Web Messenger 1.4.4 GChat Limited    

GChat Web Messenger is a fully featured communications tool, suitable ... and video chat customer assistance to your visitors. Web Messenger supports multiple platforms, rich text formatting, smileys ... instant messaging across all popular operating systems. With Web Messenger you aren't limited to just one chat ... person is connected or has gone offline. GChat Web Messenger uses Ajax popup windows, so your chat .... Free download of Web Messenger 1.4.4

Web Dumper 3.3.6 Max Programming, S.L.    

If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that ... doesn't have to be that way, however, as Web Dumper makes this whole process very fast and easy. With Web Dumper you can download entire Websites off of ... your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with .... Free download of Web Dumper 3.3.6

Web Performance Monitor 2.0.0 SolarWinds    

Web Performance Monitor is a reliable solution for monitoring the performance of web-based applications. It can display the performance data for ... and improve their behavior. Affordable & Easy-to-Use Web Application Monitoring Continuously monitor your end-users’ experience Monitor any Web application, whether internal (behind the firewall), external (customer-facing), ... Java™-based applications are fully supported to include rich Web technologies such as AJAX, Flash®, and Silverlight® .... Free download of Web Performance Monitor 2.0.0

Web Data Extractor 8.3 WebExtractor System    

A powerful web data / link extractor utility. Extract URL, meta ... desc, keyword), body text, email, phone, fax from web site, search results or list of URLs. High speed, multi-threaded, accurate extraction - directly saves data to disk file. Program has numerous filters to restrict session, like - URL filter, .... Free download of Web Data Extractor 8.3

Web Translator 8.3 ZhangDuo Corporation International    

Translate Web, Webpages, Websites, word, sentence and passage up to ... the destination languages and meet your specific need. Web Translator supports either single word translation when you ... passage translation that meets your specific needs and Web translation when you are browsing foreign laguage content based website. The Build-in Web browser can lead you to any website with .... Free download of Web Translator 8.3

Web Timer 3.0.0 Daniel Aleksandersen    

Web Timer keeps track of the tab that you are actively using and updates its stats every 3 seconds. Features: - Helps you visualize the time you’re spending by displaying the data in a pie chart Instructions: - Use the options page to avoid tracking certain sites .... Free download of Web Timer 3.0.0

WebHarvy Web Scraper SysNucleus    

... is an easy to use and intelligent Visual Web Scraper. Using WebHarvy you can easly scrape data from web pages and save the scraped data to a ... or database. Features: 1. WebHarvy is a visual Web Scraper. You can configure everything with mouse clicks. ... to scrape text, URLs and images occurring in web pages. 5. Ability to crawl multiple pages of .... Free download of WebHarvy Web Scraper

Appnimi Web Directory Buster Version 1.0 Appnimi    

Appnimi Web Directory Buster is designed to let you search for files on a remote web directory. This program guarantees the most complicated filenames can also be retrieved. Appnimi Web Directory Buster allows to search for the files on the web directory using Brute Force algorithm and Dictionary search metod. Features of Appnimi Web Directory Buster It is free Easy to .... Free download of Appnimi Web Directory Buster Version 1.0

ClipToCMS Web Entry Assistant 1.01 idxSoft LLC    

ClipToCMS is free software that helps fill out web content forms for you; making it as easy ... this: An original document is placed alongside a web browser, with field commands in the center. The ... selected text is automatically inserted into the proper web entry field. Setup is easy too: Enter the .... Free download of ClipToCMS Web Entry Assistant 1.01

Handy Web Extractor 1.0.0 Millepah s.r.o.    

This program periodically downloads a specified web page, extracts a part you need and shows it in a configurable widget on your desktop .... Free download of Handy Web Extractor 1.0.0

FCorp - Easy Web 2013.2 Fahmy Corporation    

A powerful tool to search everything on the web (Music, Videos, E-Book, Picture, Driver, Torrent, People, and many more). Also includes URL Shortener, etc. .... Free download of FCorp - Easy Web 2013.2

Your Web TV Program 3.7 Rebrand Software, LLC    

Your Web TV Program allows you to view thousands of ... all channel updates are free! Take Your Web TV Program for a test drive to see what it can actually do for you! .... Free download of Your Web TV Program 3.7

Your Web TV Program for Mac OS X 3.7 Rebrand Software, LLC    

Your Web TV Program allows you to view thousands of ... all channel updates are free! Take Your Web TV Program for a test drive to see what it can actually do for you! .... Free download of Your Web TV Program for Mac OS X 3.7

Evernote Web Clipper 6.0.3 EverNote    

... Evernote account with a single click. Evernote Web Clipper is a Google Chrome extension that allows ... to save important texts you see on the web into your Evernote account. It even lets you ... Capture articles to read later The Evernote Web Clipper will automatically detect the article on a .... Free download of Evernote Web Clipper 6.0.3

NeoLoad 4.1 Neotys    

... a Load Testing and Stress Tool for all Web and Mobile Applications. By simulating a large number of users accessing your application, NeoLoad tests the robustness and the performance of the server under different loads. A clear and comprehensive test report pinpoints errors and bottlenecks. Through the test, NeoLoad answers .... Free download of NeoLoad 4.1

FMiner 8.24 FMiner.com    

FMiner is a software for web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting and web crawling and web macro. It can be used as a visual web scraper, powerful web extractor, screen scraper and a simple web crawler to crawl a website, extract the pages' ... to instead of people to complete the heavy web actions. We are making it the most .... Free download of FMiner 8.24

WebESC 9.16 Drazen Beljan    

... is a utility to help you validate the web links and much more. It is very fast. ... site stored locally on your disk to your web site, i.e. can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have links to other sites you .... Free download of WebESC 9.16

TrustPort WebFilter TrustPort a. s.    

TrustPort WebFilter enables the monitoring of web activities, and if necessary can restrict access to certain website categories. Based on analysis of the web address and its content, the page is labeled ... network administrator also has graphic statistics of all web filtering to their disposal. It works with a daily updated database of categorized web addresses. In addition, it also uses heuristic analysis .... Free download of TrustPort WebFilter

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Mongoose 3.3 valenok    

... be embedded into existing application to provide a web interface to it. The web server executable is self-sufficient, it does not depend ... sorts of demos, quick tests, file sharing, and Web programming. Get Mongoose and take it for .... Free download of Mongoose 3.3

WebMon 1.0.12 Colin Markwell    

WebMon is a freeware web page update monitoring program - it saves you time and keeps you updated by automatically checking web pages to see if they have changed. ... features include: Checking an unlimited number of web pages. Scheduling automatic checking at set intervals. Optional ... updates are found. Selecting which part of the web page to check. Update logging. Proxy support, with .... Free download of WebMon 1.0.12

FMiner Pro 8.24 FMiner.com    

... useful application that enables you to easily handle web content without using scripts. FMiner pro can extract any type pages, support javascript/ajax, login, proxy, homepage plugins. Can extract complete data structures, include data's relation(eg, database foreign keys). Extracted results can be saved to csv, excel(xls), sqlite, access, sql .... Free download of FMiner Pro 8.24

CorneliOS 5.1r20 The CorneliOS Project    

CorneliOS, the virtual web OS - Cool, Powerful and Open Source. Run applications and manage files in your web browser. .... Free download of CorneliOS 5.1r20

Mozenda 1.4 Mozenda    

... Continue the tour to see just how easy web scraping can be. The Mozenda Web Console is your data dashboard. From here you ... publish your information. From the Mozenda Web Console, you can run the Agent that you .... Free download of Mozenda 1.4

IE Surfgear 1.1 Sofmos    

... Explorer add-on. IE Surfgear can make poorly designed web pages to look better and easy to read. ... a few most wide-spread design glitches which make web pages difficult to read. Now it can remove ... problems described above. So, you can make most web pages readable in a single click on toolbar. .... Free download of IE Surfgear 1.1

Bget Share Bget Software Studio    

Bget is a powerful, fast and professional web data extraction software that will extract the data ... D. Fast: the fastest and the most efficient web data extraction software. E. Stable : occupy less system resource, require 0 bug, stable running performance. F. Humanized: we always pay attention to particulars, bring .... Free download of Bget Share

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