Winter Falls 1 FlashDo    

Winter Falls, Snow flakesBackground animation. Additional animation effect for your flash/website etc.Unique effects enables you to create animation effect with particles, gives a sense of realistic ... (check out fisrt sample).Background Autumn Leaves and Rain animation provides following features:Minimum knowledge required AS3, becuase you ... for understand scripts AS3.You can easily embed the animation in your flash projects, in a few simple .... Free download of Winter Falls 1

Winter Fantasy 2 3.0    

Winter Fantasy screensaver is a warm and friendly winter wish for a fun and happy winter season. In winter nature is painting for us, day after day, ... let you take a big breath of fresh winter air, listen to the beautiful music and feel ... as you walk your mind in the virtual winter forest. The screensaver is fully configurable to the .... Free download of Winter Fantasy 2 3.0

Santa Ride 1 FlashDo    

Complete animation of Santa driving his sleigh with reindeers through the winter landscape. All the graphics are vector so it is completely resizable. For any kind of Christmas ecard, Christmas shopping invitation, project, screensaver or just for fun. .... Free download of Santa Ride 1

Christmas Screensaver 1.3 Christmas Screensaver    

... is a completely Free digital screensaver of a Winter landscape meant to capture the look and feel of Christmas. Digital animation is done in Flash which allows a quick ... Free Christmas Screensaver and experience a truly animated Winter landscape on your desktop. Includes all the colours .... Free download of Christmas Screensaver 1.3

Green Christmas Tree 1.1 Drive Software Company    

... colorful addition to your desktop, especially when the winter holidays are approaching. Not only will you be able to place Green Christmas Tree on top of the other open programs, but you can also add it stars and garlands. Absolutely Free. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! .... Free download of Green Christmas Tree 1.1

Cursor Snowflakes 1.0 Drive Software Company    

A fun application that brings a winter touch to your desktop by displaying falling snow ... you move them. Makes a very jolly and wintery addition to any desktop. Absolutely free. Merry Christmas! :) .... Free download of Cursor Snowflakes 1.0

Bus Stop 3 1.6.4 Dieter Thau Grafikdesign    

... and there is snow on the ground in winter. You can also see the Easter bunny and Father Christmas at the right time of year. The most important features: * Adjustable day/dusk/night and summer/winter. * Interaction (people react when they are clicked, you can knock on doors or ring the .... Free download of Bus Stop 3 1.6.4

Snowy Christmas 3D 1.00 Smith & Welcome Inc.    

This 3D screensaver and wallpaper features a powerful, enchanting and breath-taking animated Christmas scene which features a 3D Santa, deer, a snowman, a small kitten, an eagle, a snow falcon and 3d birds such as sparrows, as well as swaying flowers and Christmas trees amidst the lovely snowy landscape. This .... Free download of Snowy Christmas 3D 1.00

software award   

New Year Snowfall 2.2    

... holiday you will like this screensaver! New nice animation at the winter snowfall background. Snowflakes are falling outside your window. People gather together in their houses and celebrate the holiday. They congratulate each other and give .... Free download of New Year Snowfall 2.2

Christmas Paradise 4.2    

... Holiday. You will find yourself in a quiet winter forest with a few cottages scattered around. Everything ... scenes, animals, christmas trees and a lot of animation. The screensaver is fully configurable. You can play ... disable music, sound effects, use DirectX for faster animation, stretch the image, set the order in which .... Free download of Christmas Paradise 4.2

Bus Stop 2 3.9.1 Dieter Thau Grafikdesign    

... should rise or set. Decide yourself when the winter should begin and how long it should last. * More backgrounds can be installed as required. * You can stick your own pictures or texts to the advertising board * Put your own text on the aeroplane banner. If you are .... Free download of Bus Stop 2 3.9.1

Mountain Rivers Screensaver 2.2    

... - is our new, high-quality screensaver. Living realistic animation is based on the movie, especially for people ... escape to nature or wanting to remember summer winter evenings. Use this screensaver to relax and unwind from work at the computer. Listen to the sounds of pure rough mountain river. Download free .... Free download of Mountain Rivers Screensaver 2.2

Peppermint Holidays 1 FlashDo    

Peppermint Holidays shows a moving candy cane frame around a motion filled "Happy Holidays". This flash is easily modifiable. You can change the rate of movement, color, direction, etc.All the graphics are 100% vector so it is completely resizable. Low in size and easy to adapt. This is perfect for an .... Free download of Peppermint Holidays 1

North-Pole-G1-Snow-Globe 1 FlashDo    

North-Pole-G1-Snow-Globe is a realistic snow globe. .... Free download of North-Pole-G1-Snow-Globe 1

Cottage-01-G1-Snow-Globe 1 FlashDo    

Cottage-01-G1-Snow-Globe is a realistic snow globe. There is no need to constantly shake the snow globe to keep the snow moving. The snow falls in a beautiful never ending flow. This flash is easily modifiable. You can change the rate of movement, color, direction, etc. All the graphics are 100% vector .... Free download of Cottage-01-G1-Snow-Globe 1

Free Rise Of The Guardians Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

... del Toro were executive producers. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, it was released ... Fairy) and Jude Law (Pitch). The spirit of winter, Jack Frost (Chris Pine), describes how he came to be hundreds of years ago, lifted from the depths of a frozen lake by the .... Free download of Free Rise Of The Guardians Screensaver 3.0

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