Tweak-7 1.0.1160 Totalidea Software    

The worlds' first utility suite for Windows 7: Tweak-7 - all the Vitamins your Windows 7 needs Comparing Tweak-7 with other optimization and ... system cleanup. Tweak-7 is the premier companion to Windows 7: it gives you access to whatever you might need to keep your Windows 7 running smoothly, error free, and under your .... Free download of Tweak-7 1.0.1160

Boot Camp 5.0.5033 Apple Inc.    

Boot Camp enables you to install Windows on your Intel-based Mac computer, using a Microsoft Windows install disc that you provide. Windows is installed on its own partition. After installation, you can use either Windows or Mac OS X on your Mac computer. .... Free download of Boot Camp 5.0.5033

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WinToFlash 1.3.0003 Novicorp    

... will help pull over the contents of a windows installation CD or DVD and prep the USB ... all you will find yourself writing essays on Windows and using your USB. The WinToFlash makes the ... WinToFlash is a software for transfer your Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows .... Free download of WinToFlash 1.3.0003

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Mac Brightness Control 1.0 Wondersoft    

... bright or too dim after you install Microsoft Windows? Are brightness keys on your Mac not working? ... sensor? If you experience Mac brightness problem on Windows, try Mac Brightness Control software, which allows to ... (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro) on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and later operating .... Free download of Mac Brightness Control 1.0

Hosts File Editor 1.0 Daanav Softwares    

... Contents of Hosts File. No Need to Restart Windows Computer in order to apply the changes with ... Editor. Totally Free Hosts Editor works with every Windows Version which supports hosts file. Use the Hosts Editor on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 , Windows 2000, Computer Systems .... Free download of Hosts File Editor 1.0

Tweak-8 1.0.1010 Totalidea Software New Zealand Ltd.    

The worlds' unique solution for Windows 8: The original Tweak-8. All you need to tweak, customize and optimize Windows 8. * Heaps of features to customize, optimize and tweak Windows 8 * No need to dig into the ... tweaks by a mouse click only * Make Windows 8 work and look the way you want .... Free download of Tweak-8 1.0.1010

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Enhanso 2.1.1 SeriousBit    

... yet advanced enhancing, optimizing and tweaking tool for Windows. - Do you use Windows and want to make it faster? - You ... you an advanced user and want to tweak Windows' every bit to get maximum performance? If so .... Free download of Enhanso 2.1.1

Enhanso Free 2.1.1 SeriousBit    

... yet advanced enhancing, optimizing and tweaking tool for Windows. - Do you use Windows and want to make it faster? - Are ... you an advanced user and want to tweak Windows' every bit to get maximum performance? If so .... Free download of Enhanso Free 2.1.1

FrontFace Lockdown Tool 1.2.0 mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG    

Protect and lock down any Windows PC for use as public kiosk terminal or for digital signage applications! Simply protect any Windows PC with a single click and/or make it ... to disable certain keyboard keys such as the Windows key or typical shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+Del. It also ... and vandalism. It also helps you to prepare Windows PCs for 24/7 unattended continous operation by providing .... Free download of FrontFace Lockdown Tool 1.2.0

7Tweak 2.3 Daoisoft    

... to tweak, optimize, tune and clean up your Windows 7, it bundles many different utilities in one ... on your machine, controls what is placed in Windows startup. With 7Tweak you can do all you need to improve Windows 7's performance, stability and security. .... Free download of 7Tweak 2.3

ABC_SrvAny 5.0.3 ABC-Deploy.Com    

Run any program as a Windows System Service. "ABC_SrvAny" installs on both 32 and 64 bits Windows, and are able to start 32 bit as well as 64 bit applications as supported by the operating system. "ABC_SrvAny" is 100% free to use for both .... Free download of ABC_SrvAny 5.0.3

MyGodMode 1.4 Giorgio Tani    

MyGodMode allows to link Windows' GodMode folder on the Desktop, Start Menu, Quick ... use, as unlocked functions are part of standard Windows' features, and the application can be downloaded and ... license. The software is fully compatible with all Windows Vista, 7, 8 and later systems, 32 and 64 bit. .... Free download of MyGodMode 1.4

PC Fresh 2015b Abelssoft    

PC Fresh helps you to optimize your Windows in a easy way. It supports to manage ... to enable performance features and adjust settings like Windows experts. The settings are presented very clearly. As ... of stability and performance * Some problems regarding Windows 7 fixed As from version 2013: * NEW ... As from version 2014: * NEW: Support for Windows 8.1 * NEW: Disabling of the Lock-Screen * .... Free download of PC Fresh 2015b

Application as Service 4.0.160 Program Service Software    

... aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service. With this utility you can easily run application as service at system boot without starting a user session. It also lets you create, view, edit and manage services on local and remote computers. And it is possible to handle multiple .... Free download of Application as Service 4.0.160

EnhanceMy8 2.1.1 SeriousBit    

... yet advanced enhancing, optimizing and tweaking tool for Windows 8. - Do you have Windows 8 installed and want to make it faster? - You are searching for a setting and can't find it? - Are you an advanced .... Free download of EnhanceMy8 2.1.1

Swift PC Optimizer 1.3 Secure Bit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.    

... to identify and clean most common problems on Windows based computer. It automatically detects internet junk files, ... It removes unnecessary items and maintains health of Windows System. It keeps your PC clean, stable and ... boots up faster then before. When you use Windows PC, number of registries keeps growing which would .... Free download of Swift PC Optimizer 1.3

GWX Stopper 3.1 Greatis Software    

GWX Stopper permanently removes Windows 10 ads (GWX and GWXUX). If you want to keep your Windows 7/8/8.1 after aggressive Windows updates, activate GWX Stopper anti-GWX protection. GWX takes a lot of .... Free download of GWX Stopper 3.1

WMI Rebuilder 1.1 TechyGeeksHome    

WMI Rebuild for Windows Operating Systems. This runs a small batch file ... rebuilds your WMI repository fixing slowness issues with Windows Operating Systems. This helps if you have a problem with your Windows operating system machine becoming stuck at 'Please Wait...' or 'Welcome...' screens when booting up Windows machines. You simply follow the instructions included in .... Free download of WMI Rebuilder 1.1

DTweak 5.0 Daoisoft    

Tweak a Myriad of Windows Vista Features and Enhance its Performance. With DTweak ... - optimize and increase the speed of your Windows Vista system without manually modifying registers or ini files. DTweak at the moment has a lot of features like Disk and Registry defragmenters, error scaners, user account control .... Free download of DTweak 5.0

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Sourceforge    

... your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry. It also has a community-updated ... the ability to retrieve product keys from unbootable Windows installations. .... Free download of Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

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TweakEasy Professional 4.4 WinSetter    

... Professional enables you to tweak a variety of Windows settings and apply them as policies, so they ... click. Ability to filter any policy based on Windows/software requirements. Ability to save/load all policies within seconds*. Ability to reset all policies to default state within seconds*. Ability to create all policies report .... Free download of TweakEasy Professional 4.4

Ainvo Tweak Manager Ainvo Group    

... out product. This popular free application perfectly configures Windows for maximum performance. Thanks to it, thousands of people devote more time to what they really like. It is easy and convenient to use the program. Use the "Performance analysis" link to check the current parameters. Select the settings you want .... Free download of Ainvo Tweak Manager

Ainvo Speed Up Ainvo Group    

... It is a popular free application for comprehensive Windows optimization. Thanks to it, thousands of people devote more time to what they really like. All product features are fully available in this free version. We hope you liked the program. Thank you for your suggestions concerning its improvement. .... Free download of Ainvo Speed Up

Autorun Organizer 2.23 ChemTable Software    

Advanced autorun manager for Windows allows you to visually control the boot up ... order other programs should run when you load Windows. Records that have been turned off remain disabled as long as the program is running. This prevents malicious or adware programs from planting themselves into the autorun over .... Free download of Autorun Organizer 2.23

Startup Manager 2.4.2 gvlSoft    

... that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure. It offers you the possibility to control which programs automatically start up and more. .... Free download of Startup Manager 2.4.2

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