SmartUtils Easy Password 2.0 SmartUtils Corporation    

SmartUtils Easy Password is an easy to use utility that was developed to replace common password managers. The program uses a strong cryptographic algorithm to generate secure passwords from a single master password that must be remembered by a user. There is no need to store different passwords in a database that usually makes such applications .... Free download of SmartUtils Easy Password 2.0

Easy Password Keeper 2.6 StarFort Software    

Easy Password Keeper is a simple yet handy piece of ... help you create a database with all your passwords in order to have them all in one place. It protects your information using the reliable password-based encryption method. You'll only need to remember one master password that gives access to the database. .... Free download of Easy Password Keeper 2.6

Keeper Password Manager Keeper Security, Inc.    

Keeper is a secure and easy to use password manager and digital vault. Do you use the same password for every website? How do you keep track of your website logins, passwords, credit cards and other personal information? Do you write your passwords on a sheet of paper or send them .... Free download of Keeper Password Manager

SpotMSN Password Recover 2.4.6 Nsasoft US LLC    

SpotMSN is messenger password recovery software for recovering lost or forgotten passwords for MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8 and Windows Messenger accounts. SpotMSN is the best MSN password finder that instantly recovers and decrypts the MSN Messenger passwords stored on your computer. All the mentioned features .... Free download of SpotMSN Password Recover 2.4.6

PDF Password Security Software 1.3.6 AxpertSoft    

... is award winning desktop utility, lets users to password secure and encrypt document content to provide top ... security. Tool helps in locking pdf with user password and restrictions to prevent edit, print & copy. This is awesome Windows utility, quickly locks thousands of pdf documents as ... pdf files with complete security of pdf open password and owner password. Open password restrict file opening .... Free download of PDF Password Security Software 1.3.6

Adobe Pdf Password Locking 1.3 Pdf Encryption    

Need to protect your private pdf documents with password protection or want to secure pdf from printing, ... security software helps in locking document with open password security and owner restrictions. Once you protected pdf files with open password, anyone who will try to open the document, reader will prompt to input correct user password to view pdf. The same is for owner .... Free download of Adobe Pdf Password Locking 1.3

SpotFTP Password Recover 2.4.8 Nsasoft US LLC    

SpotFTP is FTP password recovery software. The program recovers ftp user name and passwords for FileZilla, WS_FTP, Microsoft Expression Web FTP, Far ... FTP Navigator, CoffeeCup Direct FTP and FTP Control Passwords. If you forget your passwords or need to access some passwords or confidential information stored in your computer, SpotFTP. Free download of SpotFTP Password Recover 2.4.8

Maxotek Password Breaker 3.1.409.0 Maxotek    

MX Password Breaker is a unique application that can attempt to brute force into any password protected application by simulating keyboard typing. Maxotek Password Breaker allows customizable character lists of small/capital alphabets, ... toggled ON/OFF. Please be noted, that MX Password Breaker can neither reveal the password nor can it determine when the correct password .... Free download of Maxotek Password Breaker 3.1.409.0

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Odin Password Secure Manager 9.8.4 Odin Share Company    

Odin Password Secure Manager is a very useful password management tool to encrypt,protect and manage your passwords.As a PC user, you will understand the need to keep track of numerous passwords and names, especially if you are also an ... or even worse, your bank account details. Odin Password Secure Manager is a password storage program that .... Free download of Odin Password Secure Manager 9.8.4

AxpertSoft PDF Owner Password Remover 1.3.5 AxpertSoft    

... Security Remover software removes lost or forgotten owner password from Acrobat PDF documents. Tool quickly unlocks all ... on clipboard & content editing etc. Adobe pdf password remover software is graphical user interface based utility, ... unlock pdf, import locked pdf file for which password is lost, after that choose location to save .... Free download of AxpertSoft PDF Owner Password Remover 1.3.5

Mar Password Generator 1.28    

Password Generator allows to generate random passwords with a mouse click. Using Password Generator you do not have to think out new passwords. Password Generator will do it instead of you and will do it better. Password generation is easy to understand: mark checkboxes, click Generate button and get new random passwords. Password Generator is a freeware product so you .... Free download of Mar Password Generator 1.28

TZISoft - Password Keeper 1.0 TZISoft    

Password Keeper is designed to give you the quickest and easiest access to your online passwords when you need them. Rather than storing your ... or delete entries in just seconds. Keeps your passwords safely encrypted on your computer and offers an optional master password you can set to access them. .... Free download of TZISoft - Password Keeper 1.0

Free Password Generator 1.0 SilentProject Softwares    

Password Generator generates passwords of any quantity and character length & content. Password Generator will create any number of alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, lower and mixed case passwords of a user-defined length. Passwords can be saved in a text file or copied to clipboard. Free Password Generator is a free software that lets you .... Free download of Free Password Generator 1.0

Pdf Password Restrictions Removal 1.2 pdf security remover    

Forgot pdf owner password to edit, print or copy pdf? Unlock pdf password with pdf restrictions remover application. Program is Windows based, unlocks batch pdf files, remove pdf security ... commenting, extraction, split, merge, change, modify. Pdf owner password deletion utility unprotects RC4 40 /128 bit and ... Program indicates if document if protected with open password security, and need to provide once to unlock .... Free download of Pdf Password Restrictions Removal 1.2

Era Password Manager 2.0.90304 Dheone    

Era Password Manager (EPM) is created specially to relieve computer users of headaches about lost passwords, typing usernames, passwords and storing securely valuable information. If you are fed up with forgetting your passwords or having to keep writing them down then it's time to get Era Password Manager. From now on the only password you .... Free download of Era Password Manager 2.0.90304

S10 Password Vault 4.2 S10 Software    

... strongly encrypted yet easily accessible using a master password. Features include launching of websites/programs, keyboard commands for ... sequences, auto-lock timeout, Quick Unlock with partial master password, random password generation, secure synchronization between PCs, sharing between users, optional key file on USB drive, auto-start when Windows starts, import/export, view-all mode, free-text search, print capability, .... Free download of S10 Password Vault 4.2

SoftFuse Password Generator Pro 2.7 SoftFuse Development    

... you want to generate and manage strong unique passwords in a convenient, professional way? SoftFuse Password Generator Pro is a right choice and powerful enough tool for you, then. This professional password generator designed to produce strong unique passwords/PINs/pass-codes/hashes in seconds! Using this software you can easily generate extremely strong and complex passwords up to 255-character length and lists including up .... Free download of SoftFuse Password Generator Pro 2.7

SoftFuse Password Generator Free 2.5 SoftFuse Development    

How you make a new password for an Internet shop account, ftp, e-mail? Thinking ... takes some time. There is an option. SoftFuse Password Generator Free is a small freeware program designed to generate random passwords and passwords' hashes in a second. Using this free password generator, you can easily create complex random passwords .... Free download of SoftFuse Password Generator Free 2.5

Passwordix Password Manager 1.0 Leo-soft    

Passwordix is a small but highly reliable Password Manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. Using Passwordix you can log on to one or multiple websites with a click, and more important Passwordix will make sure that you never forget a password again. Thanks to a strong encryption algorithm, Passwordix .... Free download of Passwordix Password Manager 1.0

Chica Password Manager 2.0 ChicaLogic    

... Time Login Automatically - Never forget your passwords again! One Password - The only password you have to keep track of with Chica Password Manager® is your master password. It's the key to unlocking every other password you use and to log you into your ... address for the one millionth time! Let Chica Password Manager® do the heavy lifting and fill out .... Free download of Chica Password Manager 2.0

Team Password Manager 2.0.1 Ferran Barba    

Most password managers on the market today are personal password managers or enterprise password managers. Personal password managers do a good job storing and sorting passwords for individuals. Enterprise password managers help employees of a company manage the passwords for the applications they use inside the company. ... of applications lack is a means of sharing passwords. Team Password Manager is a multiuser password .... Free download of Team Password Manager 2.0.1

SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.6 SoftFuse Development    

SoftFuse Password Generator Std is a standard edition of an advanced program designed for generating difficult-to-crack passwords easily and quickly. You may use letters, numbers, ... any of their combinations to create extremely strong passwords up to 128-character length. Passwords' list generation allows to create up to 100 unique passwords at once! This password generator is very fast, .... Free download of SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.6

Advanced Rel. Password Manager MySQL 1.6 Advanced Reliable Software    

Advanced Reliable Password Manager for MySQL allows secure storage of sensitive ... users to maintain one or more username / password protected accounts and tracks the following information for each data record: username, password, short description, long description, website URL and 'other' information. All data records remain .... Free download of Advanced Rel. Password Manager MySQL 1.6

Advanced Rel Password Manager SQL Server 1.6 Advanced Reliable Software    

Advanced Reliable Password Manager for SQL Server allows secure storage of ... users to maintain one or more username / password protected accounts and tracks the following information for each data record: username, password, short description, long description, website URL and 'other' information. All data records remain .... Free download of Advanced Rel Password Manager SQL Server 1.6

Readable Password Generator Richard Harrison    

Readable Password Generator is a simple way to generate passwords that are more secure than dictionary words and at the same time readable. Readable or pronounceable password generator based similar to the one in OpenVMS and Multics. Uses trigraphs to create letter sequences.This password generator gives you a list of "pronounceable" passwords. .... Free download of Readable Password Generator

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