TreeSize Professional 6.3.6 JAM Software GmbH    

... collected data to Excel and to an HTML, XML or text file. TreeSize Professional can be started from the context menu of every folder or drive. .... Free download of TreeSize Professional 6.3.6

Car Wash Calendar 3.5 Binary House Software    

... available to different formats: XLS, PDF, TXT, HTML, XML for its adaptation for other programs. Exchanging data with other applications (Apple iCal, Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise) is made easier with the new support for the iCal data format. In case of crashes or virus attacks, there is an auto .... Free download of Car Wash Calendar 3.5

OutlookAttachView 2.98 NirSoft Freeware    

... can also save the list of attachments into xml/html/text/csv file. .... Free download of OutlookAttachView 2.98

Cutting Planner [Cutting Optimizer] 7.43 TubakuroSoft    

... performance. Available to connect with other software with XML and CSV format input/output. Layout 1D / 2D material. .... Free download of Cutting Planner [Cutting Optimizer] 7.43

Visual SEO Studio aStonish Studio    

... where the fold lays, visually edit robots.txt and XML Sitemaps files, Export to native Excel format... With in depth SEO / HTML / URL reports no other SEO product offers (e.g. Truncated page titles, titles longer than 12 words,...), Visual SEO Studio assists you through all the SEO steps to .... Free download of Visual SEO Studio

Database Tour Pro Vitaliy Levchenko    

... of file formats like text, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF, DBF or to any of supported database formats. -Copying data to clipboard. -Calculating numeric fields (sum, avg, min, max, count). -Viewing and editing Blob data, such as MEMO, graphic, RTF. -Tools for editing text fields (trimming, changing case of symbols, .... Free download of Database Tour Pro

Babysitter and Senior Caregiver 3.2 Binary House Software    

... to different formats: iCal, PDF, XLS, TXT, HTML, XML for its adaptation for other programs. When you need a printout of your schedule, you'll certainly appreciate the powerful Print Designer. It'll help you to print your schedule in the most convenient form, choosing from a number of templates. In case .... Free download of Babysitter and Senior Caregiver 3.2

tlTerm TshwaneDJe Software and Translation    

tlTerm (aka TshwaneTerm) is a fully internationalized, off-the-shelf software application for compiling terminology lists (termbase editor). tlTerm brings the power of the widely recognized TLex dictionary compilation software to terminology. Try it now to see how it can save your organization time and money. FEATURES: Easy to use .... Free download of tlTerm

DBF Converter 5.1 HiBase Group    

... the modern data interchange formats, such as Excel, XML, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, PRG and others. You can even convert your DBF table into a SQL script that can be imported into any SQL database. In addition to simple conversions, DBF Converter allows you manipulate data by selecting only specific .... Free download of DBF Converter 5.1

Integrity Plus 6.8.22 PeacockMedia    

... your data, filter it, export it. Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually. .... Free download of Integrity Plus 6.8.22

eyeOS 2.5 EyeOS Team    

... among users. It is mainly written in PHP, XML, and JavaScript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the eyeOS Toolkit. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities.[1] It is accessible by portable devices via its mobile front end. .... Free download of eyeOS 2.5

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Log Parser Lizard 5.6.0 Lizard Labs    

... access to text-based data, such as log files, XML files, and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as the event log, IIS log, the registry, the file system, and the Active Directory services. Because the command-line interface is not very .... Free download of Log Parser Lizard 5.6.0

DupScout Server 9.4.18 Flexense    

... detected duplicate files, generate HTML, PDF, text, CSV, XML reports or export reports from multiple servers to a centralized SQL database for advanced trend analysis. .... Free download of DupScout Server 9.4.18

PowerPoint to All Converter TechnocomSoft    

PowerPoint to All Converter is an innovative tool developed to convert PowerPoint files in to extensions of MS PowerPoint. This tool can process convert of PowerPoint files of one extension into another for e.g. .ppt into pptx, .ppt into pptm, .potx into potm, ppt into potx, etc. and vice versa. It .... Free download of PowerPoint to All Converter

VX Search Pro 9.4.16 Flexense    

... formats such as HTML, text, Excel CSV and XML. .... Free download of VX Search Pro 9.4.16

Power Point to All Converter Batch Technocom    

... (ppsm) • PowerPoint 97-2003 Show (pps) • PowerPoint XML Presentation (xml) • Single File Web Page (mhtml) ... pptx to pps, pptx to html, ppt to xml, ppt to pdf and many more. It allows the user to add a single file, multiple files or a folder. There is no need .... Free download of Power Point to All Converter Batch

EventMeister Technology Lighthouse    

... a view in various formats including text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds. Data can ... exported in a variety of formats (text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds) according to various triggers. This makes it easy to import data into a database or into analysis applications .... Free download of EventMeister

LogMeister Technology Lighthouse    

... a view in various formats including text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds. Data can ... exported in a variety of formats (text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds) according to various triggers. This makes it easy to import data into a database or into analysis applications .... Free download of LogMeister

Majento SiteAnalyzer 1.1 Majento Software    

Majento SiteAnalyzer is a web crawler (spider software) to scan the websites and check their technical and of SEO-parameters for errors and correct them effectively. Key features - Scan (pereobhod) of all site pages - Determination of the nesting level relative to the main page - Receive server response codes for .... Free download of Majento SiteAnalyzer 1.1

ScriptCase 8.01.0064 ScriptCase Team    

... output formats such as: HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML and RTF with just one click. Plugins JQUERY: · ScriptCase allows developers to create listboxes, Ajax listboxes, auto-complete listboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, navigation, lookups, customized fields validation, calendars, calculators and more. Editable Grid: · The Editable Grid component enables .... Free download of ScriptCase 8.01.0064

BrowsingHistoryView 1.95 NirSoft    

BrowsingHistoryView is a utility that reads the history data of 4 different Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari) and displays the browsing history of all these Web browsers in one table. The browsing history table includes the following information: Visited URL, Title, Visit Time, Visit Count, Web .... Free download of BrowsingHistoryView 1.95

Portable EditRocket 4.3.7 Richardson Software, LLC    

... PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, Perl, XML, SQL PL, and Transact-SQL. FEATURES: Editing Tools: · Auto Tag Closure for XML and HTML · Auto Tag Complete for HTML ... braces · A Match Tag Tool for matching XML or HTML tags · A Replace Range Tool ... Ruby, Shell Script, SQL, SQL PL, TransactSQL, and XML · Coding Sidekicks for C, C++, C#, CSS, .... Free download of Portable EditRocket 4.3.7

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VX Search Ultimate 9.4.16 Flexense    

... formats such as HTML, text, Excel CSV and XML. Power computer users and IT administrators are provided with advanced search capabilities such as automatic report generation, SQL database integration and conditional notifications allowing one to send E-Mail notifications when a search operation finds a user-specified number of files. .... Free download of VX Search Ultimate 9.4.16

Portable RazorSQL 7.2.3 Richardson Software, LLC    

... Delete Statements · Export Data in text, HTML, XML, Excel, delimited file format or as insert statements ... HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell Script, and XML · Auto Completion for tables and columns · Automatic Column Lookup · Automatic Table Lookup · SQL Formatter · Support for parameterized queries · .... Free download of Portable RazorSQL 7.2.3

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RazorSQL 7.2.3 Richardson Software, LLC    

... for SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, and twelve other programming languages. Also included are a query builder, tools for creating, editing, and executing stored procedures, triggers, and functions, a tool to compare table data and/or query results, and SQL history. Add functionality with the plugin API. .... Free download of RazorSQL 7.2.3

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