Windows Firewall Control     update

... options of Windows Firewall. It runs in the system tray and allows user to control the native ... - Intuitive and easy accessible interface in the system tray. - Full support with standard user accounts. ... blocked connections and create new rules from the Security log. - Choose if you want the program .... Free download of Windows Firewall Control

RegRun Security Suite Platinum Greatis Software     update

RegRun Security Suite is a complete computer security software. RegRun Platinum includes 24 system utilities for computer protection against Rootkits/Trojans/Adware/Spyware/browser redirecting/hijacking. It ... software and may be used to improve computer security. RegRun works with all Microsoft Windows platforms: Windows .... Free download of RegRun Security Suite Platinum

Easy Time Control Workstation Easy Trinity     update

Easy Trinity offers workforce management solution to fit any size budget and organization. Express Edition is the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations and individuals looking for an affordable time and attendance solution. Our Express Edition offers an ideal time management solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use. Express .... Free download of Easy Time Control Workstation

SUNRISE Contacts for Mac OS X 2017 1.9.2 SUNRISE Information Services     update

... this product. The software comes with built-in security features such as the ability to stop guest ... of all text fields; and a password authentication system. Available for PC (Windows XP with SP3, Vista with SP2 or 7) or Mac OSX ("Leopard" 10.5.7 or higher and fully "Snow Leopard" .... Free download of SUNRISE Contacts for Mac OS X 2017 1.9.2

Chameleon Task Manager Pro Evgeni Shmakov     update

... down the computer Automatically freed memory (a smart system is used) Detailed information about programs (resources, libraries, etc) Increased security level due to monitoring of both new program ... the help of new commands added to the system menu and using the tray menu) Complete forbiddance .... Free download of Chameleon Task Manager Pro

Obsidium Software Protection System 1.6.0-11 Obsidium Software     update

Obsidium is a feature-rich software protection and licensing system that was designed as a cost effective and ... redistribution and provide a secure and flexible licensing/registration system. It is primarily aimed at software companies and individual developers who would like to provide feature- or time-limited evaluation versions of their software products, .... Free download of Obsidium Software Protection System 1.6.0-11

IGS Replicator 2.5 IGS EDV-Systeme     new

... enabled by the task scheduling of the operating system. Additional security mechanisms prevent unintentional replication. Just work! There is ... there are any questions, the built-in comprehensive help system will give the answers. IGS Replicator checks your .... Free download of IGS Replicator 2.5

MAPILab Search for Exchange 1.6 MAPILab Ltd.     update

... corporate mail is required to comply with information security requirements for quick and effective investigations. MAPILab Search ... Easy implementation and deployment: product implementation status check system and convenient step-by-step wizards for possible troubleshooting. - Step-by-step wizards for search query creation and fulfillment. - Searching in any mailboxes on all servers .... Free download of MAPILab Search for Exchange 1.6

RaidenMAILD 3.6.3 RaidenMAILD TEAM     update

... professional mechanisms such as anti-spam mechanisms, filtering, SSL security, 2SMTP infrastructure, health monitoring, firewall and Active Directory ... SMTP /POP3 restriction options · Web-based Remote Control System · Multilingual Web Mail System · Web Mail customization · Dynamic IP re-assignment .... Free download of RaidenMAILD 3.6.3

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Zero Install 2.13.1 Thomas Leonard     update

Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries, ... on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix and Windows systems. It is fully Open Source. Other configuration ... · Decentralised; anyone can distribute software · Security is central · You control your own computer .... Free download of Zero Install 2.13.1

Dr.Web Security Space Doctor Web     update

Comprehensive anti-virus security solution for your Windows PC. Real time protection. Installation and operation in an infected system and exceptional resistance to viruses. Efficient detection and ... of threats. Fast multi-thread scanning powered by multi-core systems. Protection from latest malicious programs designed to bypass detection by traditional signature-based scan .... Free download of Dr.Web Security Space

SUNRISE Contacts 2017 1.9.1 SUNRISE Information Services    

... of notes. The software comes with built-in security features such as the ability to stop guest ... of all text fields; and a password authentication system. Available for PC (Windows XP with SP3, Vista with SP2 or 7) or Mac OSX ("Leopard" 10.5.7 or higher and fully "Snow Leopard" .... Free download of SUNRISE Contacts 2017 1.9.1

BullGuard Internet Security 17.1.333.4 BullGuard Ltd.    

Complete internet security solution which protects you and your computer from ... most valuable documents. You can use BullGuard Internet Security to boost the performance of your system by removing unnecessary or temporary files, detecting and ... defragmentations and managing startup programs. BullGuard Internet Security is built exclusively for the everyday user, putting .... Free download of BullGuard Internet Security 17.1.333.4

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NANO AntiVirus NANO Security    

... and advanced application designed to provide you with security levels that conform to actual threats. The product ... NANO AntiVirus has the ability to protect your system in real-time mode. Each time when you try ... to any file with turned on real-time protection, system will automatically scan that file. The trusted area .... Free download of NANO AntiVirus

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Portable Glary Utilities Glarysoft    

... speed of your Windows. Protect your privacy and security. Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc. Fix certain application errors. Simple, fast and User friendly interface For only private use .... Free download of Portable Glary Utilities

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Dynamic Web TWAIN 13.0 Dynamsoft    

... scanned images and save them to a file system. Dynamic Web TWAIN performs Web scanning in all ... 10). Support both 32-bit and 64-bit browsers and systems. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader can work as an add-on to Dynamic Web TWAIN, so as to empower your web application with the ability to read .... Free download of Dynamic Web TWAIN 13.0

Abelssoft AntiLogger 2015m Abelssoft    

... harmful applications will be listed after a deep system analysis and can be dealt accordingly. To harden your system against unwelcome Intruders in the future, the background guard provides a permanent protection. Your system will be scanned for suspicious processes and applications .... Free download of Abelssoft AntiLogger 2015m

Cryptbox 2017.7m Abelssoft    

... into virtual data safes that look like ordinary system drives. This protects you against data theft from mean cybercriminals. CryptBox is innovative and accepts different types of passwords for safe access, you are allowed to use your iPhone/iPod, images or usb sticks. The AES-256-bit-algorithm protects your data in a degree, .... Free download of Cryptbox 2017.7m

WashAndGo 2015m Abelssoft    

... on the safe side can switch on the security option of WashAndGo to enable the recovery, if required, of all removed files for up to 14 days after the clean up. The program is fast, secure, and reliable. Let WashAndGo reclaim your wasted disk space! .... Free download of WashAndGo 2015m

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 17.0.460 NETGATE Technologies    

... scheduling of scans and backup option for better security. .... Free download of NETGATE Registry Cleaner 17.0.460

GrapeRDP 0.14 Grapecom Ltd.    

... on Linux, Windows, Mac and other Java enabled systems. Features of the terminal client: - connecting to ... - support redirect smartcard; - support redirect file system; - support fullscreen; - support dynamic channels; - ... redirection (microphone) - support rdp,ssl, nla, nla ex security protocol .... Free download of GrapeRDP 0.14

FortKnox Personal Firewall 21.0.870 NETGATE Technologies    

... outbound network communication. It has built-in Intrusion Prevention System and SPI technologies for extended user protection. With application rules user can control how individual applications communicate over Internet. Users have option to setup extended rules that match their individual needs. With its intuitive interface it is suitable for both beginners .... Free download of FortKnox Personal Firewall 21.0.870

StartupStar 2017.9m Abelssoft    

... that will be launched during startup when your system boots. * StartupStar fully supports the Windows TaskScheduler, ... administrator rights without UAC (User Access Control). High security through backups: If you accidentally delete an entry, you can easily restore it. .... Free download of StartupStar 2017.9m

iSpy ispyconnect    

... detect and record movement or sound and provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services. With iSpy you ... Password protect iSpy and hide it in the System Tray Schedule sound and video capturing to start and stop automatically Time-lapse record from any camera Motion track and count moving objects Connect multiple .... Free download of iSpy

Ensembles for Windows 10 Gneesis Technologies Inc.    

... you do on your computer private with this security suite. Ensembles for Windows is a set of ... arranges junk files that are clogging up your system in an easy to understand manner. You may choose to view summary information which is arranged according to the host application or choose the .... Free download of Ensembles for Windows 10

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