USB Recovery Software Pen drive data recovery    

... or memory card pulled out from running camera. USB recovery software salvages all lost music files including ... iPod Classic, all first to next generation series. USB recovery software restores all deleted data from corrupted ... PRO, Micro M2, MS PRO DUO and MS. USB recovery software retrieves missing folders of audio files .... Free download of USB Recovery Software

Automatic USB Backup and Synchronize 3.0 Neitsoft, Inc.    

An automatic Backup, Restore solution! Insert any USB storage device into your computer and the software automatically copies your files to and from the USB drive - no clicks or keystrokes necessary. Automatic USB Backup is designed to do one thing and ... convenient? So that you'll actually do it! Automatic USB Backup is perfect for: Power Users' Friends & .... Free download of Automatic USB Backup and Synchronize 3.0

Automatically Copy USB Files When Connected Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... who want to automatically copy files on a USB drive when it is connected to the PC. ... this software, you can transfer files from your USB to your hard drive quickly without having to use the usual Windows Explorer interface. .... Free download of Automatically Copy USB Files When Connected Software 7.0

WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.9    

WinMend Folder Hidden is a free file/folder hiding tool. While ensuring ... on local partitions and/or on removable devices. The hidden files/folders will be safely hidden whether the drive is accessed in another operating ... You can set a password for this application. Hidden data can be displayed and unhidden only when. Free download of WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.9

Folder Hidden Rodan Software    

Folder Hidden brings you a safe and easy way to ... be seen or accessed by other users. Once hidden, you will not be able to see the ... recent documents or when you turn on View Hidden Files in Folder Options of Windows Explorer. Moreover, the hidden files are well protected by a password in .... Free download of Folder Hidden

Rohos Mini Drive 1.9 Tesline-Service.S.R.L.    

... program. You should see three choices: Set up USB flash drive, Change password, and Options. Setting up the drive requires choosing a password--that's it. Depending on the size of the drive, creating the partition should happen reasonably quickly. Once the partition has been created, you can change the disk size .... Free download of Rohos Mini Drive 1.9

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Rohos Disk Encryption 2.0 Tesline-Service.S.R.L.    

Rohos Disk - program creates hidden and protected partitions on the computer or USB flash drive. Those who have megabytes of sensitive ... data security, can not imagine their computer or USB drive without the hidden partition that is created using this wonderful tool. ... disk if you forgot your password or lost USB key. Easy of use Rohos cares about .... Free download of Rohos Disk Encryption 2.0

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StopUSB Everstrike Software    

Block Unauthorized USB Devices Prevent unauthorized USB devices from being connected to your PC! StopUSB blocks unauthorized USB devices such as memory card readers and USB flash drives, removable storage and USB hard disks while allowing devices such as keyboards, ... infections. Work as Usual Blocking unauthorized USB devices is only a part of the deal. .... Free download of StopUSB

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NTI Ninja 4 NTI Corporation    

... technology to create private and public partitions on USB storage devices. Key Features Creates a public partition & a private hidden partition on any USB storage device Encrypts and password-protects your private partition ... for your password when you plug in your USB device Includes a password Hint when you need .... Free download of NTI Ninja 4

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 2.84 Vladonai Software    

... all of your important private docs is safely hidden away from prying eyes! Just assign a password ... docs protected and always with you. Even if USB media with your data will be lost - nothing to worry about, nobody will be able to unlock your data without knowing your password .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 2.84

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EASIS Drive Cloning 1.1 EASIS GmbH    

... advantage that all original information (hidden or not hidden) are copied to a second hard drive or drive image. Although hidden license information can be copied if you make byte-wise copy of you hard drive or partition. To make consistent copies you need to stop .... Free download of EASIS Drive Cloning 1.1

DirCryptHide 1.58 Gunnar Daehling    

Any number of folders with all subfolders (even on different drives) can be moved in a highly scripted container file (created with TrueCrypt). This can be opened with password/USB-Device if needed, this container file will mount as another drive. When moving the data is first copied, while no error occurs, the .... Free download of DirCryptHide 1.58

Stream Armor 3.0 SecurityXploded    

Stream Armor is the sophisticated tool to discover hidden Alternate Data Streams (ADS) and clean them completely ... selected stream file content to a disk, or USB drive or DVD for further analysis. * Execute/Run the selected executable stream file for analyzing its malicious nature in virtual environments such as VMWare. .... Free download of Stream Armor 3.0

Hide Folder Ext 1.5 FSPro Labs    

... your drive on any PC to access your hidden folder. Download the trial version now! .... Free download of Hide Folder Ext 1.5

BDV SecretFolder 2010 Badevlad software company    

... How about creation of secret folder on your USB Flash Drive which you may show or hide ... Features Works with FAT/FAT32 drives only, including USB Flash Disks. Automatically create SecretFolder in a root ... launched. Can show/hide SecretFolder by one button click. Hidden data cannot be accessed, detected or deleted in .... Free download of BDV SecretFolder 2010

UsbFix 7.999.98 El Desaparecido    

... that helps you to detect and remove infected USB memory sticks or any other USB removable devices such as external HDD (Hard Drive), ... connects to your computer or laptop via the USB port. The main advantages of using this utility ... that will help you to deal with infected USB devices. UsbFix removes all types of infections that .... Free download of UsbFix 7.999.98 File Configurator 5.00    

... also read from and write to SD cards, USB sticks, external drives etc. * Determine date and ... last access * Configure attributes like read-only, system, hidden or archive in batch mode * Modify file extensions in batch mode .... Free download of File Configurator 5.00

Xpect Handysoftwares    

... system user does not have rights to access Hidden Files, Folder Options, Task Manager etc. .... Free download of Xpect

Wise Folder Hider 3.27.137 WiseCleaner    

... and manually find files and folders which are hidden once you select them. In addition, you can choose to hide an entire USB drive to prevent others accessing personal or important ... along with space info, but content is completely hidden. Different from other folder hiders, when it comes to modifying a hidden file or folder, users don’t have to unhide .... Free download of Wise Folder Hider 3.27.137

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software 15.12.8 Felenasoft    

... – more than 430 brands supported (analog, IP, USB webcams, ONVIF. H.264, H.265, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ, WiFi, ... push notifications for Android, etc.), snapshots, motion visualization, hidden/stealth mode and much more! Just imagine all the situations you could use Xeoma in! Video surveillance for Pros: easy bulk setup of cameras, shared .... Free download of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software 15.12.8

TorChat Bernd Kreuss    

... decentralized design, built on top of Tor's location hidden services, giving you extremely strong anonymity while being ... configure anything. TorChat just runs from an USB drive on any Windows PC. (It can run ... more complicated at the moment) Tor location hidden services basically means: Nobody will be able .... Free download of TorChat

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TorChat for Linux Bernd Kreuss    

... decentralized design, built on top of Tor's location hidden services, giving you extremely strong anonymity while being ... configure anything. TorChat just runs from an USB drive on any Windows PC. (It can run ... more complicated at the moment) Tor location hidden services basically means: Nobody will be able .... Free download of TorChat for Linux

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Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder 2013, Inc.    

This is a free software application that reveals hidden, non-visible commands in addition to ASCII characters from keyboard emulation devices, such as a USB Barcode Scanner. This barcode decoder application is especially helpful in determining if non-printable ASCII commands such as FS (file separator), RS (record separator), GS .... Free download of Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder 2013

REMSES Kazantsev V.V.    

... in the background. ? * Support for external USB hard drives. Built Recovery Tool allows you to ... Try it if you have: do not display hidden files, does not start guide, no click Folder ... bat, etc., do not have access to the Hidden attribute in the properties of the folder or .... Free download of REMSES

FarStone RestoreIT 2013 8.1.201307 FarStone Technology    

... RestoreIT Works During installation, RestoreIT creates a hidden partition and then begins monitoring incremental changes to ... recover lost files Hot-Key restore Windows from a hidden partition. No recovery DVD or USB HDD is required. Fix your computer .... Free download of FarStone RestoreIT 2013 8.1.201307

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