WPF Viewer for Reporting Services 3.2 Perpetuum Software    

Want to use Reporting Services in WPF applications? Don't have time to migrate to other ... There is a powerful and still easy-to-use solution. WPF Viewer for Reporting Services 2008/2012 is a native WPF control that represents SQL Server Reporting Services reports ... XAML thus making integration of Reporting Services into WPF applications seamless. Convenient Item Templates for Visual Studio .... Free download of WPF Viewer for Reporting Services 3.2

WPF Image Components SDK Image Components    

Image Components for WPF, is a comprehensive Windows Presentation Foundation Imaging SDK. ... applications with the controls included in the Image Components WPF package. .... Free download of WPF Image Components SDK

SharpShooter Reports.WPF 6.5 Perpetuum Software    

SharpShooter Reports.WPF is a native XAML-based reporting component designed to view reports created in SharpShooter Reports ... that are all available in the report designer. WPF report viewer is a completely customizable component that will certainly fit to your application style. ... easily migrate your WinForms reporting system to the WPF platform or implement a WPF-based reporting system from .... Free download of SharpShooter Reports.WPF 6.5

Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition ThinkGeo LLC    

Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition is a .NET control that enables ... maps, spatial data and geographic information to their WPF applications in Microsoft Visual Studio. A professional GIS control that's been designed natively for WPF, Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition delivers high-performance map rendering via a ... few lines of code - True .NET native component - Supports direct canvas drawing and multi-threaded drawing .... Free download of Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition

MindFusion.Charting for WPF 1.9 MindFusion LLC    

... to use .NET gauge and charting controls for WPF applications. The package includes Graph, Line, Area, Bar, Radar and Pie chart components (in 2D and 3D) and Oval and Linear ... visualization can be also provided programmatically. The MasterChart component · Redistribution is royalty free; · Assembly is .... Free download of MindFusion.Charting for WPF 1.9

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MindFusion.Scheduling for WPF 3.3 MindFusion LLC    

MindFusion.Scheduling provides calendar, scheduling and Gantt controls for WPF. The calendar control supports yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, ... Rich event set Output - To display via WPF - Print Preview - Printing - Export the calendar as an image Appearance - Fully customizable style-based appearance - Customizable fonts, colors and alignments .... Free download of MindFusion.Scheduling for WPF 3.3

MindFusion.WPF Pack 2014.R1 MindFusion LLC    

... advanced diagramming, mapping, charting, scheduling, Gantt and reporting components for WPF. The controls can be used in many types ... ranges, labels, ticks, indicators and also embed other WPF controls. The MapView control can show world and ... be defined in Xaml and bound to any WPF data source. .... Free download of MindFusion.WPF Pack 2014.R1

MindFusion.Reporting for WPF 1.1 MindFusion LLC    

MindFusion.Reporting for WPF provides easy and reliable way to build professional ... and easy to follow and learn tutorials, the component is the perfect choice for developers building a business applications using Microsoft's WPF platform. Why waste precious time building from scratch ... reporting solution? Get a license of MindFusion's reporting component - together with our excellent technical support, upgrades .... Free download of MindFusion.Reporting for WPF 1.1

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FolderView.WPF 2012 LogicNP Software    

... brings drop-in Windows-Explorer-like folder browser functionality to your WPF apps. This UI component is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, ... and infotips When combined with FileView and ShComboBox components, it recreates the entire Windows Explorer UI within .... Free download of FolderView.WPF 2012

TMS Silverlight-WPF Planner tmssoftware.com    

The Silverlight Planner is a Silverlight control for implementing a broad range of planning and scheduling solutions. Whether a project requires the creation of a single-user Personal Information Management (PIM) application or time planning for multiple resources such as hotel rooms, rental cars and university courses, the Silverlight Planner provides an .... Free download of TMS Silverlight-WPF Planner

ShellObjects.WPF 2012 LogicNP Software    

ShellObjects.WPF 2010 is a set of components which allow your applications to create quick-launch like ... library and more. It offers a brand new component System Hook and new functionality and features to ShellAppBar, ShellProgressDialog, ShellUtils. ShellObjects.WPF is written in 100% C# managed code; it fully supports Visual Studio 2010 with .... Free download of ShellObjects.WPF 2012

Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012 LogicNP Software    

... infotips. Also included is the ShellObjects set of components for creating quick launch-like appbars with drag-docking and autohide support, displaying multiple MSN/Office2003 style popups, wizard UIs, animated tray icons with balloon support, OK-like progress dialogs, automatic form resizing, Vista-style task dialogs, system-wide hotkeys, task scheduler library, SingleInstanceComponent, shell file operations, .... Free download of Shell MegaPack.WPF 2012

GoWPF 1.0 Northwoods Software Corporation    

Add custom interactive diagrams to your WPF user interfaces, including networks, workflows, flowcharts, organization charts, ... your needs), styling, ability to use of all WPF elements and layouts, animation, and WPF commands. Comprehensive support of diagram features, including subgraphs ... no run-time royalties or deployment fees for GoWPF components. .... Free download of GoWPF 1.0

PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS 3.1 Perpetuum Software    

... Reporting Services reports to the following platforms: Silverlight, WPF and WinRT. The following components are included: All report viewers provide intuitive user ... offers the following specific features: - Native Silverlight component; - WYSIWYG report preview in web browser; - Support for out-of-browser mode; - Automatic fonts load WPF Viewer for Reporting Services offers the following features: .... Free download of PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS 3.1

Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.4 Dynamsoft    

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a .NET component for desktop applications. It is optimized for use ... you. Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a managed code component that enables you to acquire images from any ... that use Dynamic .NET TWAIN as a runtime component, royalty free. .... Free download of Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.4

GoSilverlight 1.0 Northwoods Software Corporation    

... your needs), styling, ability to use of all WPF elements and layouts, animation, and WPF commands. Comprehensive support of diagram features, including subgraphs ... no run-time royalties or deployment fees for GoSilverlight components. .... Free download of GoSilverlight 1.0

WpfDiagram 3.1 MindFusion LLC    

WpfDiagram adds to applications the ability to create and present various kinds of diagrams: - flowchart and process diagrams - workflow and data flow charts - database entity-relationship diagrams - organizational and classification charts - hierarchy and relationship diagrams - networks and graphs The basic types of diagram elements - shape .... Free download of WpfDiagram 3.1

Map Suite Desktop Edition ThinkGeo LLC    

Map Suite Desktop Edition is a GIS component that enables .NET developers to add interactive maps to their WPF and Winforms applications. Designed as an easy-to-learn yet powerful .NET native component, Map Suite Desktop Edition makes GIS accessible to ... few lines of code - True .NET native component - WPF and Winforms controls - Includes dozens .... Free download of Map Suite Desktop Edition

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 8.1 VintaSoft Ltd.     update

... and saving images and PDF files in .NET, WPF and WEB. Open architecture of image codecs allows ... user visual tools. Viewers are available as WinForms, WPF and WebForms controls. Supports 90+ image processing functions ... Imaging .NET SDK can be used as standalone component or its functions can be complemented with plug-ins. .... Free download of VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 8.1

Aspose.BarCode for .NET Aspose Pty Ltd    

Aspose.BarCode is a .NET component for generation and recognition of Linear and 2D ... on all kinds of .NET applications. It supports WPF with 29+ Barcode symbologies like OneCode, QR, Aztec, MSI, EAN128, EAN14, SSCC18, Code128, Code39, Postnet, MarcoPDF417, Datamatrix, UPCA etc. Other features include barcode insertion in PDF, Word and .... Free download of Aspose.BarCode for .NET

Data-Reports.NET dbAutoTrack Ltd.    

Data-Report.NET is a reporting component designed for ASP.NET, WinForm .NET, WPF & Silverlight Applications It is written in 100% ... in your application development process. Distribution of Data-Reports.NET component is Royalty Free. Summary of Features a) Designed ... print, export the report from your WinFrom & WPF applications. f) WebViewer & SilverlightViewer provides capability to .... Free download of Data-Reports.NET

SmartCodeDeveloper 4.82 TechnoRiver Pte Ltd    

... Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Web Services, Databinding, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and XBAP. This version adds support for GS1-128 and GS1 DataMatrix, and updates GS1-128 / UCCEAN128 Applications Identifiers to follow the latest GS1 specifications. Encoding of special characters like FNC1 and Escape is now possible with some barcodes. .... Free download of SmartCodeDeveloper 4.82

VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK 8.1 VintaSoft Ltd.    

... the professional .NET barcode reader and barcode generator component for software developer. It recognizes and writes 1D ... PDF. The Barcode SDK is delivered also for WPF and Silverlight environments. The barcode reader algorithm recognizes barcodes from image object, image file, image stream or image resources of PDF document, identifies the .... Free download of VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK 8.1

TeeChart for .NET 2014 Steema Software SL    

... Visual Studio, v2005, v2008, v2010, v2012, v2013 - Components for Winform, WebForm, Compact Framework and SQL Reporting Services - Support for Microsoft Windows Phone v7 and v8 - Windows.Store support with Windows 8 & RT - HTML5 support browsers - Data aware - Direct access to .NET data sources - .... Free download of TeeChart for .NET 2014

Dynamic NET TWAIN 3.0 Dynamsoft Corporation    

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a TWAIN component based on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It is ... .NET and offers support for both WinForms and WPF desktop applications. With the TWAIN library, ... that use Dynamic .NET TWAIN as a runtime component, royalty free. .... Free download of Dynamic NET TWAIN 3.0

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