The Missing Sync for Android Mark/Space, Inc.    

The Missing Sync for Android now syncs tasks and bookmarks! Keep contacts, ... now tasks and bookmarks in sync between your Android phone or tablet and your Windows PC or ... use your information and media files on an Android phone or tablet — always updated and with ... go. Connect Windows PC or Mac with Android OS-powered devices like the Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy .... Free download of The Missing Sync for Android

Logbook Pro for Android 2.0.2 NC Software, Inc.    

... etc. Connect to the Internet and we can synchronize your computers and devices through our secure network infrastructure. Logbook Pro is FREE on the Android Market. .... Free download of Logbook Pro for Android 2.0.2

Outlook-Android Sync 1.4 Astonsoft Ltd.    

Outlook<->Android Sync allows to synchronize MS Outlook or Exchange Server calendar and contacts with your Android phone or tablet over established wireless (Wi-Fi, cellular networks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot) or wired (via a USB cable) connection. Complete bi-directional or single direction fast and safe synchronization .... Free download of Outlook-Android Sync 1.4

GuitarTapp Pro for Android 2.8.9 8:45 Tools    

... watch video lessons. GuitarTapp is well-known on Android and iOS devices and has gained more than ... for live performances, band practice or jam sessions Synchronize your favorites and setlists with other devices running GuitarTapp (Android,iOS,Windows8) Awesome ChordPro file rendering Lyrics and chords are automatically fitted to your screen (IntelliWrap) .... Free download of GuitarTapp Pro for Android 2.8.9

Password Genie Android 1.0 SecurityCoverage, Inc.    

Password Genie Mobile for Android is a password manager that works across multiple ... can only be accessed by you. Password Genie Android features include: Instant Synchronization - If you are ... you to bookmark your favorite sites and instantly synchronize them for you. Auto-Launch of Webpage - Once a login or .... Free download of Password Genie Android 1.0

Wuala for Android 2013-08-06 LaCie AG    

... setup automatic backups of your local data, or synchronize whole folders to the cloud. Wuala employs client-side-encryption to achieve a unique level of security. All data is encrypted locally, before it is uploaded. Your password never leaves your computer. Nobody - not even we as storage provider - can access .... Free download of Wuala for Android 2013-08-06


... a professional application designed to enable you to synchronize your Windows Mobile device (contacts, events, tasks and mails), your iPhone (contacts) or your Android device (contacts) with Thunderbird with Lightning extension installed ... synchronization engine, contacts, events, tasks and mails are synchronized as soon as your mobile is connected to ... 4.x BirdieSync is available for the following Android operating systems: · Android 2.x FEATURES: .... Free download of BirdieSync

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Syncroid Demosten    

... developed to sync the Outlook calendar with an Android device. Sync takes place through USB or Wi-Fi ... the sync and PC side preferences. On the Android, the Syncroid app allows control of the sync and Android side preferences. Installation: Install Syncroid on your Android device and run it. Minimal Android version to .... Free download of Syncroid

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Google    

... and can sync additional Outlook data with an Android device. For $50 per year, you have the ability to synchronize your Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and email. The Outlook data is synchronized using the Google Apps program on the PC ... Calendar, Google, Contacts, Google Docs, and GMail. The Android device will sync with your data at Google .... Free download of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Sync2 2.11.1262 4Team Corporation    

Sync2 is a straight forward solution that synchronizes Outlook 2000-2010 calendar and contacts with Google calendar and gmail contacts. The Android device can then synchronize with the Google account. Manual or automatic sync ... primarily to allow Outlook on multiple PCs to synchronize with each other through Google services. What they ... done is create a way to also allow Android owners to sync their Outlook data to their .... Free download of Sync2 2.11.1262

MeloDroid 5.1.4 Daniel Sherry    

MeloDroid let's you sync iTunes music to your Android device both wirelessly and over USB and use your Android device as a wireless remote for iTunes, and ... remote, and allows you to USB sync your Android phone with iTunes (including playlists). It's very easy ... with QuickSync! This is the app for Android. It let's you sync your iTunes music to .... Free download of MeloDroid 5.1.4

DesktopMirror for Outlook and ACT! 5.0.0 B1511 LivePIM Software Inc.    

... After synchronizing ACT! with Outlook, you may also synchronize your mobile phone with Outlook, then your ACT! ... as iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Treo, Nokia Symbian, Android phones, etc. Why should you choose DesktopMirror? It is a simple and straight solution to sync ACT! and Outlook. You may .... Free download of DesktopMirror for Outlook and ACT! 5.0.0 B1511

SyncSquare 1.3 SyncSquare    

SyncSquare will sync Outlook Contacts with Android devices and is provided free of charge. It ... on the PC.The second part installs on the Android device. SyncSquare pairs the PC to the Android through a simple procedure much the way Bluetooth ... Outlook that need to be connected to multiple Android devices. When you change a contact, SyncSquare detects .... Free download of SyncSquare 1.3

HiSuite Huawei Device    

... to sync the calendar and contacts on their Android devices with Outlook. Sync takes place with both ... Daemon, which is an app installed on the Android device to facilitate syncing. For a USB sync, ... their website at the link below using your Android and select the large Download button to download .... Free download of HiSuite

Dell Mobile Sync Dell Inc.    

... Dell's solution to sync Outlook Contacts with their Android devices. This software is made by Nero (famous ... the CD burning software) and only works with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and later. It requires the Dell Sync software to be installed on the Android, which comes with new Androids and is installed with updates to Android 2.2. .... Free download of Dell Mobile Sync

Contacts Sync 4.2 PPP Infotech Ltd    

Contacts Sync is a tool that synchronizes your contacts between MS-Outlook and Gmail. Synchronize Outlook contacts with Gmail to access Outlook Contacts in your Android, iPhone, iPad, Playbook, Blackberry. Works with any Gmail ... Sync software offers two types of options to synchronize your contacts: Synchronize from Outlook contacts to Gmail contacts or Sync .... Free download of Contacts Sync 4.2

SyncMate 4.1 SyncMate Software    

SyncMate syncs data on Mac with WinMobile, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia S40, iPhones, iPads, iPods (Touch ... Free edition allows reading messages from Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia right on Mac, share ... send, delete, search and export text messages from Android, Win Mobile or Nokia on your Mac. You ... iOS 3, iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices; Android 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x; BlackBerry OS 6, 7 .... Free download of SyncMate 4.1

Moonrug Moonrug Software    

Moonrug is an Android app that allows access to the data on ... that it does not store data on the Android or the removable SD card. This feature means anyone stealing or finding a lost Android will not be able to access any of ... been set. A prompt password change after the Android is missing will also guarantee protection. Features .... Free download of Moonrug

gSyncit 3.8.109 Beta Fieldston Software    

... Toodledo Task Sync Toodledo, Pocket Informant Android Notes Sync Apps Google Documents/Notes Sync gDocs for Android, NoteSync, GDocs Notepad. Evernote Notes Sync Evernote Dropbox Notes Sync Dropbox Android Task Sync Apps Google Task Sync GTasks, .... Free download of gSyncit 3.8.109 Beta

Outlook-Google Calendar Sync 1.1.0 Francesco Claudio Mazza    

... sync an Outlook calendar with Google Calendar. The Android built in sync will then sync Google Calendar with the native Android calendar. This sync solution is unique in that it is developed to support only 64 bit versions of Outlook 2007 and 2010. The sync .... Free download of Outlook-Google Calendar Sync 1.1.0

AVG LiveKive AVG Technologies    

... a professional application designed to automatically backup and synchronize all your files across your PCs and laptops ... AVG LiveKive apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Save time Save time with incremental backups that upload only those documents which have changed. .... Free download of AVG LiveKive

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Add2Exchange Enterprise 16.4.1951.857 Software     update

Add2Exchange Enterprise is a server-based solution which automatically synchronizes items between any combination of Exchange public and/or ... direction for true collaboration. Use Add2Exchange Enterprise to synchronize your calendars, contacts, tasks, posts, & notes folders. ... your smartphone & mobile devices users --iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerry -- who need to view information from .... Free download of Add2Exchange Enterprise 16.4.1951.857

GO Contact Sync Mod 3.5.24 big-r    

... Sync Mod is an open source tool to synchronize your Microsoft Outlook contacts with Google Mail. With ... set up sync options to start up and synchronize automatically, so it is the perfect backup tool. ... Go Contact Sync. Features and Benefits Synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail. .... Free download of GO Contact Sync Mod 3.5.24

GuitarTapp Pro for Win8 UI 8:45 Tools    

... watch video lessons. GuitarTapp is well-known on Android and iOS devices and has gained more than ... for live performances, band practice or jam sessions Synchronize your favorites and setlists with other devices running GuitarTapp (Android,iOS,Windows8) Awesome ChordPro file rendering Lyrics and chords are automatically fitted to your screen (IntelliWrap) .... Free download of GuitarTapp Pro for Win8 UI

Easy2Sync for Files 6.03 ITSTH    

... software provides an easy and safe solution to synchronize your files between multiple computers. Starting with version ... Or multiple computers in your office. This program synchronize all your files and automatically transfer the changes and updates to the other computer(s). Either with confirmations or completely automatic. The program can be .... Free download of Easy2Sync for Files 6.03

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