ATI Tray Tools Ray Adams    

ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found ... quite a small download. What does Tray Tools do ? This is a fantastic tweaker for ATI Radeon cards positions itself in the system tray. Software highlights: * Support for ATI Control Center * Support for .... Free download of ATI Tray Tools

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Okdo PDF Tools Platinum Free Version 2.6 Okdo Software    

Okdo PDF Tools Platinum is a powerful all purpose application which can be used to easily Split PDF files and Merge PDF files or Encrypt PDF contents without losing original format. There are various settings available to configure for desired output result. This advanced tool provides fast forward way to .... Free download of Okdo PDF Tools Platinum Free Version 2.6

PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 PC Tools    

Registry Mechanic is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair problems with your registry in a few simple mouse clicks! Easily fix problems with the Windows registry that are a common cause of crashes and errors. By using a registry cleaner regularly and fixing your registry .... Free download of PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1

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Active Directory Tools 12.12.01    

At times working with Microsoft Active Directory can be complicated. Using active directory tool - Lepide Active Directory Manager, active directory can be managed easily and effectively. It is one such enterprise-level tool that manages Active Directory objects properly. It provides you with a method to manage AD objects in a .... Free download of Active Directory Tools 12.12.01

American State Sales Tax Calculator 4.1 Canadian Mind Products    

... HTML included. This version computes by adding sales tax to a base price. It also works in ... the total paid working backwards to get the tax and original price. In other words it will ... that case, you must collect just the state tax, not the local tax. The program splits out .... Free download of American State Sales Tax Calculator 4.1

Account Ability Tax Form Preparation 23.00 Integrated Data Management Systems, Inc.    

... Ability Forms Division carries a complete line of tax forms and companion envelopes. .... Free download of Account Ability Tax Form Preparation 23.00

A1 Keyword Tools 6.0.4 Microsys    

... SEO, PPC and website analysis and keyword marketing tools. All information and data can be exported as XML or CSV. Configure, import and export lists with keywords, websites and search engines. Concurrently position check multiple websites for multiple phrases at multiple search engines. Advanced users can add support for new .... Free download of A1 Keyword Tools 6.0.4

Autorun CD menu tools - AutoRun Pro AutoRun Pro    

AutoRun Expert, AutoRun Pro, AutoRun Pro Enterprise and AutoRun Pro Enterprise II are Windows software which let you create a professional user interface (autorun CD menu) for your portable media (CD, DVD, USB stick). The autorun CD menu applications provide buttons, menu bars, pop-up menus and objects for starting your presentations, .... Free download of Autorun CD menu tools - AutoRun Pro

Net Tools 5.0.70 Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi    

Net Tools is cutting-edge security and network monitoring software for ... pace with the industry trends, we offer professional tools that support the latest standards, protocols, software, and ... is the creation of high quality software. Net Tools is a very strong combination of network scanning, security, file, system, and administrator tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your PC .... Free download of Net Tools 5.0.70

Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 7.4 Aglowsoft    

Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools is the key product developed by K C Siaw. It includes 3 database tools. They are Aglowsoft Schema Tool, Aglowsoft Designer, and Aglowsoft Browser. The tools are designed to allow building of SQL queries ... A key feature of Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools is the ability to build SQL queries in .... Free download of Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 7.4

Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 2.02 Remove Duplicate Files    

Find and Delete Duplicate Files and Folders. Clone Tools is the first duplicate file finder that finds ... identical content. The birds-eye view offered by Clone Tools unique side by side browser and powerful automatic folder level tools lets you find and remove duplicate files fast ... but also makes your computer disorganized. Download Clone Tools and start organizing your files and delete duplicate .... Free download of Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 2.02

LMD-Tools Special Edition 2013 LMD Innovative    

LMD Tools offers you an almost complete solution for the ... add that personal touch to your application, LMD Tools has a solution to fit you. And it ships with a vast array of sample projects and demos for all of the components found in the package. LMD-Tools supports all .... Free download of LMD-Tools Special Edition 2013

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Java Tools 0.54 Field Bird    

Java Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating, compiling, executing and debugging Java applications and applets. Java Tools includes point and click access to the Java ... user interface for the Java debugger. Java Tools makes learning and using Java easier. It's for ... copy, delete, edit, properties and tree commands. · Tools menu for compile (javac), archive (jar), document (javadoc), .... Free download of Java Tools 0.54

Systerac Tools Premium 6.11 Systerac    

An incredible package of tools for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP ... The PC diagnostics that are included in the tools provide you with all the necessary information that ... no time. Install the award winning Systerac Advanced Tools Windows 2010 in your PC now and enjoy the safest and .... Free download of Systerac Tools Premium 6.11

J2EE Tools 0.46 Field Bird    

J2EE Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating, building, deploying ... running J2EE enterprise applications and web services. J2EE Tools includes point and click access to the J2EE ... also includes a built-in text editor. J2EE Tools makes learning and using J2EE easier. It's for the new J2EE user who needs .... Free download of J2EE Tools 0.46

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Karaoke Sound Tools 2 Doblon    

Karaoke Sound Tools allow you to: * Remove vocals * ... MP3G (MP3 and CDG) file formats Karaoke Sound Tools is an easy to use software package for ... adjusted to stay in sync All these tools can be fine-tuned in real time, and work with MP3, WAV, BIN, and .... Free download of Karaoke Sound Tools 2

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Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools 1.0.1453.123 Microsoft    

Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools can be used to support migration of Microsoft ... Online Services. Use the Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools to forward copies of your Exchange Server mail ... Online mailboxes. You can also use the Migration Tools to copy content from your Exchange Server, POP3, or IMAP4 e-mail .... Free download of Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools 1.0.1453.123

Remote Control Tools 1.0.0 yaksys    

yaksys Remote Control Tools- software for remote administration of computers under OS ... OS from Microsoft. After installation yaksys Remote Control Tools to your PC you can control remote computer. ... network or in Internet. Using yaksys Remote Control Tools you can control the remote PC through your ... your local network or Internet. yaksys Remote Control Tools does not require high-speed network connection. .... Free download of Remote Control Tools 1.0.0

Android Tools 0.12 Field Bird    

Android Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating, building, emulating and signing Android applications. Android Tools includes point and click access to the Android ... also includes a built-in text editor. Android Tools makes learning and using Android easier. It's for ... Android commands and a text editor. Give Android Tools a try to see what it's really capable .... Free download of Android Tools 0.12

Debenu PDF Tools Debenu    

Debenu PDF Tools (formerly known as Quick PDF Tools) is a free Windows utility built using Debenu’s ... Windows Explorer and select the ‘Debenu Quick PDF Tools’ menu item to see the list of features. It’s simple to use .... Free download of Debenu PDF Tools

Smart PDF Tools Pro 7.4 Smart Soft    

Smart PDF Tools Pro is a powerful program which will enable ... them in any way. By using SmartSoft PDF Tools Pro you can make modification to a PDF ... to editable Word or Excel files. SmartSoft PDF Tools can also convert PDF to HTML, JPEG and TIFF. With this program you .... Free download of Smart PDF Tools Pro 7.4

NVIDIA System Tools 6.08 NVIDIA Corporation    

NVIDIA System Tools is an applications suite designed to help you ... and improve its performance. This NVIDIA System Tools installation package adds support for GTX 480 and GTX 470 and it includes the following components: 1. NVIDIA Performance Group (v6.05.26.05) add-on to the NVIDIA Control Panel * .... Free download of NVIDIA System Tools 6.08

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imlSoft DVD Movie Backup tools 2.3.1 imlSoft International LLC.    

imlSoft DVD Movie Backup tools uses kernal driver to remove the copy protection ... you backup the movie using most DVD backup tools. It can also remove the RPC region code, thereby making the movie region free and viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software. Features and .... Free download of imlSoft DVD Movie Backup tools 2.3.1

Huagati DBML / EDMX Tools 2.32 Huagati Systems Co., Ltd.    

Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools is an add-in for Visual Studio that adds ... Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools integrates with Visual Studio and adds useful new functionality to the built-in designers for Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework in Visual Studio. Among the features added to Visual Studio by the .... Free download of Huagati DBML / EDMX Tools 2.32

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Android Development Tools 23.0.6 Google    

Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE ... API, debug your applications using the Android SDK tools, and even export signed (or unsigned) .apk files ... guided project setup it provides, as well as tools integration, custom XML editors, and debug ouput pane, ADT gives you an incredible .... Free download of Android Development Tools 23.0.6

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