PilotEdit Lite 8.7.0 download

PilotEdit Lite is an amazing file editor capable of editing large files.

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Notepad++ 6.8.6 Don HO    

Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL Licence. Based on a powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and .... Free download of Notepad++ 6.8.6

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Atomineer Pro Documentation 9.17 Atomineer    

... and highly configurable. In addition, it can document files, projects and solutions in a single pass, it provides live typing aids make editing comments and doc-comments much easier and faster, and a documentation viewer makes browsing documentation much more pleasant and productive. .... Free download of Atomineer Pro Documentation 9.17

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PSPad editor Jan Fiala    

... browsing, custom shortcuts, built-in FTP client to edit files on the server and much more. .... Free download of PSPad editor

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LopeEdit Lite 5.6.1 LopeSoft    

... Notepad. It has tabs to select between open files, supports syntax highlighting of multiple programing languages (C/C++, ... XP . * Tabs to select between open files. * Syntax highlighting (user configurable). Pre-configured for C/C++, ... Build-in file browser (as Windows Explorer) to open files in the editor, or to make any operation .... Free download of LopeEdit Lite 5.6.1

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Rapid CSS 2015 13.3 Blumentals Software    

... * Find/Replace with regular expressions * Find/Replace in files * Multi-item clipboard * Code folding * Countless goodie features (bracket matching, line highlighting, text indentation...) .... Free download of Rapid CSS 2015 13.3

Vrode Script Editor 6.2 VrodeSoft    

... effective editor for JavaScript, VBScript, HTML and CSS files with code completion, syntax highlighting, code navigation, context-sensitive help and debugging support. Here are some features of Vrode Script Editor: -Project support(PhoneGap,Cordova). -Running and debugging scripts(IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, WSH, HTA). -Code Explore for JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, CSS, INI-files. -Code Navigation(Back,Forward,Goto .... Free download of Vrode Script Editor 6.2

RJ TextEd 10.80 Rickards Software    

... CSS) development editor. The functionality extends beyond text files and includes support for CSS/HTML editing with integrated ... well as a (S)FTP client to upload your files. Below is a small list of features available. ... select Advanced sorting. Handles both ASCII and binary files. CSS and HTML wizards. Dockable panels. FTP and .... Free download of RJ TextEd 10.80

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TotalEdit Pro 5.7 CoderTools    

... It also supports connecting, browsing and editing files on remote servers using either FTP or SSH (SFTP). Click on the Features tab to view a complete list of TotalEdit Pro's features. .... Free download of TotalEdit Pro 5.7

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Scintilla 3.4.3 Scintilla    

Scintilla is a free source code editing component. As well as features found in standard text editing components, Scintilla includes features especially useful when editing and debugging source code. These include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips. The selection margin can contain markers like those used .... Free download of Scintilla 3.4.3

Multi Edit 2008 Lite 11.04.00 Multi Edit Software Inc    

... edit up to 2048 DOS, UNIX, and Binary files of any size with line lengths up to ... fastest search and replace engines. Search across multiple files, folders, directories and drives. Define the perfect parameter with regular expression support. Find text as you type incrementally. Once your text is found, its .... Free download of Multi Edit 2008 Lite 11.04.00