Tennis Board 1.1    

Tennis board is made for easy real-time charting with umpiring add-on's. * Umpires: Palm board replaces your piece of paper and your stopwatch. * Coaches, parents: From aces tracking to strokes analysis, chart one or both players and change the charting mode at any time. * .... Free download of Tennis Board 1.1

ScoreGeek 1.0 Rebrand Software, LLC    

Make board game scoring easier with ScoreGeek! Track your game history, see detailed statistics and ... unlock achievements! This is the ultimate app for board game geeks! -Over 50 built-in score calculators assist you with scoring even the most ... games with simple points tracking or create advanced score calculators. Easily share your creations with others through .... Free download of ScoreGeek 1.0

Minesweeper 1.5    

Wapfrog Minesweeper (touch) is a skill board game. Get the highest score you can by revealing all of the safe area on the board without stepping on any of the mines. Compete ... and make it to the top online high score. Free exciting mobile java game from .... Free download of Minesweeper 1.5

Crazy Dart Shooter HD 1.0 RV AppStudios    

Fun Dart Board - Crazy Dart Shooter HD. Crazy Dart Shooter ... dart skills to the fullest. Use our fun board to really target and see what skills you ... of levels, first see how much you can score with 10 darts and also an endless mode till you miss the board or .... Its Fun, Addicting, and Simple! Just .... Free download of Crazy Dart Shooter HD 1.0

Multiplayer Go 1.4.0 Novel Games Limited    

Come and challenge one of the most complicated board games in history! In the game of Go a board which consists of 19x19 intersections will be used, ... a set of black or white pieces. Your score will be calculated by the total area surrounded ... place pieces onto the empty intersections on the board. During your turn, simply click an empty spot .... Free download of Multiplayer Go 1.4.0

Crazy Dart Shooter 1.1 RV AppStudios    

Fun Dart Board - Crazy Dart Shooter Crazy Dart Shooter challenges ... dart skills to the fullest. Use our fun board to really target and test your skills. Crazy ... Different Game Plays Fun Sound Effects Share Top Score On Facebook Its Fun, Addicting, and Simple! Just ... you do not end up with a negative score :- ) Enjoy this fun dart game with .... Free download of Crazy Dart Shooter 1.1

Mariko 3D 1.28 Gzwo Software Development    

... the popular tactical game Ishido, an ancient japanese board game. You are given a set of 72 ... a time, and you place them on a board with 96 slots. You have to fill up the board as much as possible with stones in a ... The game is won by making the highest score possible, but you will quickly find other goals .... Free download of Mariko 3D 1.28

UFO Mahjongg Tiles 1 Mahjongg Tiles    

Blast off with UFO Mahjongg Tiles board game! UFO Mahjongg Tiles strategy game is fun ... of mahjongg tiles to eliminate them from the board. Once all the tiles have been eliminated, you ... you play our matching puzzle game, your high score will be automatically saved. Try to beat your high score for extra fun, and if you get stuck, .... Free download of UFO Mahjongg Tiles 1

Mahjong Solitaire 1 Mahjong Solitaire    

... you have Mahjong Solitaire: a limitlessly entertaining strategy board game. Beat Mahjong Solitaire by matching tiles together to remove them from the board. Once all mahjong tiles have been removed, you ... playing. And, if you have poor eyesight, this board game has a full screen button. Every time ... have another opportunity to beat your old high score, and thus validate yourself as a true master .... Free download of Mahjong Solitaire 1

Pong 2.0    

... is an arcade skill game. Get the highest score you can by making your opponent miss the ... and make it to the top online high score. Free exciting mobile java game from .... Free download of Pong 2.0

Checkers Pro Bernardo Zamora    

Checkers Pro is an implementation of the classic board game Checkers, also known as Draughts, Chequers, Dames ... Phone 7 with real-time online gameplay, worldwide High Scores, Online Chat and Super hard ‘Grok’ Level 8. ... must jump (optional) Black color always starts 8×8 board No flying kings 40-move rule The game is .... Free download of Checkers Pro

Collapse-O-Mania 1.0 Uxus Software    

... is to remove as many bricks from the board as possible to prevent these bricks from filling ... very large groupings earn bonuses to compound your score even further. Features: Light-hearted sound effects * Install / Uninstall Support * Non-violent and fun for all ages * Absolutely FREE ! .... Free download of Collapse-O-Mania 1.0

The Princess and the Dragon 1.0    

... of the dragons fireballs. We have a high score board for this game so see how you do compared to your friends and post your scores. Use your arrow keys to move. Use the .... Free download of The Princess and the Dragon 1.0

Magical Ball 1.0.2 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games    

... in a line those balls disappear and your score will increase. There are few double color and ... added. If you clear balls in succession your scores will also be multiplied. There are 4 different board sizes and up to 9 different color balls. .... Free download of Magical Ball 1.0.2

Capitals trivia 2.3    

... game. Your aim is to gain the highest score while answering correct answers to the trivia questions. You have 3 failures before the game ends and the time to answer each question is time limited. .... Free download of Capitals trivia 2.3

Pebbles 1.0.1 Novel Games Limited    

... the game of Pebbles is a must for board game lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. The object ... starts you will be given an empty decoding board, while 8 pebbles of different colors will be ... the selection panel on the left of the board. The board is composed of 10 rows of .... Free download of Pebbles 1.0.1

Heart Mahjong Solitaire 1 Mahjong Solitaire    

... have found their significant others, you beat this board game. This puzzle game is good all year ... time you beat Heart Mahjong Solitaire, your best score is stored away ready for you to see. ... this year, you'll even get a new high score, and a second chance at love. .... Free download of Heart Mahjong Solitaire 1

Water Polo Scoreboard Pro 2.0.2 M&D Innovations    

... display you already have with our water polo scoreboard software to transform your pc into a virtual water polo scoreboard. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping water polo games at school pools or other pool facilities. Water Polo Scoreboard Pro features a simple to use mouse and ... easy control of all functions of the computer scoreboard. Water Polo Scoreboard Pro is an inexpensive .... Free download of Water Polo Scoreboard Pro 2.0.2

Verbal Vanquish 3.4 English Plus    

... Strategic SAT/ACT/GRE tutor that can really improve your score on entrance exams. 13 lessons emphasize STRATEGY, not ... list and shows how to improve your SAT score. Author is award-winning teacher whose students have averaged 70 point increase in SAT Reading scores after lessons. Vanquish your anguish with Verbal Vanquish. .... Free download of Verbal Vanquish 3.4

Cinco De Mayo Freecell Solitaire 1.0 Cinco De Mayo Solitaire    

... is to place all the cards on the board into the foundation spots based on suits from ... at that time. Challenge yourself to beat your score each and every time while playing Freecell Solitaire on Cinco de Mayo! .... Free download of Cinco De Mayo Freecell Solitaire 1.0

Shark Dominoes 2.1 AGCrump Software    

... opponent. This is a double-six dominoes game with score keeping. Designed to teach the beginning player and provide a challenge for the more experienced player. .... Free download of Shark Dominoes 2.1

FreeSweetGames Domino 1.2.40 FreeSweetGames    

... bone, he finishes a party. The finishing player scores a point for each spot on each bone ... no legal plays are left, then each player scores a point for each spot on each bone still held by each opponent. The game ends when the winner is determined. The winner will .... Free download of FreeSweetGames Domino 1.2.40

Backgammon Pro Bernardo Zamora    

... Pro is an advanced implementation of the classic board game Backgammon, for Windows Phone 7. The game ... game be much faster. ELO scoring: Calculate your score based on the international statistically valid ELO formula Online high scores: compare your score vs people from all over the world Several .... Free download of Backgammon Pro

Multiplayer Shut the Box 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited    

... to cover the most boxes so as to score as few penalty points as possible. When the game starts, a square board which is evenly divided into 12 boxes will be shown, and the boxes are numbered from 1 to 12. During your turn, click the .... Free download of Multiplayer Shut the Box 1.0.0

PDAcraft Lines 1.1.0 PDAcraft    

... turn, three randomly colored balls appears on the board. You can move ball if there is a ... than 5 balls, will be awarded by extra score points. The game is over, when the entire board is filled with balls. This game is cross-platform. .... Free download of PDAcraft Lines 1.1.0

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