TraderStar2 2 Neonway    

TraderStar2 is a program for technical analysis with the following features: Access to the EOD-data for more than 40 exchanges in the world, supported by Yahoo; Automatic recognition of many candle patterns; A wide range of built-in indicators: Chaikin Oscillator, Accumulation/Distribution, Advance/Decline, ADX, DMI, etc. The ability to develop custom indicators .... Free download of TraderStar2 2

DownloaderXL Free 7.0.4 OLSOFT    

... free historical daily, weekly, and monthly prices for stocks, indices, and mutual funds from Yahoo! Finance. - ... - free historical daily and weekly prices for stocks from Google Finance. - PiFin (Historical prices) - ... Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. - Free quotes for stocks, indices, mutual funds, futures, options, and dividends. - .... Free download of DownloaderXL Free 7.0.4

Stock Spy Mac OS X- RSS Stock News Charts 1.90    

... updated with the latest news related to your stocks with Stock Spy NewsAlerts on your desktop. You are notified about important news which can make you quick profits or save you from devastating losses. .... Free download of Stock Spy Mac OS X- RSS Stock News Charts 1.90

Stock Spy - RSS Stock News Charts 1.90    

... updated with the latest news related to your stocks with Stock Spy NewsAlerts on your desktop. You are notified about important news which can make you quick profits or save you from devastating losses. .... Free download of Stock Spy - RSS Stock News Charts 1.90


... choice for online trading of options, futures, forex, stocks, and bonds on over 70 markets worldwide. IBXL downloads real-time streaming TWS quotes into Excel and thus it is possible to build charts, calculate technical analysis functions, create trading systems without the interruption of the data feed as tick-by-tick data is .... Free download of IBXL

Stock Quotes Pro 1.453 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... allows you instantly download end-of-day historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds publicly traded in US, Canada and international markets. It produces quotes output in a customizable ASCII format which makes historical stock quotes data compatible with most spreadsheet, charting and technical analysis software packages like MetaStock, SuperCharts, Omega .... Free download of Stock Quotes Pro 1.453

Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30 Ashkon Technology LLC    

This is a simple stock ticker software for stock market traders and individual investors. It appears on your desktop as a simple tape that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays quotes of a selected list of stock and indices symbols as a scrolling text line. .... Free download of Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30

Stock Sector Monitor 2.34 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... easily can find daily top gaining and losing stocks in each stock sector, watch quotes, percentage change, volume and other quotes information, print reports, easily access news, charts, company financial data on the web and create and maintain your own stock portfolios. .... Free download of Stock Sector Monitor 2.34

Stock Predictor 1.1.352 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... on the same chart, maintains selected lists of stocks and indices and backtests your own investment strategies. Stock Predictor features over a dozen built-in technical indicators and includes over six hundred investment strategies. One-click buy and sell feature gives you an unique opportunity to manually backtest a trading strategy for .... Free download of Stock Predictor 1.1.352

TraderXL for TD AMERITRADE 1.0.16 OLSOFT    

... accounts; - Real-time quotes data for tracking your stocks, managing positions and executing orders; - Historical data ... as far back as the market placement of stocks/options; - Tracking of your current profit and loss in opened positions; - Real-time option chains with both option puts and calls along with all .... Free download of TraderXL for TD AMERITRADE 1.0.16

Seer Trading Platform 1.45.1413 Seer Trading Systems Ltd    

Seer Trading Platform is an software application for the building, backtesting, optimizing and automatic trading of stock, futures and forex trading systems. Seer is able to backtest and optimize multiple systems, with each system using a portfolio of symbols across multiple time frames using an event based backtesting engine. Regardless of .... Free download of Seer Trading Platform 1.45.1413

DataBull 6.2.6 DITEC International    

... disconnecting for analogue modem users. Data support for stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds, indices, warrants, etc. End-of-day data available only 30 minutes after market closing. No need to use any other data converters, your data goes directly into your TA-software. Free technical support by phone. Free updates. Free full-featured trial. .... Free download of DataBull 6.2.6

AnalyzerXL 6.1.37 OLSOFT    

... countries. BulkQuotesXL downloads free historical end-of-day data for stocks, indexes, dividends and mutual funds from Yahoo Finance ... free 15-minutes delayed and fee-based real-time quotes for stocks, indexes, options, mutual funds and other securities from Yahoo Finance. Data is available for more than 50 markets worldwide. RTQuotesXL can be used for .... Free download of AnalyzerXL 6.1.37

RateExpert 1.0 Nazarov M.V.    

... rates on different financial assets, such as currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, UITs, Indices and others. List of assets is renewing. Some of the program features: 1. Autoupdate rates of selected financial assets. 2. Ability to make user portfolio of assets and monitor cost of it. 3. Ranking assets by profitability .... Free download of RateExpert 1.0

SideTick 2.0 Celetrade Corporation    

... easy way to keep track of your favorite stocks. This application is loaded with many features including: ... you to view price updates of your favorite stocks, an index ticker to keep track of the ... an intuitive search function to help you find stocks quickly and easily, and an easy to use .... Free download of SideTick 2.0

ChartNexus for Stock Markets 3.1.1 ChartNexus    

... Brokerage fee calculator; Chart comparison tool to compare stocks against index, index against index basically any combinations you like; Short description of the company and its business; some simple financial ratios too; Color settings customization for charts, indicators, background etc.; Printing chart capability; Export chart to PNG image; Automatic software .... Free download of ChartNexus for Stock Markets 3.1.1

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