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Movie File Merger 0.2.0 Reinhold Lauer     new

Movie File Merger (MFM) helps you with the selective combination of video collections, like home videos, movies, series, or documentaries. It can be used also for other types of collections, like music, or basically any files, but MFM is optimized for videos. MFM is not a movie database program like Personal .... Free download of Movie File Merger 0.2.0

ToolGeeker Free Data Recovery 2.0 ToolGeeker     new

ToolGeeker Free Data Recovery is a easy and reliable free data recovery software for users. Now anybody can do it themselves, painlessly. safe, complete and free data recovery is just a few clicks away can recover lost photos, video, documents, emails and other files. It can scan any OS-based hard drive .... Free download of ToolGeeker Free Data Recovery 2.0

FreeGamia Funny Yo 1.0 FreeGamia     new

A great threat looms over a fantastic country. Slippery snails and giant hedgehogs roam the flooded forest. All decent citizens are hiding in their huts, hoping that they aren't forced to flee. But the brave girl, Funny Yo will not put up with this situation! She embarks on a dangerous journey .... Free download of FreeGamia Funny Yo 1.0

FreeGamia 51Hp 1.0 FreeGamia     new

You control a jumping ball in this arcade game. The mission is difficult - avoid the flying wheelbarrows, needles, rocket-men, balls and all else that flies at you. There are 4 bonuses: Heart (+15hp), Speed Boost (horizontal boost), Airbreak (take-off in 3 seconds), Unbreakable (a god mode). With each collision your .... Free download of FreeGamia 51Hp 1.0

FreeGamia Jumpa 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Jumpa is a small arcade game. You play a jumper, aiming to jump the highest possible,catching bonuses such as rockets (to fly higher), bubbles, wings (help with takeoff), gravity-star (gravity changes, you fall very-very slowly) platform-helper (chases the jumper and you cannot fall down). When you fall or thrust into the .... Free download of FreeGamia Jumpa 1.0

Audio CD Ripper .NET 2.0.2 expresslib.com     new

Audio CD Ripper .NET is an OCX control for developers which can get all the information about the local systemThe Audio CD Ripper .NET is a .NET library for software developers of C#, VB and any other .NET platform. With this library you can rip a standard Audio CDs to PCM .... Free download of Audio CD Ripper .NET 2.0.2

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Clipboard Auto Clear 1.01.22 M8 Software(UK)    

Safety and efficiency for your Windows clipboard. Free download of Clipboard Auto Clear 1.01.22

Automatic Pligg Submitter 3.2 eBGenius    

Automatic Pligg Submitter software submits bookmarks to sites powered by Pligg. Free download of Automatic Pligg Submitter 3.2

Uxtheme Multi-patcher 14.2 Windows X    

Patch your uxtheme.dll to support other third party Windows visual styles. Free download of Uxtheme Multi-patcher 14.2

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Jitbit Forum 7.1.4 JitBit Software    

ASP.NET Forum software. ASPX Discussion board, messageboard. Free download of Jitbit Forum 7.1.4

Squid 3.4.9 Squid Hackers    

Squid is a fully-featured HTTP/1.0 proxy which is almost HTTP/1.1 compliant. Free download of Squid 3.4.9

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