1. No internet disconnection any more 2. Starts with operating system ... is cutting your connection 6. Direct link to internet connection speed meter 7. Direct link to spyware scanner 8. .... Free download of Anti Netcut 3

WiFiKill 2.2 bponury    

... hoggers. With this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself. .... Free download of WiFiKill 2.2

TV-Browser 3.3.2 Sourceforge    

... TV-Browser gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged - like a printed TV guide. An internet connection is only necessary during the data update. Note:You can not use TV-Browser to watch TV. ... provides more than 500 channels Your .... Free download of TV-Browser 3.3.2

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AdBlock Pro for Windows (x64bit) 3.0 Adblockpro.com    

... link ads, flash ads, ActiveX ads and other Internet Ad annoyances. It not only eliminates the annoyance, but improves your surfing speed as well. What does AdBlock Pro for ... popups defined by Popup test * Integrate with Internet Explorer - handily interact with blockable items * ... blocking - select blockable element by mouse * Speed up page loading - thanks to the missing .... Free download of AdBlock Pro for Windows (x64bit) 3.0

TrueCafe. Internet cafe software 6.1 TrueCafe, Ltd.    

... on Windows Terminal Server or NComputing Server. Calculate Internet traffic for a customer session. Keep track of the Internet websites and pages a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal. .... Free download of TrueCafe. Internet cafe software 6.1

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator 1.5.4 SoftPerfect Research    

The SoftPerfect Connection Emulator (SCE) software is aimed for network application developers, system administrators and network engineers. Software developers creating network-enabled applications, especially those time-critical such as VoIP software or real time protocols, need to test their products thoroughly in a range of environments. Apparently most applications work well on broadband .... Free download of SoftPerfect Connection Emulator 1.5.4

Connectify Connectify     update

Connectify Hotspot lets you share your computer's Internet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. As long as your computer is online, your other nearby devices - and friends and ... all your other Wi-Fi devices can use that connection, too. Media players, e-readers, other laptops, you name ... passing USB drives. You don't even need an Internet connection. Even works with mobile phones (download only). .... Free download of Connectify

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NetworkAcc - Mobile Network Accelerator v2.5 eMobiStudio Inc.    

... throughput. All the above techniques translate into a speedy internet/network connection: faster browsing, faster downloading, faster email, and faster online gaming. .... Free download of NetworkAcc - Mobile Network Accelerator v2.5

IP Sniffer Erwan L.    

IP Sniffer is a suite of IP Tools built around a packet sniffer. The packet sniffer can work on all Windows versions using either : * the new raw socket implementation of Windows2000 (driverless), * WinPcap (needs to be installed), * a NDIS protocol (needs to be installed , .... Free download of IP Sniffer

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FormZilla JOSYTAL    

* Have you ever forgotten your online passwords and login data? * Are you tired of entering username and password for EVERY password protected website you visit? * What about those long web forms with numerous fields to fill each time? * And how many times have you forgotten your software .... Free download of FormZilla