Turbo Internet 1.1.34 download

Turbo Internet Accelerator can speed up your internet connection. Helps you to watch online videos, download files, listen to the music. Speed-up your internet connection up to 60 times. Helps you to use your internet connection in full potential.

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WiFiKill 2.2 bponury    

... hoggers. With this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself. .... Free download of WiFiKill 2.2

Easy Net Switch 6.7.0 Easy Net Switch    

... easy to use program which stores network and Internet configuration settings into network location profiles. By switching between net profiles, you can quickly and easily connect to a network without having to manually reconfigure settings or restart the computer each time. The advantages of Easy Net Switch compare with others: .... Free download of Easy Net Switch 6.7.0

LanHelper 1.99 Hainsoft.com    

... remote computers have been down or have been online, it will notify the network administrator immediately, or ... Provide IP scanner & LAN scanner for high speed scanning and quickly collecting machine data, and it's ... or reboot large number of computers in high speed on LAN. Schedule supported. · Users management. Batch .... Free download of LanHelper 1.99

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Plug and Browse 6.1 Soraco    

... for notebook users who need to access the internet or a LAN from different locations. Create different ... XP SP2 firewall settings, wireless security settings (Wifi), Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox proxy settings, Mapped Network Drives, Computer Name and Domain, Dialing Location, Default Printer, Time Zone, Windows Hosts. Plug and Browse .... Free download of Plug and Browse 6.1

Work Examiner Standard 3.2.39802 EfficientLab    

Work Examiner Standard is a set of computer monitoring tools for tracking and monitoring the online and offline activities of your company's employees. It automatically generates detailed reports and allows you to have complete control over which websites and applications your staff can access. Work Examiner can also be configured to .... Free download of Work Examiner Standard 3.2.39802

NeoLoad 4.1 Neotys    

NeoLoad is a Load Testing and Stress Tool for all Web and Mobile Applications. By simulating a large number of users accessing your application, NeoLoad tests the robustness and the performance of the server under different loads. A clear and comprehensive test report pinpoints errors and bottlenecks. Through the test, NeoLoad .... Free download of NeoLoad 4.1

IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database April.2015 IP2Location.com     update

... translates IP address to country, region, city and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Developers use this database for projects related to: 1. Display native language and currency; 2. Redirect based on country; 3. Digital rights management; 4. Prevent password sharing and abuse of service; 5. Reduce credit card fraud; 6. Web .... Free download of IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database April.2015

Web Dumper 3.3.6 Max Programming, S.L.    

... you can download entire Websites off of the Internet, and save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Web Dumper automatically downloads HTML documents along with their embedded pictures, sounds, movies and so on .... Free download of Web Dumper 3.3.6

WebSite-Watcher 2014 Aignesberger Software GmbH    

WebSite-Watcher checks your favorite websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online-costs. When changes are detected WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions of websites to your harddisk and highlight all changes in the text. Supports IE/Firefox/Opera Browser-Integration, Import and Export. .... Free download of WebSite-Watcher 2014


IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-ISP-DOMAIN is commercial lookup database that 1. Provide Location Aware Content (language, currency, etc.) 2. Redirect based on country; 3. Digital rights management; 4. Prevent password sharing and abuse of service; 5. Reduce credit card fraud; 6. Web log stats and analysis; 7. Auto-selection of fields on forms (country, currency,language, .... Free download of IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-ISP-DOMAIN Database April.2015