Doors of the Mind Inner Mysteries 1.0    

The nightmares began when my father passed away. I havent slept in days, and the nightmares even appear when I am awake. My ... Jump into Hidden Object action in Doors of the Mind Inner Mysteries. .... Free download of Doors of the Mind Inner Mysteries 1.0

The Replicator 11.5 Canadian Mind Products    

The Replicator lets you distribute large numbers of files to many people efficiently. The software automatically downloads just the changed files and deletes ones no longer part of the distribution. Unlike other similar tools, all it requires ... website. It requires no code to run on the server. It can also work with CDs, and .... Free download of The Replicator 11.5

Mind Reader Helpsofts VB    

Mind Reader, this application can read one’s mind i.e. this application can find the number in user’s mind without asking them for any calculation. Its an ... with two digit >> Eg 54 2 Reduce the value of the each digit from the Number >> (54-5-4) = 45 3. Find the corresponding symbol (ie 45 > …) from the .... Free download of Mind Reader

Mind Reader with Full Source Code Helpsofts VB    

Mind Reading is for everyone interested in emotions. It has been designed with awareness of the special needs of children and adults who have difficulties recognising emotional expression in others. Mind Reader is amazing software. Mind Reader, this application can read one’s mind i.e. this application can find the number in .... Free download of Mind Reader with Full Source Code

The Financial Partner 2.0 ON-Q Software, Inc.    

The Financial Partner, has been designed with the accounting and finance professional in mind. The software is composed of amortization, interest, value of .... Free download of The Financial Partner 2.0

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The Consultants Partner 4.0 ON-Q Software, Inc.    

The Consultant's Partner(TCP), has been designed with the consulting professional in mind. The software provides a centralized location for the daily administration of the services your business renders, the time consumed in performing these tasks and the preparation and maintenance of invoices and receivables. TCP .... Free download of The Consultants Partner 4.0

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The Fog Fall 2 1.0    

The Fog Fall 2 is an interesting puzzle game ... around. Find useful items in order to solve the game. They will be stored in the inventory panel. Click on them when you need ... tiny item and think over with a open mind. . Free download of The Fog Fall 2 1.0

The Eight Queens 1.4.1 Novel Games Limited    

Can you bring peace to the chessboard by placing eight queens onto the board but prevent them from capturing each other? ... you will be given a standard chessboard, and the 8 queens will be placed on the right of the board. According to the rules of chess, a queen can capture another .... Free download of The Eight Queens 1.4.1

Mind Pursuit for Win8 UI Delkiport S.A.    

... great. Congratulations" by Metal-IcaruS "This game is the best. Finally an intelligence game as an App ... Rjsbxkdn PUT YOUR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TO THE TEST WITH HUNDREDS (OR THOUSANDS) OF QUESTIONS DIVIDED INTO 6 THEMATIC CATEGORIES IN ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS TRIVIA GAMES! ... cannot contact you to solve those issues through the Comments section. Thanks!*** Technical notes: .... Free download of Mind Pursuit for Win8 UI

The Parking Lot 1.0.1 Novel Games Limited    

Challenge your mind and try to solve the logic puzzles as you step into the Parking Lot! Your goal in this game is to move the red car out of the parking lot as quickly as possible. When the game starts, the red car will be enclosed by some cars in the parking lot. You can click and drag any .... Free download of The Parking Lot 1.0.1

The Snowfall DVD Screen Saver 1.1 Edge of Our Pants    

... with a special purpose. All proceeds received from the full DVD will be going to help support ... lucky enough to find a good home. However the home needs help maintaining the necessary funds to keep them. This DVD is our contribution towards helping the six cats stay where they are loved as .... Free download of The Snowfall DVD Screen Saver 1.1

The Weather Channel Desktop 7.03.02 The Weather Channel Interactive    

... to real-time local weather information is one of the Internet's underrated pleasures. There are Web sites, feeds, ... just about every Net platform has brought you the weather at some point. Free desktop utilities that import weather conditions and usually display the local temperature in the system tray are perhaps the most popular Web-based .... Free download of The Weather Channel Desktop 7.03.02

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Mind Stereo Transparent Ltd.    

Mind Stereo is a fully functional media center for your mind, allowing you to listen to musical playlists, internet radio and watch mesmerizing visualizations while enjoying the many benefits of brainwave entrainment. Mind Stereo acts much like any ordinary media player. ... plugins. But there is one thing that separates Mind Stereo from other players - while the music .... Free download of Mind Stereo

Mind WorkStation 1.5 Transparent Ltd.    

Mind WorkStation handles the entire process of creating professional brainwave entrainment sessions, ... easy integration with biofeedback and EEG devices. Mind WorkStation enables you to work with brainwave entrainment ... or cost-effective before. While it handles many of the complex, technical aspects for you, you are able to drill down into the details and fine tune every aspect of the .... Free download of Mind WorkStation 1.5

The R Commander 8.5.5 John Fox    

The R-Commander GUI consists of a window containing several ... menu tree, etc., are shown below.) In addition, the Commander window contains script and output text windows. The R-Commander menus are easily configurable through a text file or, preferably, through plug-in packages. The menus lead to simple dialog boxes, the general .... Free download of The R Commander 8.5.5

The Unscrambler X 10.2 CAMO Software AS    

The Unscrambler X is a comprehensive and reliable application ... large and complex data sets. It has set the standard in MVA software for over 25 years, and is the preferred tool for thousands of people around the world who rely on precise, timely and insightful analysis of their data. Designed with the needs of end-users in mind, The Unscrambler X .... Free download of The Unscrambler X 10.2

The Crab 0.2.0-2 Saulius V.    

As you might already know - The Crab is a small utility that can help ... write your own data access plugin! All of the most popular audio file formats are supported and ... your own tagging plugin. Keep in mind, that The Crab does not care about your whole music .... Free download of The Crab 0.2.0-2

The Broadcast Clock Creator 3.0 DLD Media    

With The Broadcast Clock Creator you can... -Create a Variety ... Colors and Fonts for Text and Segments. -Modify the Styles, Layout and Appearance. -Adjust Comments Inside or Outside of the Clock. -Add and Modify Text Boxes. -Insert Images ... ...and more! Program changes can occur quickly and The Broadcast Clock Creator was developed by a broadcaster .... Free download of The Broadcast Clock Creator 3.0

Edraw Mind Map 7.8 EdrawSoft    

Easy to create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, ... samples, drawing couldn't be easier! Why Choose Edraw Mind Map 1.Smart drawing guide can layout the mind map shapes automatically. Drawing couldn't be easier! 2.Lots ... high-quality topics, examples and templates. 3.Supports big size mind map. Support extend page and collapse topics. 4.Supports .... Free download of Edraw Mind Map 7.8

Theatre of the Absurd CE 1.0    

The cube is said to imprison a powerful and ... Babylonian demon that would wreak hellish destruction if the cube should break. In a moment of desperate confusion the cube breaks and the demon bursts forth into the souls of the Dr. Corvis and his young Daughter Bethany. The ancient theatre in the lonely winter mountains becomes .... Free download of Theatre of the Absurd CE 1.0

Open Mind 1.4.1 To Josh Argent    

Open Mind is the perfect software to visualise and plan out ideas ... executive or a teacher or a student Open Mind can assist you in your day-to-day brainstorming needs. Open Mind is a brainstorming and mind mapping software that is capable of producing proffesional stylish mind maps for personal, educational or business uses. Open .... Free download of Open Mind 1.4.1

MindV online mind mapping tools Shanghai yingxiang software company ltd.    

MindV is a free mind mapping tools, easy learning, based on cloud computing. The user can real time collaborate to edit one mind map file, share your ideas with your team ... a map on a web page . What MindV can help me do ? 1 New document tool: MindV is a new document tools. You can write .... Free download of MindV online mind mapping tools

Crisol Mind Test Player 2010 Crisol Mind S.A. de C.V.    

Crisol Mind Test Player executes the exams generated by Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010. Once you get the exam link sent by your teacher or professor, open the Crisol Mind Test Player 2010 application, and on the first page it will ask for the exam link, load it, and you are ready .... Free download of Crisol Mind Test Player 2010

Aztec Mind 2 1.0    

In ancient Aztec, you must navigate the sacred piece out of the tomb! Try to beat your time and the number of moves. Hurry! Use the mouse to slide any movable stones. The goal is to move the sacred piece out via the bottom left corner exit. Have fun and good .... Free download of Aztec Mind 2 1.0

Death and The Fly 1.0    

Death And The Fly is an 2d puzzle game where the player has the ability to control the two species. One of them is death, and the second – the fly. Where such a combination? – Perhaps you will come to mind Well. Interested, find out in due course. It is not our duty to interfere in the personal lives of these two, and besides, let’s .... Free download of Death and The Fly 1.0

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