Edgy 3.1 edgyware.com    

... moving your mouse to the edge of the screen? Nothing! So why not use this simple motion ... or finding and clicking tiny targets on your screen. Take control of your computer with Edgy and ... started. Select any corner or side of the screen and assign actions or commands to them. With .... Free download of Edgy 3.1

Carroll::Resolution Per User 1.17 the sz development    

Set for every user a different screen resolution. After logon the screen resolution will be changed to the stored setting. .... Free download of Carroll::Resolution Per User 1.17

GiMeSpace Free Edition GiMeSpace    

... move your mouse to the edge of your screen you will notice that your desktop extends beyond the borders of your normal desktop. It provides a cheap alternative for adding more monitors to your computer. Keep all your windows open next to each other and move between then by just .... Free download of GiMeSpace Free Edition

goScreen Andrei Gourianov    

... placing application windows into different desktop folders, or screen pages. This way you could arrange windows by ... pages) on your single physical one. Only one screen page is visible at a time. When an ... it is placed on the current - "active" screen page. When you then go to another page, .... Free download of goScreen

WindowSpace 2.5.7 NTWind Software    

... ways. Now, you can snap windows to the screen edges and other windows, move and resize them ... user to manage multiple windows on a big screen, widescreen, or even on a multi-monitor system. Snapping ... Snap windows to each other or to the screen neatly, edge to edge, and stop playing hide-and-seek .... Free download of WindowSpace 2.5.7

ScreenTabs Free Edition 1.1 Pitrinec Software    

ScreenTabs virtual desktops manager is a unique implementation of the 'virtual desktops' (or so called 'virtual screens') concept where each 'virtual screen' is represented by a tab with user-defined color. ... where each web page is represented by tab. ScreenTabs allows users to easily spread windows on multiple ... decrease the number of windows showing on the screen (and also TaskBar) at the same time. The .... Free download of ScreenTabs Free Edition 1.1

XnView 2.32 XnSoft    

... digital cameras), batch conversion and image processing, full screen slide shows, image manipulation with effects like 'Tile' or 'Glass', screen capture and file operations. .... Free download of XnView 2.32

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ShellEnhancer NuonSoft    

... text, send keystroke, manipulate windows, run program, start screensaver, lock workstation and many other. Tasks can be executed with hotkeys, mouse gestures or screen corners. An On Screen Display (OSD) can be shown when a task .... Free download of ShellEnhancer

Chameleon Window Manager Lite Evgeni Shmakov     update

... Caption, Specify Transparency, Position window at left/right of screen). The interface supports skins and is very easy to use. .... Free download of Chameleon Window Manager Lite

Move to Tray Any Window Software 1.0 freesoft80    

... system tray (the bottom right corner of the screen, near clock). To move a window to the system tray - simply click right mouse button on window minize (like in images on this page). .... Free download of Move to Tray Any Window Software 1.0

Actual Window Minimizer 8.5 Actual Tools    

Actual Window Minimizer was created to bring more convenience in window management, offering new ways for optimizing your workspace that standard Windows functions don't provide. It lets you minimize any window to the system tray, thus leaving the taskbar empty and your workspace more organized. It's also possible to minimize a .... Free download of Actual Window Minimizer 8.5

ScreenBackTracker PCWinSoft Software     new

ScreenBackTracker saves compressed pictures of the desktop every time ... fast and easy in a slide show fashion. ScreenBackTracker records all your steps in case you ever need them. The program is light and has a very low CPU consumption. .... Free download of ScreenBackTracker

PowerStrip 3.90 EnTech Taiwan    

... sophisticated color correction tools, period level adjustments over screen geometry, and driver independent clock controls. A powerful application profiler can detect when programs are launched and respond by activating specific display settings, gamma adjustments, performance switches and even clock speeds - returning everything to normal when the program closes. .... Free download of PowerStrip 3.90

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Automatically Run Or Close Programs At Certain Times Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically run or close programs at certain times. The user can schedule the process to occur every x number of hours or daily at a specified time or weekly on a specified day. The required programs are added to lists for .... Free download of Automatically Run Or Close Programs At Certain Times Software 7.0

Actual Window Menu 8.5 Actual Tools    

... tray) or to a floating icon on the screen, alter the execution priority of Windows processes on-the-fly, apply semi-transparency effect, roll up/unroll, resize, align, easily move windows between different displays in a multiple display environment, etc. Installation, as well as the use of the program, is extremely easy and does .... Free download of Actual Window Menu 8.5

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Start Menu 7 5.6 OrdinarySoft    

... many programs, they will all fit onto the screen because you will be able to stretch the Start menu and resize it any way you like. Start searching the Internet or your local computer right from the Start menu with just one keystroke. Easy-to-use zooming allows those with large monitors .... Free download of Start Menu 7 5.6

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a Vladimir Plenskiy Software    

... precisely at the top left corner of the screen. Licensing: donationware (no obligatory charge, no feature limits). .... Free download of Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a

WinShake 2.73 F.J. Beens    

... that window without any mouse clicks! And the screen edges activate Alt-Tab. .... Free download of WinShake 2.73

Power Plan Assistant 3.1a Vladimir Plenskiy    

... precisely at the top left corner of the screen. * Run a user-defined application or a batch file if power plan changes (individual setting per each power plan is available). This enriches Power Plan Assistant with virtually infinite capabilities. For example, you can tie your favorite overclocking software preset to .... Free download of Power Plan Assistant 3.1a

AnyStart 1.4.004 vb-Zentrum    

... - it doesn't occupy any space on your screen untill you actually use it - fast and easy to configure - allows individual configuration for each user .... Free download of AnyStart 1.4.004

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Honk 1.5 Canadian Mind Products    

... using mplayer or player. Nothing appears on the screen. It will not hang up if several copies try to play at once. C++ source included. .... Free download of Honk 1.5

Smir 1.0 Serhiy Perevoznyk    

... them. You can save the layout for every screen resolution or for different tasks you are performing, etc... .... Free download of Smir 1.0

AnalogX SQLCMD 1.01 AnalogX    

... perform. The results are either output to the screen, or alternatively output into a log file that you specify. .... Free download of AnalogX SQLCMD 1.01

Start Button 8 5.6 OrdinarySoft    

... convenient menu that is perfectly compatible with touch screen devices and mice. - Windows XP, 7, 8 compatible - Select a cool skin for the Start button or create your own one. - Start Button 8 uses GPU and multi-threading - Start Button 8 does not modify system files and .... Free download of Start Button 8 5.6

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