Yaniv! Card Game for Android 2.8 Daniel Evans    

... deep level of strategy. Now, for the first time, you can play this game alone against computer ... changing the game speed, and selecting a score limit. I first learned of this game while studying abroad in New Zealand. My friends and I met Israeli travellers while we were camping .... Free download of Yaniv! Card Game for Android 2.8

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O&K Print Watch O&K Software    

... Print Watch track exact user names, date and time, and records the exact number of pages and ... possible to set per-user and group-based quotas, and limit print jobs for any printer, user or users group. Printing jobs can be allowed, denied, or held for a review based on quotas and .... Free download of O&K Print Watch

SMSCaster E-Marketer CDMA Standard SDJ Software Limited    

... automation. - Support multiple phones at the same time (Enterprise Edition only). - Support many different languages: GSM 7-bit and unicode character set (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Cyrillic). .... Free download of SMSCaster E-Marketer CDMA Standard

MobileSyncBrowser 5.0.3 Vaughn Cordero    

... to view and use this data at any time! You do not have to have your iPhone present or perform any hacks! MSB can read your backup and give you access to your data. Whether on a Mac or PC, you can view your data in a single window .... Free download of MobileSyncBrowser 5.0.3

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TSplus 8.30 JWTS    

... same way as natively-running applications. Therefore, you save time and training costs. TSplus is outstanding to publish Windows applications over Internet hosted on XP, W7 or W8. TSplus is a fast, simple and cost-less solution that eliminates the complexity of alternatives such as Windows TSE (RDS) or Citrix. As a .... Free download of TSplus 8.30

BestSync Portable x64 2015 RiseFly Software    

... synchronization process; it is possible to specify a time limit for maintaining these backup files, or to secure ... BestSync offers multilingual support, has a good response time and takes a decent amount of time to finish a sync job while using a ... files are also removed. This substantially reduces synchronization time, and there are no annoying dialog boxes to .... Free download of BestSync Portable x64 2015

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NoSQLt(TM) Evaluation Edition V3.0 Hainan Haikou Meilan NoSQLt West-sea Computer Soft    

... max: uncompressed 129,999 sampling values / sec, storage time <500ms ? Concurrent reading speed max: 1,000,000 real time values / sec, read time <500ms ? Concurrent reading speed max: 1,000,000 historical original values / sec, read time <300ms ? Tag max: 200,000 tags / server ... Concurrent clients max: 500 clients / server ? Timestamp resolution: ms (1,000 sampling values / tag / .... Free download of NoSQLt(TM) Evaluation Edition V3.0

Luxand FaceSDK 6.0.1 Luxand Development    

... FaceSDK utilizes today's multiple-core, multi-CPU computing to the limit. This and other performance optimizations lead to dramatically ... and recognition of 66 facial features in real time. SDK is loaded with features and comes with a host of samples in a variety of programming languages, allowing Web and desktop developers implement .... Free download of Luxand FaceSDK 6.0.1

Eagle Eye 1.1.3 Novel Games Limited    

... which is different from the others before the time is up! In this game, you will be ... score will be counted based on the remaining time and number of lives after you have completed ... you cannot choose a picture within the given time limit. When all the lives are gone, the .... Free download of Eagle Eye 1.1.3

StarTrinity SIP Tester 3.1 StarTrinity.com    

... RTP media, analyze call quality and build real time reports. Call flow is specified by CallXML script ... verification: identification of IVR messages, conference testing Real time analysis of voice quality for all RTP streams, ... or packet loss, outage, reach of trunk's capaciuty limit Testing and monitoring of SIP-GSM, SIP-PSTN gateways, SIP .... Free download of StarTrinity SIP Tester 3.1

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Adobe Systems    

... encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Flash Media Server software or Flash Video ... support for degrading quality during encoding. System timecode Add system timecodes in metadata. Parameters in file and stream ... names and filenames. Chunking of output files Limit the size and duration of output files by .... Free download of Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac Adobe Systems    

... encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Flash Media Server software or Flash Video ... support for degrading quality during encoding. System timecode Add system timecodes in metadata. Parameters in file and stream ... names and filenames. Chunking of output files Limit the size and duration of output files by .... Free download of Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac

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Numpad Kenny's 1.3.3 Novel Games Limited    

One, two, ... don't turn around, it's you! Time to beat a kenny and send it back ... kenny. Note that each level has a certain time limit as displayed on the left of the screen, ... reach the target number of hits before the time ends, you lose. React speedily to conquer the .... Free download of Numpad Kenny's 1.3.3

Space Settlers 1.5 Digiarty Software, Inc.    

... Added two PVE maps and increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60. 9. Diverse and easy. .... Free download of Space Settlers 1.5

Utility to Repair Scan PST Repair Scan PST    

... get back lost attributes of Outlook at the time of repair process itself from corrupted PST files. ... Outlook, virus attacks, size of OST files exceeds limit, some time Outlook version upgrading also cusses corrupt to OST .... Free download of Utility to Repair Scan PST

ZIP Recovery Tool 11.10.01 ZIP Recovery Tool    

To save time and space, user frequently make use of zip ... file formats, these files also get corrupt from time to time. To regain access to the data contained in zip files, use Kernel for .... Free download of ZIP Recovery Tool 11.10.01

Text Paster 1.7 ATNSOFT    

... are tired of typing the same text multiple times, Text Paster can help you! Text Paster is ... phrases, greetings, generic replies, the current date and time, letter and document templates, e-mail addresses, website addresses, ... be typed in by the program itself. - Limit text pasting and type to certain programs or .... Free download of Text Paster 1.7

Kernel - JFS Partition Recovery Software 4.02 Nucleus Data Recovery    

... Nucleus Kernel for JFS, you will get Life Time product support for FREE. Live Update is available ... always have the latest version. There is no time limit to use the software. You can use the .... Free download of Kernel - JFS Partition Recovery Software 4.02

Hasha Video Chat 1.3 Olobon Soft, Ltd.    

... audiovisual communication among 5 users at the same time. The maximum number of connected users in one chat room is limited by graphical design. This design's limit is 14. - text chat among all users .... Free download of Hasha Video Chat 1.3


... advanced planning system for multiple uses, manage the time of your members, employees becomes easier. Available completely ... obtain licenses for all yours computer, renewable without limit. Participate in its development, suggest improvements, report errors. We're listening and responsive, a forum and contact form are available. Each card have his own .... Free download of My Club

Space Fighters 3D 1.0 Photo Screensavers    

For a long time now, conflict has been brewing between the humanoid ... sides are ready to take it to the limit. Experience this impressive galactic battle for yourself - order now! .... Free download of Space Fighters 3D 1.0

Dr Essay Reference Generator 1.0 Dr Essay    

... relevant sources for your essay can be a time consuming process let alone trying to type up ... other information Completely free to use (weekly usage limit applies) .... Free download of Dr Essay Reference Generator 1.0

Google SketchUp 13.0.4811 Google    

... Model your city for Google Earth. There's no limit to what you can create with SketchUp. ... so makes lines look smooth and reduces wait times for all but the most complex models. In ... ever been. Faster Screen Redraw Every time you zoom, pan or move an entity on .... Free download of Google SketchUp 13.0.4811

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ezCheckPrinting Check Writer halfpricesoft.com    

... checks by using the free version ezCheckPrinting without time limit. You can purchase ezCheckPrinting software for more functions with $24.00.You are getting great value for your money. Main features (Some features are just available .... Free download of ezCheckPrinting Check Writer

Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0 ERGOD    

Improve your Poker with Entropy Poker A.I. - the essential poker training tool. Entropy is the state-of-the-art in Poker artificial intelligence giving you the chance to practice your skills against a fearless expert poker player! Entropy's unique 'Probability Diamond' images help take the uncertainty out of poker by showing the hands .... Free download of Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0

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