Boxcryptor for Windows 2.3.403.402 Secomba GmbH    

Boxcryptor protects your files in the cloud no matter if you useDropbox,Google Drive,Microsoft OneDrive,SugarSync,Box or any other major cloud storage provider. It also supports all the clouds that use the WebDAV standard such as Cubby, Strato HiDrive, and ownCloud. If you want to store your files in the cloud, make sure .... Free download of Boxcryptor for Windows 2.3.403.402

Boxcryptor for Mac OS X 2.3.403.737 Secomba GmbH    

Boxcryptor protects your files in the cloud no matter if you use Dropbox,Google Drive,Microsoft OneDrive,SugarSync,Box or any other major cloud storage provider. It also supports all the clouds that use the WebDAV standard such as Cubby, Strato HiDrive, and ownCloud. If you want to store your files in the cloud, make .... Free download of Boxcryptor for Mac OS X 2.3.403.737

Free Folder Lock iLike-share    

Almost every computer user keeps files that are personal, private and confidential, or important to be preserved as undeletable. You may have files that are inappropriate for kids or other family members, or files with valuable information that can be stolen. Such files and folders need security protection so that intruders .... Free download of Free Folder Lock

Paradox Password Recovery 1.7 Scalabium Software    

This tool allow to find the lost password for Paradox tables. An application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on any computer without any additional setup/install. You may customize the extended settings for brute-force or dictionary break to search .... Free download of Paradox Password Recovery 1.7

Fast File Encryptor 5.3 WinTools Software Engineering    

The Fast File Encryptor is designed for fast processing of extremely large files. It can encrypt or decrypt files, contents of folders and contains a lot of additional tools. The Fast File Encryptor presents a flexible user interface with detailed messages about all operations. The Fast File Encryptor features the following .... Free download of Fast File Encryptor 5.3

PDF Protector 1.0 PDF Protector    

Download PDF Protector Software to protect PDF files and restrict PDF documents ... sending to clients or customers. This PDF Protector software is available for all Windows users who are ... tool on Windows server. Download Free PDF protector software and get Pro version from Softaken Software. .... Free download of PDF Protector 1.0

Remove PDF Security 13.01.01 PDF File Security Remover    

... with Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal tool. The software formidably eliminates restrictions from multiple PDF files in ... PDF file properties in intact form with this software. The software provides different other functions too such as: * ... of PDF file content and its elements The software is available in free trial edition so that .... Free download of Remove PDF Security 13.01.01

Unlock PDF 1.0 Unlock PDF    

... PDF documents. Free version of PDF security remover software is easy and helpful solution for opening PDF files without any other software. You don’t need to install adobe reader or any other software to read PDF files. This is fantastic tool .... Free download of Unlock PDF 1.0


VSFileHash is a cryptographic hash calculation software. Simply drag and drop file in this calculator and hash string for the file will be immediately displayed. Great tool for network administrators and webmasters to calculate file control sums. VSFileHash supports a variety of cryptographic hash functions, including SHA1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, .... Free download of VSFileHash


VSTextHash is a cryptographic hash calculation software. This software lets you hash text with many different hash algorithms. Simply type the text in this calculator and hash string for entered text will be immediately displayed. .... Free download of VSTextHash

DiskCryptor 1.1.846.118 ntldr    

... the system partition. The main criteria for open-source software is the availability of its source code under ... TrueCrypt cannot be classified as a truly free software, as it places limits on the use and modification of its source code by developers. There are other alternatives with similar functionality, but they .... Free download of DiskCryptor 1.1.846.118

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Free PDF Password Remover 1.0 Free PDF Password Remover    

Download Free PDF Password Remover Software to remove Password from protected PDF files. You ... copy, print and edit option in PDF documents. Software works with all Windows operating system like Windows ... and Windows Vista. You can also use this software with any Windows server. Download and free use ... files. You can download Free PDF password remover software and test all features of this software. For .... Free download of Free PDF Password Remover 1.0

Avast SecureLine VPN for Windows AVAST Software    

The internet is a transparent place. At any time, hackers, companies, even government agencies could be shadowing your every move, and collecting data on you and your personal life. Its so easy to do, with a little know-how, even a child could see what youre doing. Fortunately, its also easy to .... Free download of Avast SecureLine VPN for Windows

PDF Champ Tool 1.0 PDF Champ Tool    

... Windows Vista and other. Get free version from Software to test all features and purchased licensed version at affordable prices. For more details about software visit Softaken Software. .... Free download of PDF Champ Tool 1.0

Softaken PDF Champ 1.0 Softaken PDF Champ    

... about product, pricing or discount kindly visit Softaken Software. .... Free download of Softaken PDF Champ 1.0

BoxCryptor for Android 2.2.423.322 Acomba UG    

... unlock all features. BoxCryptor is an encryption software optimized for Dropbox. With BoxCryptor for Android, the encrypted Dropbox folder can be easily accessed via smartphone or tablet. Features of BoxCryptor for Android: - Always have your sensitive stuff with you - and feel good because it is secured .... Free download of BoxCryptor for Android 2.2.423.322

Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Encryption Software    

Cypherix LE Ttotally free 448 bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cypherix LE allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Protects all types of Media and any type .... Free download of Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software

Encrypt4all Home Edition Encrypt4all Software    

Encrypt4all is a powerful encryption software used to store your private documents into a single encrypted archive, implements a real bit-per-bit data encryption, encrypt any types of file, encrypt files larger than 4 gigabyte, folder protection just takes one second, You can safe your important files form viruses, Use it .... Free download of Encrypt4all Home Edition

Secure IT Encryption Software 5.0.3 Cypherix Encryption Software    

Cypherix's Secure IT File and Folder Encryption Software is an easy to use, feature packed program ... powerful, customizable file shredder. Secure IT File Encryption software has the ability to generate self-decrypting email attachments ... a copy of the program!. This strong encryption software ensures that it is statistically impossible for an ... and privacy needs of all computer users. The software combines ease of use with state of the .... Free download of Secure IT Encryption Software 5.0.3

WinAES 0.2.4 FatLYZ &    

WinAES is a tiny and portable software program that enables you to encrypt and decrypt ... prevent third parties from recovering data using specialized software. Decryption is easily performed, by just entering the ... in this world to protect your data. The software used 256-bit encryption key, CBC mode with randomized IV, .... Free download of WinAES 0.2.4

Free File Camouflage 1.25 My Portable Software    

... protect your files inside a jpeg image! The software can be used with the main interface or ... He will only see an image! This software is also useful when you want to send an exe via email. Currently many email providers (or companies proxy) don't allow this. Recently also .... Free download of Free File Camouflage 1.25

Cryptic Disk 5.2.2 Exlade    

Protecting your information can cost money - but not protecting it can cost even more. Cryptic Disk creates virtual encrypted disks and encrypts hard disks, USB drives and memory cards. This lets you keep your secrets safe both on your home computer and at your workstation. Data encryption uses the best .... Free download of Cryptic Disk 5.2.2

idoo Private Encryption 2.2 idoo    

... save and read any file quickly. The Encryption software adopts the US federal AES256 algorithm, which will ... accessed on any computer (without installing any additional software) by entering the correct password. .... Free download of idoo Private Encryption 2.2

idoo Secure Disc Creator 5.0 idoosoft,Inc    

... the very tool for you. This DVD encryption software adopts the federal security standards and the latest AES256 algorithm, which will provide fully protection to your data. It enables you to create a password-protected DVD disk, and you may also create a secure area and a public area on you .... Free download of idoo Secure Disc Creator 5.0

idoo Usb Encryption 4.4 idoosoft,Inc    

idoo USB Encryption is quite a useful tool that can effectively protect the data stored on your USB memories. It allows you to create a secure and a public area on the storage devices, whose sizes can be easily adjusted according to your own needs. The secure area can only be .... Free download of idoo Usb Encryption 4.4

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