Security Monitor Pro 5.43 DeskShare    

... With Support For Multiple IP and USB Cameras. Security Monitor Pro is the perfect solution for complex security problems. It can monitor and record from up ... its own individual monitoring and recording settings. When motion is detected, it can send email, record audio ... up. Remote monitoring keeps you on top of security, even from distant locations. All video recordings and .... Free download of Security Monitor Pro 5.43

Webcam Motion Detector 2.3 Zebra-Media    

Motion detection and webcam monitoring. Video surveillance with multiple IP ... video capture devices. For each video frame, if motion is detected, the Alarm event occurs, that returns a global motion ratio, depending of the number of cells in which motion has been detected, and the level of motion in each cell. A sensitivity grid is applied .... Free download of Webcam Motion Detector 2.3

Sentry Vision Security 1.0 TNLEnterprises LLC.    

Sentry Vision is a simple home security and surveillance program. It turns a regular webcam into a complete security system. It's features include: -Motion detection -Motion alerts (text msg, and E-mail) -Motion .... Free download of Sentry Vision Security 1.0

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SecurityCam WOLFCODERS Corporation    

SecurityCam is a powerful monitoring and motion detection software that monitors web camera, connected to computer, ... the front of the camera. Once movement detected, SecurityCam starts either video recording or makes a snapshot ... your privacy or monitor a specific place using SecurityCam. . Free download of SecurityCam

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Webcam Zone Trigger 3.302 Omega Unfold    

Zone Trigger is the first multi-purpose motion detection software. This means that motion detection isn't just for security anymore. Specify zones to monitor on the live ... different actions for each zone. Create complex custom motion detection systems for your project's needs. Useful in such sectors as Art, Marketing, Quality control, automated inventory, security and monitoring, motion detection has never hit so .... Free download of Webcam Zone Trigger 3.302

SGS HomeGuard Standard multi-channel VMD software 3.0.0 Security Guard Systems    

... Standard is the professional multi-purpose and multi-channel video motion detection software used to capture and store snapshots from ... and have it react to many kinds of motion. This means that today motion detection has become more easy and affordable for you. Short list of features: * Detection Mode * 1 Year Free Updates * Preview .... Free download of SGS HomeGuard Standard multi-channel VMD software 3.0.0

WatcherForYou 3.2.2010.2024 ComC Technologies    

... from our years of experience in imaging and detection algorithms, ComC's WatcherForYouTM, an advanced video surveillance software, ... send alarm by email or phone automatically when motion detection is enabled, and playback the recordings with management ... supports arrangement for 60 minute intervals. * Advanced motion detection with alarm. * Playback integrated with your .... Free download of WatcherForYou 3.2.2010.2024

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Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV 1.8 Multiicon    

"How to convert Webcam into Security Camera? How do I make a CCTV With ... camera?, How to use IP Camera as a Security Camera? Can I convert my Webcam or IP ... I use my Webcam or IP Cam for security purpose? The answer for all those question lies ... Camera (Wired and/or Wireless) for setting up a security system. It makes your web camera and IP .... Free download of Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV 1.8

Zebra-Media Surveillance System 2.1 Zebra-Media    

Video surveillance and motion capture software. Some key features are: unlimited cameras (including IP and USB cameras), motion detection, SMS and MMS and Email alerts, play sound file (useful on motion detection), adjustable sensitivity for each zone, record on detection, save video into archive or file with automatically ... of all events continuously by intervals or on motion detected, password protection, adding a text, time stamps, .... Free download of Zebra-Media Surveillance System 2.1

ConquerCam 2.8.3 Commanigy    

ConquerCam is an easy to use application for grabbing images from your web cam, preparing them with various effects and uploading them to your web site. You are able to customize ConquerCam in various ways, e.g. select how often you want to grab and upload images, which overlay effects you want .... Free download of ConquerCam 2.8.3

Homewatch DSLCam 2.0.10 Zincware    

... transform your PC and attached Webcam into a security monitoring system. You can set up one camera to watch for motion, and should there be an intrusion, the program ... "HomeWatch" includes the option to automatically detect motion from any camera signal. Motion detection sensitivity level can be defined from 1 .... Free download of Homewatch DSLCam 2.0.10

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WebCam Monitor 6.13 DeskShare    

... date and time stamps. State of the art motion detection triggers alerts. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection, and mask out areas of the camera view ... can be customized, including the sensitivity of the motion and sound detection, the interval between photos, and the way that .... Free download of WebCam Monitor 6.13

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Netcam Studio x64 Moonware Studios    

... you can force it to start audio and motion detection at 10 a.m., and to record at 8 p.m. In addition to that, you can set up e-mail and SMS notifications, as well as .... Free download of Netcam Studio x64

Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2 AthTek Software    

... customizable sound alarms. * Activated Snapshots Capturing every motion details when they happen. * Remote Video Surveillance Use IP camera to monitor the target far away from you. * Home Surveillance Warning of uninvited guys. * Timestamp Timestamp records the precise time of events. * Simple to use Neatly designed .... Free download of Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2

SpiffCam 3.0.1 SpiffPrime    

... in real time. Reliability What good is security software that isn't running? SpiffCam has run for ... monitored and will restart automatically. High Quality Motion Detection Multi-adaptive motion detection constantly adjusts to changing conditions. Automatic video noise ... video noise in low light conditions. Adaptive scene motion, like motion caused by wind on trees. Adaptive .... Free download of SpiffCam 3.0.1

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TeboCam 3.1001 TeboWeb    

... flat / house with a movement sensitive webcam security system. FEATURES: · Receive emails with ... over time (with calendar facility). · Start movement detection at a specified time. · Set the sensitivity of movement detection. .... Free download of TeboCam 3.1001

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1AVMonitor PCWinSoft Software    

... webcam, your desktop, microphone, or phone-line. Features include motion detection , sound detection, e-mail alerts, stealth mode, and secure website publication .... Free download of 1AVMonitor

ContaCam 5.5.0 Oliver Pfister    

... light, and versatile enough to meet all your security needs while still being very user friendly and ... four languages: English, German, Italian and Russian CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording (DVR) Motion detection events presented as animated thumbnails in web browser, check the street demo and the home demo Motion detection actions like FTP upload, send email (SSL/TLS .... Free download of ContaCam 5.5.0

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WebCam Monitor 6.13 Deskshare, Inc    

... date and time stamps. State of the art motion detection triggers alerts. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection, and mask out areas of the camera view ... can be customized, including the sensitivity of the motion and sound detection, the interval between photos, and the way that .... Free download of WebCam Monitor 6.13

HandyAvi 5.0 AZcendant Software    

Use any video capture device to make time-lapse, motion-detect, meteor trail, planetary or animation movies. Easy to ... type of movie you want to make (Time-lapse, Motion-detect, meteor trail, Astronomy or Animation). Use the control ... movies inexpensively using a Webcam or other camera. SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE: Motion-detect movies let you leave out .... Free download of HandyAvi 5.0

Netcam Studio Moonware Studios    

... membership is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, a phone or a tablet. The only limitations of the free version are 4 sources limit (in the .... Free download of Netcam Studio

Blue Iris 2.63 Perspective Software    

... or leading-edge Windows Media file formats. Video Security. Keep an eye on your home, place of ... your door for mail, packages or visitors. Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Receive alerts via loudspeaker, e-mail, .... Free download of Blue Iris 2.63

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Cam Wizard 10.15 LEDSET Software    

... constantly monitors your PC camera looking for any motion in user defined areas within the scene. When motion is detected, video capture begins. Captured video can ... of purchasing a CCTV video surveillance system with motion detection when Cam Wizard can do it all for ... this easy to setup a high tech home security system. With Cam Wizard it's possible to set .... Free download of Cam Wizard 10.15

CamSurveillance 2.2 CrazyPixels    

... up to 50 IP addressable network cameras with motion detection and run them simultaneous. The cameras could exist ... on top of your desktop or adjust the motion detector and observe what is going on. CamSurveillance motion detection system makes it easy to monitor an area ... the functions that will be carried out when motion is detected: record videos, take pictures, execute any .... Free download of CamSurveillance 2.2

VisionLab .NET 7.7 Mitov Software    

... Noise reduction filters, crop, and resize components. - Motion Detector - Detects motion in the video. - Adaptive threshold - Performs Adaptive threshold algorithm for edge detection. - Canny - Performs Canny algorithm for edge detection. - Hough Lines - Finds lines in the image using Canny edge detection and Hough transform. - Probable Lines - Finds .... Free download of VisionLab .NET 7.7

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