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FreeGamia Winter Assault 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Winter Assault is a first person shooter. This combination will create a lot of new experiences, especially because this time you have to fight not only for your own life but also perform a special mission. The storyline of this new shooter tells about a large company of mercenaries that has .... Free download of FreeGamia Winter Assault 1.0

FreeGamia Key Shot 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Pass through 12 levels, knocking out objects and scoring points. Together with new levels appear objects worth points. The higher the price, the more difficult an object will be to move. There is an opportunity to play together on the network. Shoot from the keyboard using both hands. Improve your skill .... Free download of FreeGamia Key Shot 1.0

FreeGamia Me And Post Apocalypse 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Me and PostApocalypse is a first-person shooter with elements of survival. The action takes place in 2114, when a meteorite hit planet Earth meteorite and infected everything with a plague. People who lived on the Earth began to ache and infect others, becoming zombies. But the meteorites were no coincidence! Alien .... Free download of FreeGamia Me And Post Apocalypse 1.0

FreeGamia Lada Simulator 2015 1.0 FreeGamia     new

LADA Simulator 2015 Sophisticated physics of the car, with beautiful autumn scenery to make the picture more realistic, as well as the new system that makes it possible to slow time to negotiate sharp turns with pinpoint accuracy and get a completely new driving experience. - Slowing down time. - Choice .... Free download of FreeGamia Lada Simulator 2015 1.0

FreeGamia Grief Trigger 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Grief Trigger is a unique project. And this project is not only unique in that it incorporates a variety of genres - RPG, visual novel, action, rhythm game. Besides all of this game amazes players with fantastic author graphics, huge territories and various plot twists. *Arrows to navigate *Z to open .... Free download of FreeGamia Grief Trigger 1.0

FreeGamia Jellys Journey 1.0 FreeGamia     new

Let's go to a short journey to find an evil jelly and stop his plans. Let's go to a short journey to find an evil jelly and stop his plans. Let's go to a short journey to find an evil jelly and stop his plans. Let's go to a short journey .... Free download of FreeGamia Jellys Journey 1.0

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Clipboard Magic 5.02 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.    

Clipboard Magic is a freeware multi-storage Windows Clipboard tool.. Free download of Clipboard Magic 5.02

X-plore 1.42 Lonely Cat Games    

File manager for mobile devices. Free download of X-plore 1.42

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Uxtheme Multi-patcher 14.2 Windows X    

Patch your uxtheme.dll to support other third party Windows visual styles. Free download of Uxtheme Multi-patcher 14.2

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Freegate Professional 7.54 Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc.    

An anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access. Free download of Freegate Professional 7.54

WCD for Windows (x32 bit) 5.2.6 Erwin Waterlander    

Wcd is a command-line program to change directory fast. Free download of WCD for Windows (x32 bit) 5.2.6