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WorkTime Cloud Free Nestersoft Inc    

WorkTime Cloud Free is a free web-based employee monitoring software service for up to 15 computers/users. The software offers comprehensive monitoring reports and URL/websites blocking to monitor and increase employees productivity. In the reports the following is available: - employees computer activities, - employees productivity, - attendance (login/logout monitoring), - websites use .... Free download of WorkTime Cloud Free

WorkTime Cloud Nestersoft Inc    

WorkTime Cloud is a web-based employee monitoring software service for up to 15 computers. The software offers various monitoring reports and URL/websites blocking. In the reports: employees productivity, behavioral analysis, attendance, login/logout, active/idle time, Internet (Facebook and other websites) use, Top Facebook Employees, Top Social Network Employees, Wasted Salaries, computer usage, .... Free download of WorkTime Cloud

IP-guard 3.21.0712 TEC Solutions Limited    

IP-guard, computer security software, is mainly designed to help companies of all ... to prevent data leaks, protect confidential data, stop employee sabotage, end Internet abuse, reduce workplace slackers, improve work efficiency, avoid legal disputes, and boost system uptime. It's ... application usage, document operations, printing, computer started, active time and much more. Thirdly, it can help you .... Free download of IP-guard 3.21.0712

WorkTime Professional 7.18 Nestersoft Inc    

WorkTime Professional is a computer monitoring software designed to track your time while working on assigned projects and to invoice/bill your clients. The software offers USB portable installation to monitor your work on different computers. The software is ideal for self-monitoring: computer use, software and document use, Internet use (including websites/URLs use, .... Free download of WorkTime Professional 7.18

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