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FreeDiams prescriber is the result of FreeMedForms prescriber plugins built into a standalone application. FreeDiams is a multi-platform (MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows), free and open source released under the GPLv3 license.

It is mainly developed by medical doctors and is intended for use by these same professionals. It can be used alone to prescribe and / or test drug interactions within a prescription. It can be linked to any application thanks to its command line parameters.

FreeDiams can manage multiple drugs databases. Some drugs databases are already available:

French (sources: AFSSAPS)
Canadian (sources: HCDPD)
USA (sources: FDA)
South African (sources: AEPI)
The interactions database (source: AFSSAPS) give access to many informations:

interactions by themselves
risk level
nature of the risk
management of the interaction

FreeDiams' original purpose was limited to test pharmaceutical drug interactions within a prescription. So its first name was DrugsInteractions. With time, FreeDiam acquired the ability to produce prescriptions. So the name was… incomplete. It was renamed, before the version 0.0.10, to FreeDiams which stands for: Free Drugs InterActions Manager and preScriptor.

FreeDiams software is stable and finalized. It can be used in current practice without troubles.

Here are some of its features:

Use in standalone mode or connected to a compatible manager of electronic medical records (EMR) (eg GNUmed)
Full access to marketed pharmaceutical drugs: France, United States of America, Canada
Access to the majority of pharmaceutical drugs: South Africa
Ability to add your own drugs database
Databases are compatible with the ATC classification
Full Internationalization of the interface. Available Languages: French, English (German in progress).
Assisted search of drugs by their name, their molecular composition or INN
Can be used to prescribe or only to test the interactions
Prescriptions can be made with trade names or INN for the majority of therapeutic
Drug interactions checking in real time
With option to configure dynamic blocking alerts
Information about the interactions available:
The interacting INN or interacting INN classes
The level of risk
The nature of risk
The management of the interaction
In French and English
When FreeDiams is connected to a compatible EMR:
Management of the patient's pharmacological allergies
Management of the patient's pharmacological intolerances
Management of physiological contra-indications (renal failure, pregnancy, lactation) (under development)
Prescription is sended back and classification in the EMR
Creating reusable therapeutic protocols (a protocol concern only one drug) to accelerate the prescriptions
Creating reusable templates limitation (a model corresponds to a complex prescription and can contain multiple drugs)
Ability to define the “posologic sentence” (the phrase which appears in the prescription, eg: Take 1 tablet daily for one month …)
Ability to share your personal protocols and models with other users FreeDiams (under development)
High quality printing
Headers, footers and watermarks fully customizable
Printing two sheets per page natively (no printer driver configuration required)
Backup and restore your personnal datas automatically

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