College Schedule Maker Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... to users who want to keep track of schedules for one or more courses. The user simply creates schedules, giving them a relevant name and then adds ... are buttons to allow editing or deleting entire schedules or only some of the courses belonging to them. There is an option to save schedules as an image for printing. With this easy .... Free download of College Schedule Maker Software 7.0

Cotton Calendar 1.81 100% Cotton Software    

... display and print various kinds of calendars and schedules. These include: 1-Name (for example, phone logs, contact lists, tickler files); 2-Names (for example, sports schedules); No-Name (for example, calendars, appointments). There are three ... handles one-time or repeating events. Free calendars and schedules are available from the Cotton Software Web site.. Free download of Cotton Calendar 1.81

Scooter 4 On Top Systems     update

... assists broadcast professionals in preparing and presenting proposed schedules to advertisers that the advertiser can understand. Features include unlimited schedules, schedules up to 53 weeks in length, schedule "flighting", ... features of Scooter 4 Pro, including backup/restore of schedules, backup reminders, disclaimer text, unlimited dayparts in each .... Free download of Scooter 4

NetTaskExec 1.3.3 Nsasoft US LLC    

NetTaskExec schedules programs and commands to run on local or network computers in the near future. You must have administrative privileges on the network computer and schedule service must be running in order to execute a command or computer program. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly .... Free download of NetTaskExec 1.3.3

Minister Scheduler Pro 5.2.2 B4 Rotunda Software LLC.    

Minister Scheduler Pro schedules and facilitates the participation in liturgical and other ... multi-pass scheduling algorithm ensures that the highest quality schedules are always produced. Finished schedules can be saved as documents or even as ... and prevent double booking by easily coordinating the schedules of multiple ministries. · Make volunteering more enjoyable .... Free download of Minister Scheduler Pro 5.2.2 B4

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A-Z Planner JOSYTAL.COM    

... organize and manage all kinds of tasks and schedules, plan their daily, weekly, monthly schedules effectively. A-Z Planner is great tool for time management. Illustrative tasks graphs, round-the-clock pop-up alert remindes you about high priority tasks. Add events .... Free download of A-Z Planner

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ABC Roster 1.9.1 ABC Roster    

... in the complex task of organising employee shift schedules (also known as rosters) for small to medium ... Features * Automated planner that can generate schedules for you * Documents can be easily transferred between computers * Capacity to email the schedule to employees directly from the application * Capacity .... Free download of ABC Roster 1.9.1

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APT Sports Scheduler 2.06 APT Computer Solutions, Inc.    

... with specific functions to manage daily reservations and schedules for all types of recreation facilities. You can organize facilities into like groups with a visual representation of each facility and its current status. Reserved facilities are indicated with the customer's name. You can define and schedule maintenance tasks such .... Free download of APT Sports Scheduler 2.06

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MS Word Weekly Homework Schedule Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... solution for users wanting to create weekly homework schedules in MS Word. The user simply enters their name, the date and then adds homework items by period, day and homework description. Once completed, the preview pane will show the homework schedule, neatly laid out showing periods for each day of .... Free download of MS Word Weekly Homework Schedule Template Software 7.0

MasterSoft Resource Time Planner- RTP 1.1.17 MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd.    

... to visualize your project planning, shift and time schedules of your projects as well as overtimes, holidays or absences of employees.This is the demo version of the software with 30 application startups. For full versions of the software visit the webpages and online shops of MasterSoft. .... Free download of MasterSoft Resource Time Planner- RTP 1.1.17

eArtist 4 ArtScope    

... lists and contacts; keep track of their exhibition schedules, and help document their exhibition history; document their artwork; and provide a professional invoice and receipting system for sales. Mailing List and Contact Management Import mailing lists from other sources. Target market constituents. Note your last contact with constituents. .... Free download of eArtist 4

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Excel Employee Shift Schedule Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... save you time by concisely organizing the weekly schedules you input for employees. Excel 2000 or higher required. .... Free download of Excel Employee Shift Schedule Template Software 7.0

CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.    

... using Employee Scheduler to automatically generate optimized work schedules for their employees. You can assign employees into ... availability and scheduling priority to influence the generated schedules. After automatic scheduling takes place, schedules can be easily tweaked graphically using the manual ... lift 50+ pounds. If needed, you can rotate schedules by employee or by shift. You can manage .... Free download of CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00

Time Tracker Scheduling Software 5.103 Asgard Employee Scheduling Software    

... and analyses the scheduling process. It manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations. Functionally, it ... for decision-making. Time Tracker allows you to design schedules in context to all activities. Visually determine your coverage for all shifts. Reports and schedules can be saved in a variety of different ... the actual product. It allows you to setup schedules for your organization and explore all of the .... Free download of Time Tracker Scheduling Software 5.103

SmartRoster 4.0 Davallia Technology    

... is the best new way to create personnel schedules for churches, non-profit and commercial organisations. First define ... the schedule. SmartRoster will cycle through many different schedules and automatically choose the best one, balancing the ... a dozen different report types - Creates personalised schedules with the persons name pre-highlighted - No other .... Free download of SmartRoster 4.0

Duoserve ScheduFlow 12.0.4489 Duoserve    

... software that will replace paper-based appointment books. Sharing schedules will be a breeze whether it will be ... demands. Add, modify, view, and print schedules for multiple people, places, or things (e.g. Dr. Smith, truck 4, Room #25). Schedules can be viewed in the following ways: .... Free download of Duoserve ScheduFlow 12.0.4489

Wage Calculator Excel 30 Bizpep    

The Wage Calculator allows you to define roster schedules and will automatically calculate associated wage costs by ... Wage Calculator you can define your staff roster schedules and calculate your wage costs with ease. .... Free download of Wage Calculator Excel 30

C-Value!, Time Value of Money Calculator 2.0g Pine Grove Software, LLC    

... gives you the power to custom design financial schedules. Create schedules for loans, leases, saving plans, investments and judgements. ... it - easily. With C-Value! you can export schedules directly to Excel or Word. C-Value!'s schedules can also be highly customized with custom headers, .... Free download of C-Value!, Time Value of Money Calculator 2.0g

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS 8.19 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.    

... for reserving meetings and meeting room resources. Meeting schedules can be accessed throughout your intranet or even the Internet. Use Meeting Manager for booking conference rooms, scheduling board meetings, booking resources, booking classrooms, planning church events, booking rental cars, scheduling driving instructors and even reserving tennis courts. Meeting Manager can .... Free download of CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS 8.19

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager Web 8.11 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.    

... application for reserving meeting rooms and equipment. Reservation schedules can be accessed over your intranet or even the Internet. Use Meeting Manager for booking conference rooms, planning board meetings, reserving resources, reserving classrooms, scheduling church events, booking rental cars, scheduling driving instructors and even reserve tennis courts and booking courts. .... Free download of CyberMatrix Meeting Manager Web 8.11

Schedules4Team for Outlook 3.01.0459 4Team Corporation    

Schedules4Team is an ideal workgroup collaboration tool allowing you ... groups, set individual access rules and manage project schedules between different workgroups or companies. Work online or ... and automatically synchronize data with your teammates. Print Schedules. Support of Microsoft Exchange profile, Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and Windows Vista. .... Free download of Schedules4Team for Outlook 3.01.0459

Desktop Calendar DesktopCal, Inc.    

... It will helps you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more... .... Free download of Desktop Calendar

Medical Calendar 5.6 OrgBusiness Software    

... multiple profiles at a time, to view the schedules of several or even all doctors simultaneously. The creators of Medical Calendar have done a great job in crafting the Date Navigator that makes the scheduler extremely easy-to-use. At any time you can jump to the required date, edit reception hours, .... Free download of Medical Calendar 5.6

Ace Schedule 5.14 Reticent Software, Inc.    

... staff scheduling. Replicating your staff employee schedule. Exporting schedules as PDF or Excel file. - Keep the costs low with better productivity. Organize day-to-day operation of any store or facility: Create list of employees working on any given day. Create and manage workflow assignments. Steep learning and experience curves. Learning .... Free download of Ace Schedule 5.14

ÖBB Scotty ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG    

... public transport ÖBB Scotty has access to all schedules of public transport operators in Austria and calculates the optimal trips for you by train, bus, tram, subway and ship. Of course you can look at footpaths to stops and stations clearly laid out in a street map – this way .... Free download of ÖBB Scotty

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