SEOprofiler Seoprofiler    

SEOprofiler is a full-featured web based SEO tool with tools for link building, keyword research, competitive analysis, ranking checks, web page optimization and more. A New Alternative ... service at the end of last year. The web app SEOprofiler is a good alternative that helps businesses to get .... Free download of SEOprofiler

GoTrusted Secure Tunnel GoTrusted    

... high-speed secure tunnel that encrypts your traffic (Email, Web, IM, VoIP, FTP, etc.) at any WiFi hotspot ... 7 and Vista® 32bit and 64bit support * Web proxy support .... Free download of GoTrusted Secure Tunnel

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One Step Upload 1.1 O.M.S.    

... contains links that point to your own favorite web sites. This page can be set as your ... page is designed to consist of those favorite web sites that are frequently viewed. There is no need to open a drop down menu and search for the item you want. This page .... Free download of One Step Upload 1.1

HTTPhotos 3.1 DigicamSoft    

HTTPhotos is a free software to make web photo galleries. It automatically generates a web photo album from your photo selection and comes with ready made and customizable gallery templates. You can import photos by selecting them individually or straight .... Free download of HTTPhotos 3.1

IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database December.2014    

... of service; 5. Reduce credit card fraud; 6. Web log stats and analysis; 7. Filter access from countries you do not do business with; .... Free download of IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database December.2014

IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP Database November.2014    

... of service; 5. Reduce credit card fraud; 6. Web log stats and analysis; 7. Filter access from countries you do not do business with; .... Free download of IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP Database November.2014

SliQ Submitter Plus 3.7.1 SliQ Submitter    

... use directory submitter letting you make submissions to web directories. Submit with high quality selection of categories letting you build relevant, diverse backlinks for your website. V3 comes with a new fully automatic submission mode, an improved user interface and a built-in scheduler that will let you drip feed submissions .... Free download of SliQ Submitter Plus 3.7.1

DataDrawer 1.0 Blue Project Software    

... organize your data: bookmarks of your favorite internet web sites, shortcuts to documents, folders and programs and text notes. Featuring an innovative interface, DataDrawer allows you to create pages to store data. In the each page you can group your bookmarks, shortcuts and text notes into multiple windows that .... Free download of DataDrawer 1.0

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WebLoad Professional RadView Software Inc.    

... Professional is specially designed to support testing of Web 2.0 internet applications, including multimedia and Adobe Flex ... types and different flavors of SOAP and XML web services. WebLOAD Professional lowers operating costs by minimizing both capital and operating expenses. WebLOAD reduces training costs by adhering to industry standards .... Free download of WebLoad Professional

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KiBi-Share 1.2.1 Rufelt Software    

... needs KiBi-Share installed, as the other uses their web-browser. This makes the same solution work every time, as you will never have to rely on the other end for any configuration. .... Free download of KiBi-Share 1.2.1

FeedDemon NewsGator    

... You: Subscribe to feeds from all over the web or choose some of the dozens of default feeds. * Search: Search outside of FeedDemon's subscriptions by selecting a feed search engine, then enter your keyword, and FeedDemon will subscribe to a dynamic channel containing the search results for that keyword. .... Free download of FeedDemon

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websiteWOLF 2.001 Lone Wolf Software    

Website Monitoring Software. website WOLF runs in the background from your System Tray accurately testing 3 critical website parameters to insure that your website is online, visible and running smoothly. Tests server response, checks DNS resolution and verifies HTTP visibility. If any problems occur you are notified immediately by email and .... Free download of websiteWOLF 2.001

Face Software 2.7 YOOtheme    

This software allows you to do a lot more stuff on facebook that is not readily available for you on the website. Features: Breakup Notifier Who Deleted Me Vip Spy Self Scanner Comment/Likes Spy Status Deleter Pics Downloader Who Viewed Me Wall Deleter .... Free download of Face Software 2.7

eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest 9.0 LordDATA Online Marketing    

... product comes with it's own ready to use web site - Simply modify the payment links and upload it to your server and you're ready to take orders. Many titles include original source files, you get the raw material to re-edit and recompile into brand new products - creation possibilities .... Free download of eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest 9.0

IIS-Redirect 1.0 Bigboot Software    

You spent a year getting your web site on to Google and then you have ... the correct pages. IIS Redirect will capture web server error 404 and allow you to redirect ... home page, any other page on the current web site or an external website. It will also ... removed from the site. As there is no web page to display, the web server sends a .... Free download of IIS-Redirect 1.0

LeechCraft 0.5.80-596-g301 Rudoy Georg    

... cross-platform modular internet-client. LeechCraft allows to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files via BitTorrent, FTP, ... freely available. Main features * Full-featured web-browser with support for all major web-standards. * Support for common feed formats — RSS ... files to feeds in Aggregator to bookmarks in web browser. .... Free download of LeechCraft 0.5.80-596-g301

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SMART FAVORITES 1.3.5 Online TV    

... the immense knowledge depository that we call the web. But sooner or later we face the problem ... we create a reasonably big list of favorite web links, which later may become duplicated or irrelevant. ... manager brings the solution for topical problems of web users. .... Free download of SMART FAVORITES 1.3.5

Taoist VPN Smart PC Soft    

Key Benefits to using Taoist VPN Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online ... software, VPN service allows users to access both web applications and websites in complete anonymity. Unblock Websites, Bypass Filters - VPNs are great for accessing blocked websites or for bypassing Internet filters. where .... Free download of Taoist VPN

Convert HTML to Image 1.3 FrameworkTeam Softwares    

... html pages to image. It captures the whole web page’s content into JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, GIF or Tiff image on the fly. .... Free download of Convert HTML to Image 1.3

Internet Owl 2.0 B1000 Peter Nicholson    

Tell it which web page to watch, and it will check for ... and feel: · Show or hide the integrated web browser · Set your own keyboard shortcuts · Collapsible folder view · Supports folders, so you can group monitored pages together .... Free download of Internet Owl 2.0 B1000

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MultiMi Social Networking Software    

... can connect with friends and family, surf the web, and share pics, vids and files simply by dragging and dropping. Just install MultiMi for free, connect to your accounts and networks, and you're good to go. Leave multiple logins and switching between browser tabs behind. With MultiMi, you can manage .... Free download of MultiMi Social Networking Software

CardioLog Analytics - SharePoint Usage Reports Intlock    

... open platform solution: we can connect to any web application and provide the most detailed analytics, just tell us what the structure is. We're the natural choice when it comes to learn anything you need to know about your SharePoint Implementation. .... Free download of CardioLog Analytics - SharePoint Usage Reports


... friendly targeted email list Builder. It uses the web to gather email addresses of persons or organizations that are of interest to you. Whether your interest is in suppliers of refrigeration plants or ENT surgeons in new york or Marilyn Monroe you get the contacts that you really want. Bye .... Free download of SmartMoveEML 1.0

Hola! 1.4.934 Hola    

... will be fast. As more people install, the web will be faster. Faster browsing. Faster Video. Clearer voice & video chat -- While the load on the core network will decrease. Surf to websites that are blocked by your country, company or ISP, right now. Hola is absolutely free .... Free download of Hola! 1.4.934

I2P 0.9.17 I2P Team    

... each other pseudonymously and securely. Uses include anonymous web surfing, chatting, blogging and file transfers. The software that implements this layer is called an I2P router and a computer running I2P is called an I2P node. I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can .... Free download of I2P 0.9.17

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