Tax Invoice Template for Printing Shop 1.10    

Although this tax invoice template is named Tax Invoice for Printing Shop, it could actually be used by many business types. The tax invoice format has an "Invoice To" section below ... Invoice Software, the logo image placeholder in this tax invoice template for print shop is moved to ... and open your own logo image. As a tax invoice template, the invoice format includes the word .... Free download of Tax Invoice Template for Printing Shop 1.10

Income Tax Calculator 1.5 Ashkon Technology LLC    

This tax calculator instantly estimates your US federal income tax and finds your tax brackets. Tax brackets show percentage of tax that you pay on additional income. The higher ... your taxable income, the higher is your federal tax rate. Suppose that you earn an additional amount ... to pay additional $280 in federal taxes. Income Tax Calculator shows current and past tax brackets and .... Free download of Income Tax Calculator 1.5

EasyAs Income Tax 3.4    

... behind am I? How do I calculate the tax when I have different sources of income? I have some sources taking tax out and some not, where do I stand? EasyAs Income Tax stores the information which you enter, which can ... wondering if you are going to incur a tax debt each year, then maybe EasyAs has the .... Free download of EasyAs Income Tax 3.4

Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates 1.10 UNIFORM SOFTWARE LIMITED    

... form. When creating an invoice, you choose the tax category from a dropdown list for each invoicing item; the invoice template calculates tax using the tax rate determined by the tax category. If the client has a 'VAT #' ... to instruct the invoice template not to calculate tax for this invoicing item. The 'Taxable' checkbox column, .... Free download of Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates 1.10

Taxnimi 1.0 Appnimi    

... simple tool to help you to calculate Income Tax. You can enter all the incomes and expenses ... fields and then Taxnimi will calculate the total tax liable to be paid. With simple GUI, it is easy to use.Features.......It is free,Easy to use, Support Win 7 and Windows 8 Systems,The exe .... Free download of Taxnimi 1.0

EzWagez Payroll System Jigaro Software    

... net paycheck amounts using the latest federal income tax tables as provided by the IRS. Calculates Advance ... Version supports eight customizable deductions (Pre and Post Tax) and provides the ability to keep track of employee documents and events. Data backup and restore plus optional state withholding calculations for California, Ohio, .... Free download of EzWagez Payroll System

JS@eTDS (F.Y. 2011-12) - Free Trial 1.0 Jaya Softwares    

... as per the stipulated requirements of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. Submit your first quarter returns for the year 2010-11 using the software for free. It is a simple to use software, which will assist in processing your Returns pertaining to Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ, and .... Free download of JS@eTDS (F.Y. 2011-12) - Free Trial 1.0

BAS-I.C Global Free Accounting 1.0 BAS-I.C     new

... for your location to set up Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) options and you can easily add or delete tax and accounts to set up any account or tax recording structure required including Country, State, Regional or Industry tax structures. Preset country options for Australia, Canada, New .... Free download of BAS-I.C Global Free Accounting 1.0

Manager Accounting Software 14.8.43 NGSoftware Pty Ltd    

... software for Windows. It includes key accounting modules, tax functions and features that streamline data entry and ... sheet, profit & loss, trial balance, general ledger, tax reports, receivables, customer statements and payables. Invoice Items ... services to be entered on sales invoices. Custom Tax Codes We are adapting Manager to country-specific tax .... Free download of Manager Accounting Software 14.8.43

Earnings Tracker 8 John Dixon Technology Limited    

... recorded, and calculates the amount of corporation (business) tax due. It also calculates dividend payments for shareholders, and enables dividend tax vouchers to be generated. Written in PHP and MySQL, Earnings Tracker can be downloaded and installed on a web server, or a preinstalled online .... Free download of Earnings Tracker 8

SSuite Office Invoice Master 2.1.2 SSuite Office Software    

... custom reports/invoice writer and creator. It also handles TAX or VAT systems and mass client email. Add ... Point and Click Invoice Creation with added VATor Tax included. { Value Added Tax } Important: Right-click on the setup install file .... Free download of SSuite Office Invoice Master 2.1.2

Mortgage Calculator 1.0     new

... script that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more that can be used to figure ... of repayments that will go towards principal, interest, tax and PMI. It slides seamlessly into your website and is 100% free of spyware, popups and banner ads. .... Free download of Mortgage Calculator 1.0

E-File Magic 2.9.922 SCMB, LLC dba E-File Magic    

The E-File Magic 1099 software allows you to create, print, and e-file all IRS 1042-S, 1097-BTC, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498 and W-2G forms. Visit for more detailed information. Streamline your year-end reporting requirements with E-File Magic. Feature highlights include: *No Pre Printed Forms Required - Prints form and data .... Free download of E-File Magic 2.9.922

BAS-I.C Free BAS and GST Accounting 1.0 BAS-I.C     new

... and report revenue, expenses, and Goods and Services Tax (GST) allowing you to complete your Business Activity Statement (BAS). If you need a basic recording system that will easily allow you to meet your reporting and taxation requirements BAS-I.C could be for you. With BAS-I.C your data is always secure .... Free download of BAS-I.C Free BAS and GST Accounting 1.0

Invoice Client manager 4.0 Vision Software    

... can be calculated between any two dates making tax time a breeze. Overdue accounts are revealed at the press of a button. Professional invoices are created and printed for your clients. This is an essential tool for all small business and allows them to invoice and manage their clients with .... Free download of Invoice Client manager 4.0

Express Accounting 2.0 CompuEx     new

... Bank, Inventory, Sales and Receivable, Purchase and Payable, Tax Management, and a comprehensive Financial and Management Reports via Crystal Reports. .... Free download of Express Accounting 2.0

Excel Invoice Template 1.60    

... price, taxable status, and amount per line. Sub-total, tax and total amount are computed from the line ... vat invoice template, invoice template that charges GST Tax on shipping cost, invoice template that shows special symbol for gift or free items, packing list or packing slip template, invoice Form with fixed .... Free download of Excel Invoice Template 1.60

Paymastr Payroll 2.0 Business Services Co.    

... the ability to manually update state and federal tax charts. Non taxable deductions such as 401k are ... is paid tips. Paymastr then calculates the withholding tax for federal, state, and Social Security plus Medicare based on exemptions claimed and marital status. .... Free download of Paymastr Payroll 2.0

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Commercial Invoice Template 1.10 UNIFORM SOFTWARE LIMITED    

... are special to commercial invoices, such as the Tax ID field for seller and buyer, terms of sale (incoterm), Harmonized Code, Country of Origin. Line totals, subtotal, taxes, total and balance are calculated automatically using Excel formulas. The printable invoice template is designed by default for A4 paper, but you .... Free download of Commercial Invoice Template 1.10

SingleWageCalculator 1.0 Clive Bourne    

... Leave Loading, Casual Loading (if applicable), Workcover, Payroll Tax for a specified period. It helps you to work out how many hours & what rate you can afford to pay for a new position, based on wage conditions in Australia This tool is particularly designed to budget for positions funded .... Free download of SingleWageCalculator 1.0

Easy Landlord USA Free Desktop Edition 2.0 Dectia    

... * Rental income and expenses tracking * * Tax declaration report (Schedule E) * * Unpaid rent alerts * * Automated receipts and invoices * * Mass emails * * ... and more! * Save time and money with an intuitive tool! So, what's special about this software? It is .... Free download of Easy Landlord USA Free Desktop Edition 2.0

The Music Teacher's Secretary mtsLinux5.0 Vision Software     new

... can be calculated between any two dates making tax time a breeze. Overdue accounts are revealed at the press of a button. Professional invoices are created and printed for your clients. This is an essential tool for all music teachers and allows them to spend more time doing what they .... Free download of The Music Teacher's Secretary mtsLinux5.0

BS1 Accounting 2014.7 Davis Software    

Free Accounting Software: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation. Customization and Delphi source code available for several databases. .... Free download of BS1 Accounting 2014.7

BS1 Enterprise Accounting - Free Edition 2014.6 Davis Software    

Free Accounting and Distribution ERP Software: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes, Sales Analysis, Bank Reconciliation. Simple, yet powerful. Prints quotes, picking slips, bills of lading, invoices, purchase orders, checks, financial statements, sales reports, many other reports. Customization and Delphi source code available for .... Free download of BS1 Enterprise Accounting - Free Edition 2014.6

AceMoney Lite 4.35.2 MechCAD Software    

AceMoney helps you organize and manage your personal finances quickly and easily. AceMoney is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and Swedish, with more languages to come. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting. With AceMoney, you can manage multiple accounts .... Free download of AceMoney Lite 4.35.2

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