Portable TrueCrypt 7.1a download

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TrueCrypt is a software designed to protect your important data by encrypting it. It can also maintain an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device).

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... like an electronic secure courier to deliver your data and documents in encrypted form safe from prying eyes or those who would tamper with them. It Encrypts, digitally signs and armours to send sensitive information .... Free download of Transporter 1.4

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R10Cipher basically takes text and encrypts it using up to 128 bit Blowfish encryption. This Cipher Text can then be copied into ... R10Cipher to open the file and view the encrypted contents, assuming they are in possession of the Shared Key that was used to encrypt the document in the first place. Many .... Free download of R10Cipher 5.2.0

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Hash Codes 1.62.780.7200 Marek Sienczak    

... use application designed to enable users to hash data from keyboard, file or CD/DVD. This tool supports: ... RIPEMD-320 or Whirlpool algorithm. Features: Hash data from keyboard, file or CD/DVD Uses Adler32, CRC32, ... codes to the clipboard or save to the disk Can compare hash codes Load saved hash code .... Free download of Hash Codes 1.62.780.7200

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... restricts pdf file print, copy & edit. Pdf Encrypt tool provides option to use either RC4 or AES encryption method to lock pdf document with 40-bit, 128-bit & 256-bit long strong encryption key. Once a pdf document is protected with ... copying, prevent file editing, locks pdf commenting, signing, data extraction, OCR, screen reading capabilities. Axommsoft pdf encryption .... Free download of Axommsoft Encrypt PDF 1.4

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SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6 Aiko Solutions    

SecuBox provides on-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile phones and their media cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels just like another Windows Mobile card, only that all data written to this "card" is automatically encrypted. SecuBox makes it possible for any Windows Mobile ... confidential documents, private files and images and customer data in a SecuBox container, protected by AES 256 .... Free download of SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6