TCP Optimizer 3.0.8 Speed Guide, Inc.    

The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that ... novice and the advanced user in tweaking related TCP/IP parameters in the Windows Registry, making it easy ... and the bandwidth*delay product to find the best TCP Window for your specific connection speed. It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced .... Free download of TCP Optimizer 3.0.8

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TCP/IP Manager Portable 3.1.4 B20 Adrian-Costin Tundrea    

TCP/IP Manager is designed to help computer users keep track of their network configuration in different locations. At home or at work, changing network settings is now just one click away! .... Free download of TCP/IP Manager Portable 3.1.4 B20

XP TCP/IP Repair 2.2 Waresoft Software    

... to any of the questions above, then XP TCP/IP Repair may help fix your internet connection and possibly even protect your privacy. XP TCP/IP Repair is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for ... in Windows XP and up that repair your TCP/IP registry settings and your Winsock LSP settings. Instead ... can be added or inserted into the Windows TCP/IP handler by other software. Data outward bound from .... Free download of XP TCP/IP Repair 2.2

Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.1.2 B516 AGG Software    

... case may be, look no further than Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger, for it may well satisfy all ... servers working simultaneously, do not worry - Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger can handle multiple ports at once ... accidentally close and lose valuable data - Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger can work as a Windows service, .... Free download of Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.1.2 B516

LANBench by Zach Saw 1.1.0 Zach Saw    

LANBench is a standalone simple LAN / TCP Network benchmark utility. It is designed for testing ... and is based on Winsock 2.2. LANBench tests TCP performance only and is designed for minimal CPU usage so that the pure performance of your network could be fully tested. Features summary: Freeware, Multiple .... Free download of LANBench by Zach Saw 1.1.0

SerialDispatch 1.03 Benjamin Kempke    

... designed to offer you a cross-platform Serial to TCP forwarding with multiple connection and logging support. FEATURE: · Multiple TCP connections · Serial traffic log to historic files ... · Client mode forwards all traffic to upstream TCP server .... Free download of SerialDispatch 1.03

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IP Shifter 3.0.4 ZqWare    

... software tool that helps you to change your TCP/IP related settings easily and quickly. If you work dynamically at several locations in the network (due to business), you need to be connected in different offices, or you need to use your computer in more than one network, in these cases, .... Free download of IP Shifter 3.0.4

SocketReader 1.2.3 Sebastian Weigmann    

... tool for sending and receiving messages via the TCP/IP protocol. The program is also able to read ... transfer. socketReader sends and receives messages via TCP/IP socket and file system. M:N routing is supported. Many communication paths can be configured in parallel. Both, Linux/Unix and Windows, are supported. .... Free download of SocketReader 1.2.3

SocketReader for Linux 1.2.3 Sebastian Weigmann    

... tool for sending and receiving messages via the TCP/IP protocol. The program is also able to read ... transfer. socketReader sends and receives messages via TCP/IP socket and file system. M:N routing is supported. Many communication paths can be configured in parallel. Both, Linux/Unix and Windows, are supported. .... Free download of SocketReader for Linux 1.2.3

Acid Scanner Free 1.0 redoC    

... addresses for available shared resources, establish connection via tcp or udp protocol and sends and receive custom data (like telnet but more comfortable). Class C network can be scanned within a few seconds. Discover all network flaws before anyone else does! .... Free download of Acid Scanner Free 1.0

AnalogX PortMapper 1.04 AnalogX    

AnalogX PortMapper allows you to map any port on your computer to any IP address and port on another machine, and limit access based on the incoming IP address. .... Free download of AnalogX PortMapper 1.04

PortFusion 1.2.1 Cetin Sert    

... two institutions and is now actively used for TCP traffic in a multitude of protocols (including HTTP, ... penetration via tunneling Protocol-neutral design (works with any TCP-based protocol) Open-source (you can know exactly what it is doing) Simplicity (< 500 lines of code: you can read it in minutes! Now try .... Free download of PortFusion 1.2.1

HTWin Rick McNeely    

... program written especially for control system programmers. Serial, TCP Client/Server, UDP, IPv4/v6. Build remotes, each with 50 buttons, each button with push/hold/repeat/release/toggle events. In-line hex, SSH, SSL/TLS. Great for AMX, Crestron or Extron developers. Portable, runs from a thumbdrive! .... Free download of HTWin

Why Can't I Connect? 1.8.1 Chris Ohmstede    

... Can't I Connect?" makes it easier to resolve TCP/IP connection errors. Use it to diagnose connections to common server types and create generic clients and / or servers. A source tar, a 32 bit and 64 bit rpm, a 32 bit and 64 bit deb, and a 32 bit Windows .... Free download of Why Can't I Connect? 1.8.1

TCPEye 1.0 Build 0.190 Francesco Bucci    

... list of all the currently opened UDP and TCP/IP ports. For each port in the list, ... In addition, TCPEye allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the process that opened the ports, and save the TCP/UDP ports information to HTML file , XML file, ... TCPEye also automatically mark with pink color suspicious TCP/UDP ports owned by unidentified applications. .... Free download of TCPEye 1.0 Build 0.190

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SplitCap 1.9 Beta Erik Hjelmvik    

... big pcap file into multiple files based on TCP and UDP sessions, one pcap file per session. ... file per host-pair instead of session. The TCP and UDP session concept in SplitCap is defined ... based on one or several IP addresses or TCP/UDP port numbers. Simply use the "-s nosplit" option .... Free download of SplitCap 1.9 Beta

Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.42 Dynu Systems, Inc.    

... Web, FTP, mail and game servers, or other TCP/IP services from a home PC.If you have a ... Web, FTP, Mail Server, Game Server or other TCP/IP Service. Get your own domain like Your domain name's dynamic IP address is automatically tracked by Dynu Client which is available for download .... Free download of Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.42

EZ Comm 3.6 EZ Project    

... or sexual orientation. EZ Comm is an easy TCP/UDP communication tool displaying everything it receives and sending everything you input. Only graphical interface supported so far. If source code is downloaded and you want to build the application yourself, Ultimate++ is needed. Though the interface functionalities are built upon Ultimate++, .... Free download of EZ Comm 3.6

FreeProxy 4.10 Build 175 Hand-Crafted Software    

... features include proxying HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP Proxy, TCP Tunneling, and SOCKS 4/4a/5. The application works well with a wide range of clients including browsers, ICQ, and MSN messenger and comprehensive help illustrates the setup of these clients. In addition, FreeProxy includes authentication to both an internal user database or .... Free download of FreeProxy 4.10 Build 175

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TrafficEmulator 1.8.3 Nsasoft US LLC    

Nsasoft Network Traffic Emulator generates IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP traffic from clients to server to stress test servers, routers and firewalls under heavy network load. It is a very simple and fast program which can simulate client activity. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. .... Free download of TrafficEmulator 1.8.3

Easy-Data Computer Geek 1.0 Easy-Data    

The Computer Geek program is not a tool for ordinary computer users, rather for the more experienced users like system administrators etc. And obviously for all the geeks out there :-) That said, there are parts of this program that should fit most computer users, but also a few tools that .... Free download of Easy-Data Computer Geek 1.0

Maxidix IP Switcher 14.05 Maxidix s.r.o.    

IP Switcher is a simple and effective tool that makes changing of IP settings easy and quick as never before. You don't need anymore to spend your time on endless changing of network settings everytime when you connect to a new network. With Maxidix IP Switcher you will be able to .... Free download of Maxidix IP Switcher 14.05

Socket Workbench 4.0 Sigma Solutions    

Socket Workbench is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications that underlie the Internet and several types of inter-process communication. Configure Socket Workbench to be a socket client (like a web browser or e-mail client) or a socket server with ease. You can send data through a socket and analyse that .... Free download of Socket Workbench 4.0

NetStress 2.0.9686.0 Nuts About Nets, LLC    

... as server or server plus client) supports both TCP and UDP data transfers supports multiple data streams variable TCP / UDP segment size rate of packet transmission (Packets Per Second) variable Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) uplink and downlink modes auto node discovery choice .... Free download of NetStress 2.0.9686.0

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Plug and Browse 6.1 Soraco    

... Plug and Browse netswitcher captures and restores all TCP/IP network settings, XP SP2 firewall settings, wireless security settings (Wifi), Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox proxy settings, Mapped Network Drives, Computer Name and Domain, Dialing Location, Default Printer, Time Zone, Windows Hosts. Plug and Browse features an Automatic switching mode that .... Free download of Plug and Browse 6.1

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