Geneious PRO x64 6.0.4 download

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Geneious combines all the leading DNA and protein sequence analysis tools into one revolutionary software solution! Its ease of use makes bioinformatics accessible to any biologist. It runs on all major operating systems and is very affordable.

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Multiwfn 2.4 sobereva    

... memory requirement is very low. · Showing molecular structure and previewing orbitals (MO, NBO, natural orbital, etc.). · Outputting all supported properties at a point. · Outputting properties in a line and plotting curve map. · Outputting properties in a plane and plotting graph. Supported graph types including filled-color .... Free download of Multiwfn 2.4

Gephi 0.8.2 Beta Mathieu Bastian    

... paradigm appeared in the Visual Analytics field of research. FEATURES: Real-time visualization: · Profit from the fastest graph visualization engine to speed-up understanding and pattern discovery in large graphs. Powered by its ad-hoc OpenGL engine, Gephi is pushing the envelope on how interactive and efficient network exploration can .... Free download of Gephi 0.8.2 Beta

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MITK 3M3 for Mac OS X 1.1.0 R28043 Mint Medical GmbH    

... access to the latest algorithms and methods from research. The cooperation between the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and mint medical allows for a rapid transfer of leading-edge research topics, including diffusion imaging and automated segmentation techniques. ... of new software modules to bring the latest research work to your computer. Benefits Quick .... Free download of MITK 3M3 for Mac OS X 1.1.0 R28043

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Igor Pro 6.34 WaveMetrics, Inc.    

IGOR Pro is an interactive software environment for experimentation with ... few highlights... FEATURES: * IGOR Pro produces journal-quality scientific graphs and exports high-resolution graphics ... as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and PDF. * IGOR Pro handles large data sets very quickly. * IGOR Pro includes a wide range of capabilities for scientific .... Free download of Igor Pro 6.34

Facio 16.2.1 Masahiko Suenaga    

Facio is an OpenGL-based 3D-graphics program for molecular modeling and visualization of quantum chemical calculations (GAMESS ... their secondary or quaternary structures. 1. Molecular Modeling Features Modeling is simple. Replacing a hydrogen ... CH2, CH, Phenyl, OH, Formyl, NH2 and Glycosyl, molecular model is assembled. Besides ordinary functions required for molecular modeling, Facio featues the following functions. Geometry .... Free download of Facio 16.2.1

Ascalaph Designer 1.8.78 Agile Molecule    

The Ascalaph Designer application was developed for molecular models and simulations. Using this application you can simulate, molecular graphics, optimization, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry. Features: Molecular graphics Multiple windows Two cameras per model CPK, ... and Stick and CPK Wire frame styles Molecular model building Crystal builder Chain Builder Drawing by .... Free download of Ascalaph Designer 1.8.78

USeq 8.8.2 Robb Cundick&David Nix    

USeq is a collection of software tools for for both low and high level analysis of next generation, ultra high throughput signature sequencing data from the Solexa, SOLiD, and 454 platforms. Initial emphasis: chIP-seq and RNA-Seq with FDR estimations. USeq is under continuous development at the Huntsman Cancer Institute .... Free download of USeq 8.8.2

ADMB x64 10.0 ADMB Foundation    

The ADMB (Automatic Differentiation Model Builder) software suite is an environment for non-linear statistical modeling enabling rapid model development, numerical stability, fast and efficient computation, and high accuracy parameter estimates. ADModel Builder is a high level language built around the AUTODIF Library, a C++ language extension which transparently implements reverse .... Free download of ADMB x64 10.0

Open3DALIGN for Mac OS X 2.271 Paolo Tosco    

Open3DALIGN is an open-source software aimed at unsupervised molecular alignment. Open3DALIGN is a command-line tool which is ... for each compound of the dataset a quenched molecular dynamics (QMD) conformational search is carried out to ... search is accomplished running a number of short molecular dynamics runs (using the MMFF94 force-field) followed by .... Free download of Open3DALIGN for Mac OS X 2.271

SimThyr Johannes W. Dietrich    

... the overall system. Applications of this program cover research, including development of hypotheses, and education of students in biology and medicine, nurses and patients. This is a free application that is offered on the base of a BSD licence. Binaries are available for Mac OS, Mac OS X and .... Free download of SimThyr