Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017.009.200 Adobe Systems    

... Easily, seamlessly, brilliantly. Creating a PDF Portfolio offers users five layouts to choose from: Click-Through, Freeform, Grid, ... PDF files Reduce the time you spend retyping information stuck in PDF files. Convert PDF files to ... host forms using a network folder or Microsoft SharePoint server. Merge and combine files Communicate .... Free download of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017.009.200

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Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery 2.0 Stellar Information Technology Pvt Ltd    

Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery software effectively repairs corrupt or damaged SharePoint databases and retrieves all the documents from it. With repairing the damaged or corrupt SharePoint database, this tool creates new MDF file that can be incorporated with SharePoint Server to make the website accessible. Additionally, the software enables a user to extract all the documents and data from .... Free download of Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery 2.0

BI Share IT-BI    

BI Share, the document management system for SharePoint, broadens, simplifies and accelerates work with document libraries ... contents: BI Share will help to turn corporate information into intellectual assets of your organization, enhance the ... hierarchy; BI Share applies document metadata, linking additional information to the documents and structuring data. Metadata can ... search for documents or generate reports based on user-defined criteria. BI Share has a familiar interface integrated .... Free download of BI Share

LepideAuditor Suite 16.2 Lepide Software    

... an intelligent change auditing platform that provides detailed information of what’s happening in their IT network. It ... Group Policy Objects, File Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint without compromising on security compliance requirements such as ... complete details about who, what, when and where information regarding any found changes. This software has got .... Free download of LepideAuditor Suite 16.2

LepideMigrator for Documents 16.0 Lepide Software    

... solution that migrates data from file servers to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive. This tool ... to Exchange/Office 365, and to-and-fro migration between different SharePoint versions/ Office 365 (SharePoint Online), Before the migration, ... strings, etc. as per the requirements of the SharePoint. SharePoint migration using LMD is complete as it .... Free download of LepideMigrator for Documents 16.0

SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4 SharePoint Auditing    

LepideAuditor Suite for SharePoint provides a powerful way to monitor and audit all the changes made within the SharePoint Server of an entire network. It provides complete visibility of who, what, when and where information. This SharePoint Server auditing tool is very powerful when it ... the main program. During occurrence of any distrustful user activity, pre-configured critical change or access, this tool .... Free download of SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4

SharePoint Auditing Software 15.4    

Smooth Communication & reliable information sharing has become a mandatory phenomenon across the ... to an organization’s success. Hence, IT administrators using SharePoint solutions need to have control over what data ... puts an end to all security-related worries of SharePoint users. This SharePoint auditing software gives you detailed information on unauthorized accesses, data tampering, permission changes while .... Free download of SharePoint Auditing Software 15.4

Folders from Corrupt MDF Database 13.09.01 SharePoint Recovery    

Get Kernel for SharePoint recovery to securely extract files from corrupt MDF ... the data is retained securely without leaking any information. It has been entrenched with multiple recovery options ... SQL server. The software has an interactive graphic user interface which enables every type of user to carryout recovery process easily. The corrupt MDF .... Free download of Folders from Corrupt MDF Database 13.09.01

Windows Server 2008 Auditing 15.1 Windows Server 2008 Auditing    

LepideAuditor Suite, a user-friendly Windows Server 2008 Auditing tool, helps you maintain ... AD, Group Policy, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint under surveillance from a centralized location. Manual auditing ... facility, it provides instant notification about all AD users who has violated the specified security norms of the organization. Android based application to receive audit information is another advantages of this tool. Before buying .... Free download of Windows Server 2008 Auditing 15.1

Track Active Directory 15.1 Track Active Directory    

... Track Active Directory changes using LepideAuditor Suite. This user-friendly tool generates easy-to-understand audit reports, creates real-time alerts, displays AD information on dashboards, and provides live feeds to help ... tool to get Who, What, When, and Where information of all the Active Directory changes. And the ... tool works with Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint. In the newest version of the tool, the .... Free download of Track Active Directory 15.1

SharePoint File Recovery 13.09.01 SharePoint File Recovery    

Kernel for SharePoint Server Recovery is reliable third-party software that performs complete SharePoint files recovery without disturbing the data integrity. The ... instance recovery mode. Raw Mode is capable helps user to repair SharePoint files, only where MDF database is corrupt, but MS SharePoint server and MS SQL Server work normally. Raw .... Free download of SharePoint File Recovery 13.09.01

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part Virtosoftware    

SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part is a convenient tool to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint. The component displays any SharePoint task list as a Kanban Board, where Kanban ... assignment. To adjust the Kanban Board on your SharePoint site, you just need to select the task ... drag and drop. To allow better control of SharePoint task management, you can set WIP limits supported .... Free download of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Progress Column 2.0 ArtfulBits Inc.    

... tasks such as project progress or sales activity. Users of an application might consider an application non-informative ... cue. By using the progress bar in your SharePoint lists, you provide the user with the rich and live information related to the status of values in your lists. ArtfulBits Progress column provide users with the ability to make SharePoint lists more .... Free download of Progress Column 2.0

Track SQL Server Changes 15.0 Track SQL Server Changes    

... tool to know who, what, when and where information about SQL Server changes and accesses. In fact, ... facility for selective auditing of objects, operations and users, and the facility to filter the reports for the required information. Above all, the tool also has got various additions such as SharePoint Server auditing, and Health Monitoring. In addition to .... Free download of Track SQL Server Changes 15.0

SQL Server Audit Demo 15.0    

... to track only the required Objects, Operations and Users along with data filter options to further refine ... Group Policy Objects periodically, separate Dashboard Tabs for SharePoint Server and SQL Server. Another significant feature is health monitoring that allows user to view the live health status of Active ... 30 days. You can visit: for more information. .... Free download of SQL Server Audit Demo 15.0

SQL Server Audit Software 15.0    

MS SQL Server holds large company information on a computer network. An unauthorized change made by users on a SQL Server network affects data security ... is its ability its various new additions like SharePoint Server auditing, SQL Server auditing, and Health Monitoring. ... Policy Objects to save their states. As a user, you can also restore the earlier captured state .... Free download of SQL Server Audit Software 15.0

SharePoint AD Information Sync BoostSolutions Co., Ltd.    

SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to set Active Directory sync to a SharePoint List based on profile synchronization. You can customize ... Active Directory sync by setting Sync Profiles. The users/computers which you want to sync can be specified ... you set a schedule on it. AD information Sync enables you to import user profiles from .... Free download of SharePoint AD Information Sync

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URL Plus Field 1.1.3 Infowise Ltd.    

... specific description for all links, such as More Information or Get Help Default value for descriptions - ... appearing in your list views just because a user forgot to add a description. never lose context clicking on a link - the links can now be opened in new windows. .... Free download of URL Plus Field 1.1.3

Infowise Birthday List 1.0.17 Infowise Ltd.    

User information is drawn from user profiles in Shared Services/Profile Service. You can specify ... is simple and fast. FEATURES: -Uses user profiles natively imported from Active Directory or secondary .... Free download of Infowise Birthday List 1.0.17

People Search Pro 1.3.2 Infowise Ltd.    

Infowise People Search allows you to add user search functionality to any site, even with the free version of SharePoint. Its small size allows the web part to ... can use any field from your Active Directory user profile schema, both built-in and user-defined. .... Free download of People Search Pro 1.3.2

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SharePoint Server Database Recovery 13.09.01 SharePoint Database Recovery    

... exclusively used by organizations and individuals to publish information on new websites. Information of the Share Point website is stored in ... software smartly recovers files, folders, tables and other information from corrupt Share Point databases or MDF files. ... chosen automatically by Share Point recovery software if user has enabled Auto detect option of this tool. .... Free download of SharePoint Server Database Recovery 13.09.01

User Property Field 1.4.5 Infowise Ltd.    

Streamline SharePoint form data entering by automatically filling out your ... already in the system. FEATURES: Extracts information from both Active Directory and Profile properties Optionally allow users to manually modify the data Retrieves current user details by default, can look up any user's details on demand Push updates from main field .... Free download of User Property Field 1.4.5

HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint 1.0 MAPILab Ltd.    

... provides a full-functionally knowledge management system in your SharePoint environment. The product is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. The most outstanding advantage of ... ready for use. The installed product provides a SharePoint site template that allows you to create any ... The knowledge base site template contains a standard SharePoint list, list items, and document libraries, so there .... Free download of HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint 1.0

FilterZen Roxority    

... Page Request (URL query string and more) Filters, User Filters, Date Filters, List Lookup Filters, Business Data ... pre- and post-filtered in powerful ways. Maximize information value and minimize resource usage: on all SharePoint editions (including 2010 Foundation / Server, WSS 3.0 ... you can now create innumerable filtered Views on information without, well, creating them. Turn hours of .... Free download of FilterZen

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QRCodeUP for SharePoint 1.2.0 SPeals    

QRCodeUP is the web-part for Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010, which displays web-site textual content in QR-code ... format. QR-code is a way to encode the information as a picture which can be recognized by ... like cell phones, communicators, touch phones, etc. User or site visitor can find the QR-code picture ... will be recognized and displays as a text information than. There are a wide range of content .... Free download of QRCodeUP for SharePoint 1.2.0

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