M4V File Size Reduce Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... the slider, and starting the reduction. With this time saving software, the file size of large numbers of files can be changed with just one click. .... Free download of M4V File Size Reduce Software 7.0

How to Add PST in Outlook 1.0 How to Add PST in Outlook    

How to add PST in Outlook? Outlook users often looks out for the solution of this trouble. In MS Outlook users are authorized to create more than 1 profile, so they can create one for their business purpose and the other one for personal purpose. But PST file are stored into .... Free download of How to Add PST in Outlook 1.0

Cut Throat Pinochle 4.14 SAC Products    

... Save game for play later, name players, game limit by time or hands played, Hints, Won/lost record for two ... deal and widow. Shareware version has 25 game limit. Registered versions have unlimited play, free upgrades and .... Free download of Cut Throat Pinochle 4.14

Enterra Lowball Poker 1.9 Enterra Inc.    

... 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, Badeucy, Badacey. Features: *No-Limit, Limit, Pot-Limit games *Heads-Up, Private, Single table, Multi table, ... player is moving in *Option to set a time limit on re-sitting the table with the sum of .... Free download of Enterra Lowball Poker 1.9

Quick Search Glarysoft Ltd    

... results. Quick Search offers a search filter to limit search range and narrow down the search results ... that contain these words - most of the time in less than a second. At the same time, it will list a number of similar files ... Quick Search also offers a search filter to limit search range and narrow down the search results. .... Free download of Quick Search

Any Keylogger 2.2 AnyKeylogger    

... your PC but also block websites and applications, limit PC time for your kids. It can captures screenshots at regular time of interval so that you can easily know ... System activities, but also block websites and applications, limit PC time for safe online. Operates in hidden mode Keylogger .... Free download of Any Keylogger 2.2

EditPad Lite 7.2.3 Just Great Software    

... You can open as many files at a time as you want, with no arbitrary file size limit and no arbitrary line length limit. You change between the open files by clicking ... of overlapping windows. If you want, EditPad Lite limits itself to one instance, saving you a lot ... in the system tray, for quick access. Save time with the Search and replace that can work .... Free download of EditPad Lite 7.2.3

Surfblocker 5.1 Blumentals Software    

... users. You can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit Internet to work with allowed programs and services ... be entered. You can easily schedule Internet availability. Timer allows you to disable Internet connection after specified amount of time. Key features: * Restrict internet access * Password .... Free download of Surfblocker 5.1

Broadband Usage Meter 4.0 Rackeys    

... so he keeps within his ISP´s broadband usage limit for a definite period. It dispenses away with ... internet data transfer. It is live all the time! Now free for users who consume less than 10GB per month. Trial limit increased to 10GB per month, so for users that consume less than this limit per month, the trial will never expire, and .... Free download of Broadband Usage Meter 4.0

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V-Scheduler Virdi Software    

... is extremely easy to configure. There is no limit to the number of schedules that can be ... to it so you know instantly when the time comes. In addition to the schedules you also ... which can sit anywhere on your desktop. The time and date format can be set to your .... Free download of V-Scheduler

Child Protector Pro 1.16 Zyl Soft    

... Pro is a great new software, designed to limit your children's access to the computer. Because the ... software that can oblige them to respect a timetable defined by the parents. There are many things ... that your child can use to doge the timetable created by you. Some nice features are the .... Free download of Child Protector Pro 1.16

Postman Professional 9 Email Business Software    

... this for you. You can also define a time scale or limit the sending of the emails. Of course you want that all your customers receive the message and no email will be removed by a .... Free download of Postman Professional 9

iNet Protector 4.4 Blumentals Software    

... connection. You can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit Internet to work with allowed programs and services ... be entered. You can easily schedule Internet availability. Timer allows you to disable Internet connection after specified amount of time. Very useful for parents and business owners. Key .... Free download of iNet Protector 4.4

CopyQ 1.9.2 Lukas Holecek    

... default one item into clipboard which is the limit for Windows. Each time that you copy or cut something, it's gonna be saved to the expanded clipboard of CopyQ, both files and text can be saved. From .... Free download of CopyQ 1.9.2

TSplus 2010 Terminal Service Plus    

... into a full blown Terminal Server/Citrix, without any limit. Multiple, unlimited number of concurrent sessions if you ... from a centralised location means less administration, less time spent updating applications. With your data centralised physical theft doesn't mean the loss of important or sensitive data. Users can access their information independent .... Free download of TSplus 2010

Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security 2.7.59 LockLizard Limited    

... copying, sharing, printing, screen grabbing, and stop or limit printing. With LockLizard PDF DRM Security you can generate reports and view statistics to see which of your documents are used the most, and you can instantly revoke access to documents when they should no longer be viewed. Document retention periods .... Free download of Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security 2.7.59

Advanced Tokens Manager 3.4 Josh Cell Softwares    

... of your activation data Microsoft imposes a limit of activations for each license online, using the program, you can activate offline number of times you want, and enjoy your Genuine Software ... and fast Dynamic interface ~5 minutes is estimated time for restore your activation . Free download of Advanced Tokens Manager 3.4

SafetyBrowser 1.3 Rebrand Software, LLC    

... are visiting you should use this app to limit their access to the internet. You choose what ... screenshots of each of their websites. It then limits their use of the internet to only websites ... to the homepage to switch sites at any time. Additional features include: -Multiple profiles: create profiles for .... Free download of SafetyBrowser 1.3

Resistance Color Code Calculator 1.0 Micro Digital    

... block in electronics circuitry. Resistor is used to limit current in a circuit because it presents opposition ... use of this software makes it easy and time saving in resistor value determination. We hope you will enjoy this simple and small utility in your software toolbox. .... Free download of Resistance Color Code Calculator 1.0

Path to Success 1.0 MangoRes.com    

... a world of opportunities. The sky is the limit as you create and customize your character, and ... you live your fantasy one day at a time! .... Free download of Path to Success 1.0

Shutter 3.5 Denis Kozlov    

... many different Events and Actions. Events: Countdown, On Time, Winamp Stops, Low CPU Usage, User Inactive, Battery ... Window Closes, Process Stops, Ping Stops, File Size Limit. Actions: Shutdown, Reboot, LogOff, Lock Workstation, Sleep, Hibernate, ... information about the computer: Logged In User, Up Time, List of Processes, Screenshot of a Desktop, plus .... Free download of Shutter 3.5

Brain App 1.0 Chris Mayer    

... your mind sharp. Studies have shown that over time this allows for faster responses and increased memory ... Solve as many equations as possible with the time limit. Points are awarded for solving each equation, and ... for either 30 or 60 seconds at a time. Easy / Advanced / Genius Modes. Balloon Burst .... Free download of Brain App 1.0

TThrottle 3.41 Efmer camera technologies    

... graphic. Additionally you can reduce the amount of time a program uses to reduce the processor/gpu temperature. It was initially build to limit the time BOINC programs use. This in order to keep .... Free download of TThrottle 3.41

Taptiles Microsoft    

... or pick your favorite and play it every time! Try the fast-paced Dash mode for a race ... perfect when you want to play without a time limit. Lastly, try the Daily Challenges for a fun ... mode – A calming puzzle experience with no time limit. • Daily Challenges – Complete new Challenges .... Free download of Taptiles

Karaoke 5 42.02 Mediasoft    

... WMA WMA+cdg for executions live without loss of time. Search and memorization of the files in the database without any limit of songs. It allows to create or to ... syncronize the text with the base in rapid times. Exhibition Artist and PlayList Personable. Database with instant ... of the passage. Transpose with mixing in real time. Applause Meter. Skins personable. Virtual K5 Instrument The .... Free download of Karaoke 5 42.02

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